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Seeing polar lights in high latitudes

Traveling by fire balloon

Visiting Hobbit's hometown in New Zealand

Living in an ancient castle for a few days

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Travelog for: Qah

Kiev, post office, Ukraine - 9th November 2012

By: Katusha

Hi, Mom! I'm at the post office already! I haven't got too much time for looking around. So I had better jump in my envelope, where I feel myself safer. Hope my travelling to Germany will be not very long and I can write you soon! Oh, I need to go, bye-bye!


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Leipzig, Germany - 25th November 2012

By: Niina Tuulia

My first weekend in Leipzig! I think I like this place.





(Made a gingerbread Qah and tasted ...Swedish... glögg)

<3 Qah

PS. Host says thanks for the presents I brought with me!

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Leipzig, Germany - 29th November 2012

By: Niina Tuulia

It's been so grey and rainy this week that I've been mostly keeping my fur dry and staying indoors... Well, I went to a German bakery (they're everywhere!) to get some bretzels.

And I found a nice little book about birds being philosophical about life so I've been read...looking at that.






I might be travelling somewhere on Saturday if it's not too cold for me...

Hope everything's OK at home! -Qah

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Leipzig, Germany - 3rd December 2012

By: Niina Tuulia

So much for the travelling - my host hurt her arm at gym - but I sneaked out today and went to see a nearby river (and enjoy life).






Looking forward to see a little more snow than that.
^.^ Qah

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Leipzig, Germany - 10th December 2012

By: Niina Tuulia

Finally!! Germany is being covered in snow.. I might need a scarf or some other woolly thing some time soon. 'Mütze' would be cool...



xx Qah

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Leipzig, Germany - 16th December 2012

By: Niina Tuulia

Yesterday I visited the Christmas market here: the whole centre of the city is full of wooden stands and cottages and everything looks very old-fashioned and cosy. I made some new friends and met some Germans who were struck by my quteness. They were asking my name and told me that I look like Bob. (I was a bit offended by that.)




Next week's mission: getting back to the stand where they sell chocolate covered bananas!

<3 "Bob"

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Berlin, Germany - 23rd December 2012

By: Niina Tuulia

My short visit to Berlin:
(Berlin was cold as Siberia so the only sight I was taken to was the East Side Gallery which happened to be just around the corner of the place where I stayed, but anyway, now I've seen the Berlin Wall, yay!)






Back in Leipzig I came across the biggest advent calendar I've ever seen and stole a Glühwein mug. ^.^







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Cospudener See, Leipzig, Germany - 30th December 2012

By: Niina Tuulia

Today I visited the Cospudener See (<-- German for lake): lots of people jogging, cycling, roller skating, sailing and flying a kite. I also saw a teepee and a sightseeing tower which I climbed even though it was windy and the whole thing was shaking like mad.







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Jena, Germany - 1st January 2013

By: Niina Tuulia

I'm getting a little restless in Leipzig after having been here so long so I took a train and went to Jena. (I'm becoming good friends with German railways.)





I also discovered that Germans are crazy with their fireworks and little dynamite-looking things they throw at railway stations, tram stops and just everywhere to celebrate the Silvesternacht (New Year's Eve). I feel almost like I've survived a war or something...



(I think I like the moon better ^.^)

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Leipzig, Germany - 18th January 2013

By: Niina Tuulia

Planning my journey to Nürnberg!! Bye, Leipzig!


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Nuremberg, Germany - 19th January 2013

By: EuroMaus

Today i arrived here in Nuremberg Germany. Two other TV´s were already waiting for me. Its "Wink" from USA and "Nikita" from Lichtenfels in Germany.
Oh and as you can see a little boy is on the pictures..That´s host Mum´s Son "Mahesh". We have a lot of fun with him. :)
I  arrived exactly at lunch time. So we had Lunch togther. We had salad, chicken and indian dish called "Rajma". Yummy".
After Lunch we went out in the snow. It was so much snowing the last couple of days...
We sad also in a tree at "Duzendteich". The Lake is frozen now, but in summer there are many sailboats on it..host mum told its really beautiful...
Near the Duzenteich is the Documentation Centre Party Rally Grounds) 
Here is something about the history of nuremberg....
In 1933, the National Socialists decided that Nuremberg was to be the "City of the Party Rallies". They created a link between the Nazi movement and Nuremberg's glorious past as Free City of the Empire and venue for the imperial diets in the middle ages. This is why they staged the annual NSDAP party rallies here ever year in September, up until 1938. Designed by Albert Speer, in the city's southern districts, the "Party Rally Grounds" were erected as a huge parade ground on an area of 24.5 hectares. Zeppelin Field and Zeppelin Grandstand, the unfinished Congress Hall and a large excavation intended for the planned German Stadium are what remains in the city, as the monstrous stone legacy left behind by this regime of terror.
Back home we went with the tram....

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Nuremberg, Host Home, Germany - 23rd January 2013

By: EuroMaus

Today two new TV´s arrived here. Its Vassily the cute tennis ball and the mouse UrselHH.
As a welcome for them we got to eat some kind of donut with vanille cream inside....hmmm..it was so tasty...its made here in Germany for carnival...
Looking forwared to carnival here in Germany....

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Beijing, China - 15th July 2013

By: qball

Hello, everyone.

As you see, the blog hasn't been update for a long time. It means  something bad happend. It did happend. Qah, the first Qah, has losted.

But the adventure must be continued. So, I'm here, Qah No.2.

Life mission is still here. And the new journey will begin soon. Let's expect it, hopefully.


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Beijing, China - 29th July 2013

By: qball

We had a walk in Tiananmen Square today. It's a landmark of China. I will start my journey soon, so I decide to take some photos in my home town. I can't imagine any other places better than here.


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Beijing, China - 3rd August 2013

By: qball

New journey is already began! Next station is Spain.

At the time I start the adventure, a guest who lived with us a long time also begins her journey. We go to post office together. Maybe one day we will meet each other in another country.


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