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Travelog for: Lotta

Trieb, Germany - 21st July 2012

By: Ravyna

Hello everybody!

My name is Lotta; I知 a little brown sheep from Germany.
I grew up in the little village, my mum lives in. It痴 real countryside and I think, I知 too young to spend my whole life here. B)
When I heard of Toy Voyagers, I started to dream about becoming one myself and after a few weeks I persuaded my mum.
I hope I値l have some big adventures.

World here I知 coming! :D

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Trieb, Germany - 22nd July 2012

By: Ravyna

Today my mum took some nice pictures of me, to show possible hosts how cute I am. ;)
I知 a vegetarian and you can see, I really like grass and flowers, like most sheep, I think. :D

I知 wearing now a ToyVoyager-Tag with my name and my ID-number. My mum and I made it yesterday in the evening, I tried to help her a little bit, but it was kind of difficult with my little legs
She says that with the tag I have a chance to come back to her, if I get lost some day, but I hope this will never happen! We made pictures of this too.

I知 very proud to wear such a Tag now! :)


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Trieb, Germany - 24th July 2012

By: Ravyna

Yesterday we were at my mum痴 grandma, because it was her birthday. I ate a piece of cake, which was yummy.
Later, I was sitting on the terrace, reading an exciting crime thriller until my mum痴 brother asked me to come with him, going skateboarding and riding his bike. It was very funny with him and his friends. :D

Today it was too hot to do anything, so we spend the whole afternoon in the garden. On the last picture you can see the cat Emmi and me relaxing in the shadow.


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Trieb, Germany - 25th July 2012

By: Ravyna

A few hours ago, my mum told me, my journey will start tomorrow. I知 going to travel to Finland and visit sirkku-susanna! I知 really happy and looking forward to it. :D
My mum has already spent her holidays in Finland and she showed me, where on the map it is and where Susanna lives. She said it痴 a beautiful country and she is sure, that I値l have a good time there.


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Trieb, Germany - 26th July 2012

By: Ravyna

Today I said good-bye to my sheep family and my mum. I値l really miss them, but I had no time to be sad. Then I went into the 鍍ravel-bag.
I知 so excited, in a few days I値l already be in Lahti. I hope I値l meet some other Toy Voyagers and find new friends.  :D

Bye-bye Germany. ;)


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Forest, Lahti, Finland - 13th August 2012

By: sirkku-susanna

Hi Mom!

I have been here in Lahti Finland for a while, but my host has been very busy at work, so here comes my first update. But don稚 worry Mom, I have had nice company here, two funny fellows The Wotwots and our 途eal host Droopy the Dog.

My host started her summer holiday, and first thing she wanted to do, was go to forest and pick some blueberries, and maybe mushrooms too. Mom, did you know, that here in Finland you can pick berries from any forest you want (not from anyone痴 garden of course), but from forest, no matter who owns it. This right is called 兎very man痴 right. There was very nice and quiet in forest, and we found lots of blueberries (but no mushrooms). I myself prefer blueberry leafs. I also tasted heathers and lichen. Reindeers eat that in Lapland, I think it was kind of dry.  ;) We shared candies, I brought with me. And at evening we had blueberry pie with vanilla sauce. Yummy!

Kisses Mom!



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Lahti, Finland - 30th August 2012

By: sirkku-susanna

Hi Mom!

I have now spent two week holiday with our host and the WotWots of course. We didn稚 do anything special. We just slept long, ate well, read and relaxed. And of course we took long slow walks almost every day, it was nice. Here are some pictures of our walks. As you might see fall is coming, trees are chancing color. Actually fall is our host痴 favorite season, it痴 not too hot and nature is beautiful. I think I like it too Mom.

Sunday we are going to harvest market. We just hope it won稚 rain. Keep your fingers crossed Mom.  ;)

Take Care!


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Lahti, Market square, Finland - 4th September 2012

By: sirkku-susanna

Hi Mom!

Last Sunday we all went to harvest market at Lahti market square as our host promised.  It was quite cold and raining, as it usually
does nowadays. Market was bit a disappointment. Only few booths, and nothing to buy.  :(

But we saw couple of interesting things. At first picture you see me with soup canon. They are used by Finnish army. Lots and lots of soup there Mom. And then we saw 杜aakellari groundcellar. At old times people dig them under ground to keep food cold. At top of them there were plants growing, they were like little hills. Now you can buy groundcellar from market, as you can see. Grass up there looked quite taste, but I知 too small to climb there.

Love you Mom!


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Sein臻oki, Finland - 12th September 2012

By: sirkku-susanna

Hello there at home!

Last weekend we went to Sein臻oki with our host. She goes there to study once a month. We were really busy, but still have time for few photos. At first picture you can see the most known landmark of Sein臻oki. Church called Lakeuden risti. And then me at our hotel.

We spent most of our time in our host痴 bag, but on our way back here, we have a chance to see landscapes from train window; Forests and fields mostly. And then it started to rain again.But I also saw some beautiful old (sadly to say abandoned) railway stations.

Take Care Mom!


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Lahti, Finland - 28th September 2012

By: sirkku-susanna

Hi Mommy!

We have new family member here. And he has been keeping our host busy. This little fellow is called Viljami. And Mom he is quite a handful.  :rolleyes: Our host痴 old cat Veskari is not very pleased with this newcomer.

It痴 raining and raining. Our host promise, that we go 鍍ree watching as soon as weather is getting better. Trees have so beautiful colors now. Hope the sun shines soon.

Kisses Mom!


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Lahti City Library, Finland - 11th November 2012

By: sirkku-susanna

Hi Mommy!

When you are reading this, I知 already on my way to my next host. But here is my last update from Lahti Finland. I have a change to visit my host痴 workplace at Lahti Music Library. They have thousands of cd痴 there, almost 50 000 to be exact. Even German music.  :)  Also lots of sheet music and books about singers, composers and bands. They also have two sound proof rooms with pianos. I would love to learn to play piano.  :rolleyes:

On our way back home we took picture of colorful trees, and one big mushroom. Autumn is beautiful here in Finland (when it痴 not raining) don稚 you think Mom?

Now I知 going somewhere very different.

Love you a lot Mom!


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Bali, Indonesia - 14th November 2012

By: Linda Fdph

Hello Mom......

Today, iam arrived in Bali.......its a long journey from Finland to Indonesia. My friends from Indonesia, Bima the tiger, Sena the sheep, and Bisma the Lion welcomed me. Also SchokoCookie and Konrad, the TV, that stay here in Indonesia, just like me.
Here Mom, my welcomed little party, you can see traditional Balinese textile in the background

And now iam ready for my journey in tropical country and exotic island Bali-Indonesia :)



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Sanur Beach-Bali, Indonesia - 15th November 2012

By: Linda Fdph

Dear Mom,

My first journey was visiting  Sanur Beach. Sanur beach tourism object belong to Sanur Village is a popular tourism destination in Bali. Located in Denpasar region, Denpasar city, capital city of Bali island. For precisely on the east of Denpasar, about 6 km. in some picture you can see " Canang Sari " ( including in picture we sunbathing in white sands ). Canang Sari is a small offering of flowers and/or money placed on a tiny square tray woven out of coconut leaf/banana leaf. "Canang" refers to the tray, while "sari" refers to the "essence" of the offering which may be a small amount of money placed on top. Canang sari are offered every morning by devout Balinese to show gratitude to the creator (Sang Hyang Widi Wasa )


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East Java, Indonesia - 20th November 2012

By: Linda Fdph

Dear Mom

Here iam in East Java, in the village called Kembangsore , to visit my host parents. I feel athmosphere of village complete with rice field, fresh air, tropical fruit tree ( banana fruit, papaya fruit, fresh guava fruit and mushroom )


lotta n konrad 8.JPG

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Pacet-East Java, Indonesia - 25th November 2012

By: Linda Fdph

Dear Mom,

Today before my host come back to Bali, she take me around her parent's home, to show about how green Pacet village. The mountain in the background called Welirang Mountain. Pacet is village with the main job of the citizens is farmer. You can see the rice field here, and people here prepare for planting the paddies. And at least, iam and Konrad n SchokoCookie take a picture with delicious tropical fruit called Mango and Matoa


Lotta jav5.JPG

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