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Travelog for: Anton

Melbourne, Australia - 2nd October 2013

By: apartmentcat

Hi Mum!

I want to say sorry for not updating in so long, but we have been very busy because Host Sister moved house.

Where did all the furniture go??
Bye bye old house!



Hello new house!


OK, we found some of the belongings. So many boxes to unpack, wow!


Host Sister says we will go for a walk around the new neighbourhood this weekend and see what's here.
Love you!

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At Home, Melbourne, Australia - 3rd November 2013

By: apartmentcat

Hi Mum!

Yesterday a new friend arrived in Australia.


Who can it be?


It's a cute bear called Columbus! He's travelled a long way to be here.


Hello Columbus!


To celebrate the arrival of Columbus, we did some baking. We made the Babka from Host Sister's cooking magazine.


I think the Babka and things like it are found in many cultures. It is filled with dried fruit and a rum syrup is poured over the top. Here I am mixing the flour and the eggs together.


Now the dough is all mixed together and kneaded. Next we need to wait a while so the dough can rise.


Next Host Sister rolled the dough out into a biiiig rectangle. It's so big, maybe we can play football on it!


Then we sprinkled the filling over the dough. There are dried apricots, which had been soaked in schnapps for a few hours to make them plump, and some chocolate. Unfortunately in this picture, to me it looks like tomatoes and bits of meat, perhaps chopped roast beef! Am I making a pizza??!


Host Sister then rolled the whole thing up into a big log. Smile, everyone!


We cut the log up into slices and arranged them in a greased baking tin.


After baking, it doesn't really look like the photo in the magazine, but I'm still going to taste it!


While the Babka was cooking, Host Sister made a syrup from cherry brandy and sugar. We poured it over the top of the babka buns.


It was delicious.
Bye Mum!

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Melbourne, Australia - 8th November 2013

By: apartmentcat

Hi Mum!

Today I went to work with Host Sister. Unfortunately the weather wasn't very nice, but we went to see some sights in the City at lunch time anyway. We went to see the "Top End" of the city.


Right at the top end of Collins Street is the Old Treasury Building. It was built in 1862 during the Gold Rush times. Miners were digging up so much gold, and the Government earning so much tax from them, that they needed somewhere special to keep all the gold. Of course, they didn't call it the "Old Treasury" then, just the "Treasury"! ;) After the treasury was moved to a new building, it became a museum. Part of it is also the Marriage Registry. Every day there are always lots of couples and family having their photos taken on the steps.

Host Sister says this is where she got married!


Here we're looking down Collins Street from the Top End. This is also called the "Paris End" of Collins Street, because of the leafy trees and all the international designer stores here (Armani, Gucci, etc.).


The centre of Melbourne was built on a grid one mile long and half a mile wide. It slopes from the Government buildings at the top of the hill down to Docklands on the bay. The top end of the city is considered to be the most beautiful. All the old buildings from Gold Rush times are here, most of the theatres and many parks.


Watch out for the trams!


Next door is the Treasury Gardens. It's a small park, but it's one of the most beautiful in Melbourne. Next to it there are more government buildings. The leader of Victoria (the Premier) has his offices in the closest one.


It's about to rain, time to go back to work!

Bye for now!
Love, Anton xx

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At Home, Melbourne, Australia - 14th November 2013

By: apartmentcat


Today was the birthday of Columbus bear, so we had a party with cake and lollies!
We had a lovely time and the cupcake was really yummy.


Happy Birthday Columbus!

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Melbourne, Australia - 27th November 2013

By: apartmentcat

Hi Mum!

Today we said goodbye to Betty Bear.  She is leaving Australia to go to Alaska in the U.S.A.
We had a lot of fun and we will miss her, but we wish her well on her journey.






Love you Mum!
xx Anton

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At Home, Melbourne, Australia - 28th November 2013

By: apartmentcat

Hi Mum!

Today we welcomed Sally Seal. She's travelled all the way from Germany.





We all gave her a big hug.






I nearly got lost in the grass! But I found this lantern in the garden to help me find my way.


We had a little party.


Talk to you again soon!
xx Anton

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Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne, Australia - 8th December 2013

By: apartmentcat

Hi Mum!

Today we went to Fitzroy Gardens. It's a traditional English-style park on the edge of the city. The early pioneers in Melbourne decided that the city should have lots of parks, so Fitzroy Gardens was founded in 1848. There are lots of paths for people to walk on, and interesting things to look at throughout the park.





Look, off in the distance! A wedding!


This is the Model Tudor Village. It's got Shakespeare's House and lots of other buildings. We weren't allowed into the village, but just looked from the edge.


I'm hiding in the ivy! Can you see me?


I hope you're well, I miss you!
xx Anton

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At Home, Melbourne, Australia - 24th December 2013

By: apartmentcat

Hi Mum!

It's the night before Christmas and we're having a Christmas Eve dinner. But first we're going to open some of the presents!


For dinner we had roasted vegetables and meats, it was yummy.


Then for dessert we had trifle, a Yule log lamington, and some apricots from Host Sister's tree.


Merry Christmas!

Love from Anton

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Melbourne, Australia - 10th February 2014

By: apartmentcat


Today we welcomed a new toy, Alien Princes. She travelled all the way from the U.S.A.
It was a very long trip, but now she's here safe and sound.




We all gave her a big hug and welcomed her to Australia.
Today we are at work with Host Sister. We also went for a walk in the city. I'll show you photos soon.


Love you! xx


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Melbourne, Australia - 18th February 2014

By: apartmentcat

Hi Mum!

Today we went for a walk by the Yarra River. It's been very hot recently, but today was a little cooler so we went out at lunch time. Along this part of the river is the Melbourne Aquarium and Flinders Street Station.



On the far side is Southbank, where a lot of new skyscrapers are being built. There's Eureka Tower, the largest building in Melbourne. A bigger tower has just been approved for building though, so it won't be the tallest for long!




The air was very hazy today, why was that? We checked the new bushfire information website to find out if there are any fires in the state of Victoria at the moment. There are some, but they're far north of here. Host Sister says that no-one was hurt, so that's lucky.


This is the view from the building where Host Sister works. The building on the right is going to be demolished soon. The brown one in the centre is a heritage building that used to be a brewery.


See you again soon!

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Melbourne, Australia - 21st February 2014

By: apartmentcat

Hi Mum!

Today we said goodbye to Sally Seal. She is travelling to a new host in California.
We all gave her a big hug before she climbed into her bag.
Bye Sally!





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At Home, Melbourne, Australia - 2nd March 2014

By: apartmentcat

Hi Mum!

Today we welcomed Bernie Bear, who has travelled all the way from China to visit.





To celebrate, we baked some vegemite and cheese scrolls!
Here is the dough in the breadmaker.


We tipped the dough out of the tin and pressed it flat.


Then we made it into a rectangle shape and spread Vegemite and cheese all over it.
The Vegemite smelled disgusting, but Host Sister says it's delicious. I don't know about that!


Then we rolled the dough up, cut it into scrolls and put them in the baking tin.


Here they are cooked. Wow, they grew so much bigger!


We all enjoyed the bread straight out of the oven with some butter on it. Yum!


Talk to you soon!

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Melbourne, Australia - 5th March 2014

By: apartmentcat

Hi Mum!

Today we said goodbye to Lotta. She is travelling to Canada.
She had a lovely time here and we wish her well.



Talk to you soon,

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