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Travelog for: Anton

Sanur Beach-Bali, Indonesia - 28th March 2013

By: Linda Fdph

Dear Mum

Iam in Sanur Beach Bali , one of the famous beach in Bali
Pic no 1 is name board of the Village in area of Sanur Beach
Pic no 2 - 6 is atmosphere in the beach
Pic n0 7 - 9 is showing about Jukung. A jukung or canoe is a small wooden Indonesian boat. It is a traditional fishing boat, but newer uses include "Jukung Dives", using the boat as a vehicle for small groups of SCUBA divers. Essentially of Balinese origin, the double outrigger jukung is but one of many types of Pacific/Asian outrigger canoes that use the crab claw sail traditional throughout Polynesia. Whilst this sail presents some difficulties in tacking into the wind, actually requiring to jibe around, a jukung is superb in its reaching ability and jibe-safe running. They are usually highly decorated and bear a marlin-like prow.
Pic no 10-12 : another site of the beach
Pic no 13-15 : is daily offering in the Jukung and Beach, named Canang Sari. Canang sari is one of the daily offerings made by Balinese Hindus to thank the Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa in praise and prayer. Canang sari will be seen in the Balinese temples (pura), on small shrines in houses, and on the ground or as a part of a larger offering. The phrase canang sari is derived from the Balinese words sari (essence) and canang (a small palm-leaf basket as the tray). Canang itself consists of two syllables Kawi language of ca (beautiful) and nang (purpose). Canang sari has some parts, there are peporosan, ceper, raka-raka, and sampian urasari. Peporosan or the core material is made from betel leaf, lime, gambier, prestige, tobacco and betel nuts. Material of peporosan is symbolize the Trimurti, three major God in Hinduism. Shiva symbolized by lime, Vishnu symbolized by betel nut, and Brahma symbolized by gambier. Canang sari are covered by ceper (a tray made from palm leaf) as a symbol of Ardha Candra. Raka-raka is topped with sampian urasari, which are in turn overlaid by flowers placed in a specific direction. Each direction symbolizes a Hindu God (deva):
Canang sari is offered every day to Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa as a form of thanking for the peace had given to the world; it is the simplest daily household offering. The philosophy behind the offering is self-sacrifice in that they take time and effort to prepare



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Legian-Kuta-Bali, Indonesia - 11th April 2013

By: Linda Fdph

Dear Mum

Here is my picture when I visited Legian area. The street in the Legian is full with the shop , its really shopping area for the tourist. But iam not took a picture in front of the shop, my host mom choose to took my picture in front of the Hindu Temple and Monument ( Ground Zero ) in Legian area. At least we enjoyed an Indonesian lunch, called Gado-Gado ( Indonesian salad with spicy peanut sauce ) , Siomay ( Fish cake with peanut and coconut milk sauce ) and tasted Arabica coffee .



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Erlangga-Bali, Indonesia - 1st May 2013

By: Linda Fdph

Today my host introduced  me about The Music of Bali.
The music of Bali is extremely complex and vibrant. The original purpose of music here again is to serve religious beliefs, accompanying dances or wayang theaters. The traditional Balinese orchestra, known as gamelan, is composed of various forms of percussions, with notes overlapping and criss crossing among the various kinds. There is a number of string and woodwind instruments, but most of the players, which can range from a few to several dozen, sit behind various kinds of metallophones, gongs, and xylophones. Each gamelan has its own tuning, preventing instruments from being interchanged from one gamelan to another.



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Werdhi Budaya - Bali, Indonesia - 17th May 2013

By: Linda Fdph


Iam at The Werdhi Budaya Art Centre, its located at Nusa Indah Street is the heart Denpasar City of Bali Island. The Werdhi Budaya Art Centre was started in 1973 and finished in 1976. The Werdhi Budaya Art Centreits one of the largest and most complete in series of cultural centres built throughout the archipelago by the Indonesian Government over the last decade.

Designed by Bali's foremost architect, Ida Bagus Tugur, the vast complex is apart from its very real cultural function, a showplace for Balinese Arts and Palace Architecture at its most opulent.



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Werdhi Budaya - Bali (part-2), Indonesia - 17th May 2013

By: Linda Fdph


My another picture in Werdhi Budaya ^^



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Sanglah-Bali, Indonesia - 4th June 2013

By: Linda Fdph

Hello Mom

iam with a cheap and popular food and fruits from Bali.
From up to down is : Sate Lilit Bali ( made from fish and herbs ), singkong goreng ( fried cassava), tapai ( fermented cassava ), DUKU fruit, Jaja Gambir ( Balinese sweet , made from glutinous rice and palm sugar, wrapped in Bamboo leaves), Jaja Satuh ( Balinese sweet made from satuh flour and palm sugar wrapped by corn leaves ), SALAK fruit and Mangosteen fruit.



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Hostmom kitchen-Bali, Indonesia - 14th June 2013

By: Linda Fdph

Hello Mum

Balinese cuisine uses many herbs and spices. In almost every dish we use them. So itís very important to know what we need to make our cooking succeed.
Here is spices and herbs that HostMom and I have today in the kitchen : Cloves ( Cengkeh),  Kaffir Lime Leaves(Daun Jeruk Purut), Ginger(Jahe) ,  Cumin(Jintan),  Cinnamon(Kayu manis),  Candlenuts (Kemiri), Aromatic Ginger (kencur), Coriander(Ketumbar), Turmeric(Kunyit),  Galangal (Langkuas), White and black  Pepper(Merica putih dan hitam), Nutmeg(Pala),  Lemon grass ( Serai ),  Chilies ( cabai ) , Cardamon (Kapulaga ) , Onions ( Bawang Merah ) , Sesame seed ( Wijen ) , and also we have Glutinous Rice ( Beras Ketan )



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Sanglah-Bali, Indonesia - 7th July 2013

By: Linda Fdph

Hello Mom

Here is my last update from Bali.
Iam with Balinese Offerings.
Offerings are called banten in Balinese. It is possible that the word comes from the Sanskrit word bali, which means tribute, obligation or gift. Or it may be derived from the word enten, which means to wake up or be conscious. It is a consciousness of the gods.
One of Offerings called "Gebokan"  consist of fruits, money, food and flowers ∑

Hugs from Bali


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Melbourne, Australia - 20th July 2013

By: apartmentcat

Hi Mum!

This morning I arrived in Australia! I was in my travel bag for a long time, and I was glad to get out.


I met the other toys here, they are all very nice. Betty Bear is another TV, and the others live with Host Sister all the time. Here we are looking at the gifts my last host sent with me: a postcard, a keyring and some tea. It smells so good, we're looking forward to tasting it tonight.


Well, that's all for now Mum. I'm tired from travelling, so I'm going to have a rest. But I just wanted you to know that I arrived safely. Tomorrow Host Sister is going to take me into the city and we can see some of Melbourne's landmarks. I can't wait!    :D

xx Anton

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Melbourne, Australia - 24th July 2013

By: apartmentcat

Hi Mum!

Today I went to work with Host Sister in the city. She works in a big skyscraper in the city. Here I am watching her work:


Then at lunch time we went for a walk by the Yarra River. This is the biggest river that runs through the centre of Melbourne. Here is the Eureka Tower. It's the tallest building in Melbourne. It's named after the Eureka Rebellion. In the 1850s there was a Gold Rush in Melbourne and people came from all over the world to mine for gold. The miners rebelled because the government taxes were too high.


The building has many symbols on it. The gold is for the gold that the miners searched for. The red near the top is for the blood they spilled during the rebellion. The white stripes represent the marks on the sticks surveyors used to measure and divide up the land.


Walking further down by the river, we saw the Melbourne Aquarium. It was built only 13 years ago, and it has penguins and reptiles as well as aquarium fish.


Oh no, a shark!! Don't worry Mum, it's only a picture on the outside of the aquarium.  :D


I also saw this HUGE propeller from an old ship that was sitting by the side of the river.


Later on Betty Bear and I had dinner at a local pizza restaurant. This Mexican pizza looks yummy!


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At Home, Melbourne, Australia - 1st August 2013

By: apartmentcat

Hi Mum!

Today we  baked muffins with ingredients that Host Sister had at home. First we found some frozen bananas in the freezer. Brrr, it's cold in here! We chose two nice big bananas for the muffins.


We waited for the bananas to defrost, but it took too long! So we put them in the microwave. Then Host Brother mashed them up.


We put the flour, sugar and cocoa powder in the bowl.


Next we put in the egg, melted butter and mashed up banana. Oooh, it's all gloopy!  Betty Bear and I helped to mix it all together.


We mixed it all together and then put the muffin mix in the tray. We spilled a little bit, oops!


Then  the muffins went in the oven for 25 minutes. When they came out, they had risen and they were all nice and brown. They smelled so good!


We tried one of the muffins with a cup of tea. Yummy!



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At Home, Melbourne, Australia - 4th August 2013

By: apartmentcat

Hi Mum!

Host Sister wanted to take me on a walk to the gardens today, but it was cold and raining all day. What a shame!


So instead we did some tidying around the house, and then we sat down with a nice pot of tea and some biscuits.


These are strange biscuits! They look like lace! They come from China and they are normally eaten at Chinese New Year, but they're too yummy to wait until then! They're very crunchy and taste like honey.

Hope you are well.
Love, Anton. xx

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Federation Square, Melbourne, Australia - 21st August 2013

By: apartmentcat

Hi Mum!

Today we went to Federation Square in the City. It's the largest and newest public space in the city of Melbourne, finished in 2002. When it first opened, a lot of people thought it was ugly, but there wasn't much new-style architecture in Melbourne then, so people weren't used to it. Most people seem to like it now. A few people still don't like it, but there's not much they can do now! :)


The main building is the National Gallery of Victoria's modern and Australian art collection. There is also the headquarters for SBS TV Station, and on the roof is an experimental beehive, the Rooftop Honey project. On the other side is the Australian Centre for the Moving Image. (It's a film museum and cinema.)


The main square has a huge TV screen which often shows big sporting matches, cultural events or short films from the film museum's collection. The paving on the ground is a huge artwork. The colours and curved surface look like the dunes in the desert.



The largest building is covered in sandstone. It's sandy colour also ties in to the desert theme. Every piece of sandstone and glass is a triangle shape, and they all fit in together in a crazy pattern. Host Sister says there's a story that not a single angle in the whole pattern is a square angle. But she's not sure if this is really true! The smaller building on the front corner is covered in zinc metal, which reflects the sky whatever the weather is.


At the back is the Atrium. This is the entrance to the Art Gallery. The glass roof is 5 storeys high! The glass wall has two layers, and sometimes there are art displays in the middle. Like an art sandwich! ;)


The artwork on display at the moment is called '1000 Tears'. Members of the public emailed the artist to tell her their biggest regret, and she wrote them on tears made of paper.
And around the other side was a pretty garden bed full of daffodils.


Across the river is the concert hall, the classical art gallery and the botanical gardens. But we'll go there some other time! It's time to go now.


Bye for now!
Love, Anton xx

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At Home, Melbourne, Australia - 28th August 2013

By: apartmentcat

Hi Mum!

Today we welcomed Huli Hutu. He comes from the U.S.A., but has travelled from Germany to visit us.





Huli Hutu fulfilled one of his life goals in visiting Australia! We had a cupcake to celebrate. It was so yummy!  :D


Bye for now!

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At Home, Melbourne, Australia - 1st September 2013

By: apartmentcat

Hi Mum!

How are you?
Today we did something a little bit different. We voted! Well, Host Sister and Host Brother did. There is an election soon. Time to choose a new Prime Minister, or perhaps keep the old one! ;)
In Australia, voting at elections is compulsory. Everyone aged 18 years and over must vote on election day, or they have to pay a fine. It used to be that everyone had to show up on election day to a polling place to fill out their ballot. How annoying! :)


In the last few years it has been allowed to vote by postal vote. The voters go online to request a postal ballot paper, then the papers are sent out in the mail. They're filled out at home and sent back. As long as they're filled out before election day, everything is fine.

Host Sister says voting at home is more convenient, but not as fun! Normally the polling places are at a school. The people running them usually set up a barbeque to raise money for the school. After voting, you can buy a sausage in bread, and sometimes they have a cake stall as well. Host Sister and Host Brother didn't want to miss out on the fun of the barbeque! So we made sausages in bread and sweets at home. Here are the chocolate crackles and honey joys.


Who are we going to vote for??


Wow, this paper is so long! So many to choose from!


Phew! Now the papers are all filled in and put into the envelopes. We'll take them to the post box tomorrow morning.


Now it's time for another chocolate crackle!

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