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Hamburg, Germany - 31st July 2012

By: PrimaRina

In Hamburg at the Schulterblatt.  B)


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Hamburg, Germany - 6th August 2012

By: PrimaRina

in the kitchen :)


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Hamburg, Germany - 7th August 2012

By: PrimaRina

rainy day..
again. :(


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Hamburg, Germany - 7th August 2012

By: PrimaRina

still raining

rainy day.jpg

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Hamburg, Germany - 7th August 2012

By: PrimaRina

...with my beautiful origami butterfly.  :rolleyes:

origami butterfly2.jpg

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Hamburg, Germany - 16th August 2012

By: PrimaRina

Yesteday beautiful sunshine at the Stadtpark B)


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Hamburg, Germany - 16th August 2012

By: PrimaRina

Today rain again...
Here I'm at the theater Neue Flora

Neue Flora.jpg

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Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany - 18th August 2012

By: Biggi

Hi Mom,

I reached my new guest home. I had a very cosy travel.
When the envelope was opened, two kind faces looked at me.


Nosyblue and his cat friend welcomed me.
Nosyblue will leave here in the next days.
But Felix the cat and his mother named Missy will have a good
look after me, while I stay here.


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Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany - 22nd August 2012

By: Biggi

Hi Mom,

Yesterday and the day before were so hot, we decided to stay at home. We even closed all roller shutters the whole day.
Monday nosyblue left towards his new host.

Today we were fed up with all the cold meals we had at home
so we made some delicious aromatic Chelsea Buns.
I helped cutting the onions.

We put them in the oven for half an hour...

Later, we had such delicious meal. Yummie!! B)

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Werkshop, Germany - 26th August 2012

By: Biggi

Hi Mom,

this morning, I was in a very special Workshop. I learnt how to make necklaces with very little pearls.

First we had  to use the needle to thread tiny pearls following a special sequence. Many many pearls. See....http://img5.fotos-hochladen.net/uploads/hpim1587oizm6vj4ks.jpg

Look Mom, these pearls are really tiny.

When I had thread enough pearls, we crochet them. Here you can see the result of the pattern.

My host did a very long necklace, but I really had difficulties with those itsybitsy tiny pearls, so I am proud of what I made.

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Talheim, Germany - 29th August 2012

By: Biggi

Hi Mom,

Yesterday I had a funny afternoon. My host took me to her favourite store which was re-opened after a big modification.
This store is specialized on wool, everything for knitting, for
crochet and all about handcrafting with pearls.

My host taught me as I'm a sheep I should know all about wool.
My relatives out there grow their hair which is cut when its long
enough and of this hair wool is made of.

Look, these are my favourite wool balls. I love those colours.
In the back you can see an example how this wool shows its pattern when its knitted:


Here you can see me with some necklaces. They are shown to make customers curious on how to do these.  B) But my host
knows most of these techniques, as she told me.

My host bought some wool balls as she wants to knit some pair of sockets. Maybe I should ask her if she can show me how to do it?

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Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany - 31st August 2012

By: Biggi

Hi Mom,

since it was raining we decided to stay at home an my host gave
me my first knitting lesson. This will become a socket someday.

Later I helped my host to cook a carrot soup. We began with
cutting the carrot skin and cutting the carrots into little pieces.

Then, we added potatoes and spices. This all we boiled with
some water and then mashed it all using an immersion blender.
I really like the colour of this soup. It was so tasty too.

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Historic city core Villingen, Germany - 5th September 2012

By: Biggi

Hi Mom,

today my host took me to the historic city core of the town Villingen.

Well I should explane first, the town Villingen-Schwenningen is
a town cooperation, which was made by politicals in the early
1970ies. The town Villingen is an old town founded by the
Zähringer (Sorry didn't find a translation for them). While Villingen
was already a town with surrounding walls, towers and 4 town
gates, Schwenningen still was a village. Right between those
two was the borderline of Baden to Württemberg. As the federal state
Baden-Württemberg was built the Doublecity was generated.

Although this all happened 40 years ago there is still a approximately
6 kilometres space (only filled with fields) between both city parts.
My host lives in Schwenningen, so it was like a trip into another town
although its actually the same town.  :)

On this plate you can read in german the history of a building. So
you can imagine how old the town is.

I think this billboard of two lawyers is very funny:

Here I show you some historic fronts of buildings in the
main pedestrian area. As you can see, some are newer, some fronts were destroyed in
wars so the fronts were new built or restored.

Here you can see one of the tower gates. This one is called "das Obere Tor" which is laying
opposite to "das Niedere Tor". Actually I can't show you a picture of "das Niedere Tor" because there is
no gate anymore.

I really like those lovely old details on the houses.

Villingen offers even a cathedral. Around the cathedral was the historic marketplace. 
It is still used twice a week for market.

This is the Villingen-Townhall. In near future there will be a new one built right
in the middle between Villingen and Schwenningen.

This fountain is built by a famous artist. It shows critical szenes.

The same artist made these cathedral doors. But here he used szenes of the bible.
Which fits much better in there, don't you think?  ;)


This is the "Romäus Tor". There is a saga about Romäus. He was a giant which was so
strong he took one of the gates doors and carried it all alone.

Aren't those houses lovely?

See those useful gazebos? Each with it's own winding tackle.

In the background you can see a part of the old city wall.

At this fountain we paused. It is at an abbey. See the friar?

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Gengenbach, Germany - 8th September 2012

By: Biggi

Hi Mom,

I had so much fun this weekend.
My host took me with her to a rehearsal weekend with her Schalmei-Music-Group.
The Group is called the "Gässle-Hupfer" and is a part of "Katzenmusik Villingen" wich is a carnival association.


We were driving about an hour and a half to Gengenbach, which is a small town covered by hills. There we had a lodge normally used by pathfinder.

See this mosaics? All those little stones were assembled to this colourful wall by pathfinders.

I made an excursion around the lodge.

They did a lot of rehearsal, but when they paused I sneeked in the room and had some fun with those big drums.

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Gengenbach, Germany - 9th September 2012

By: Biggi

Hi Mom,

one of the Groupmates of my host has a part-time-job as a DJ. He insisted to show me his Discjockey-Computer. Man, this guy owes a lot of music!

Later I helped to cook a biiiiiig pot of spaghetti with tomato-sauce.

Of course we had a big bowl of salad too.

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