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Travelog for: Djali

still at home, Austria - 3rd July 2012

By: Djali

Well, Hello everyone!  :D

This is my first entry here, so not much to tell at the moment. I just got my "mum" to register me here so that I can travel and see many new places and have some adventures in my life. I hope to get started soon, but at the moment I'm chilling at home, reading a good book and cuddling (ok...rather: annoying/teasing) the cat.  :p

I'll upload some pictures of me tomorrow - at the moment, I need to load my camera batteries...

Have a nice evening and I hope to meet some of you soon!

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at home, Austria - 4th July 2012

By: Djali

Today, I nearly got eaten by the big, but beautiful, cat of my mum.


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dance studio, Austria - 4th July 2012

By: Djali

In the late afternoon, I accompanied my mum to the dance studio to visit her training. As you can see, I took good care for her brand-new pointe shoes before the class. The old pair of pointe shoes was brocken and worn through and now my mum had to buy new ones. Well, the shoes smelled sooo much better before the training than after it!! *yuck* I really like watching my mum dance, but I don't visit the studio often.


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Office, Austria - 6th July 2012

By: Djali

Today I visited my mummy in her office which was really nice because they have air-condition in the building. Outside it is sooo hot: 37°C!!
Normally, my mum works with a nice laptop, but sometimes she has to use the old typewriter to fill out some forms, as you can see in the picture. This thing sometimes makes really strange squeaking noises!  :o


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Schönbrunn, Austria - 7th July 2012

By: Djali

Here are some pictures of me in the park around Schönbrunn palace. I love this park!  :D
The first two pictures show me chilling in front of the palace.
The last picutre shows the so-called Roman Ruin. A fake building made to look antique. Strange idea, but it looks lovely.


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Home, Austria - 13th July 2012

By: Djali

It's Friday the 13th again  :o A good friend of my mum is celebrating her birthday tomorrow and we went shopping for some sweets and treats to bring along.
And as it is raining at the moment, I then stayed home and read a good book (Oskar und die Dame in Rosa). I really like the book, but it's also a bit sad to read.


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Home, Austria - 15th July 2012

By: Djali

I'm ready to go on my fist journey!!  :D And I'm so excited to travel to Edna tomorrow. My envelop and the address are ready but today is Sunday, so I have to wait until tomorrow to start tavelling. I'm sure I will have a great time in Germany!  B)

Uuups!  :rolleyes: My mum just had to re-open the envelop, because I forgot to put on my necklace with the ID. Sorry, Mum!


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Butzbach, Germany - 19th July 2012

By: Edna

Hi mum!

I arrived at Edna today!

I was a little nervous but Edna was nice and so I finally came out of my envelope.



I even have new friends now! They are called Tigger and Tapsy. Tigger wants to be a ToyVoyager, too. And Tapsy told me he has a sister living here with him. I think I will get to know her soon.



I miss you mummy, but they are very kind here, so don´t worry!  ;)

Take care,

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Butzbach, Germany - 23rd July 2012

By: Edna

Hi mum!

Yesterday was really exciting! I´ve met Freddy and Jason, met a friend of my host-mummy, tasted a "Frappé" and saw beautiful flowers! But one thing after another. ;)

First I met Freddy. He is a gerbil and lived at my host-mummy for a few weeks, because he had to live alone at his first home.



Host-mummy took him and gave him a new friend. His name is Jason. The two are now the biggest friends. Yesterday we brought Freddy and Jason to a friend of my host-mummy. There they will have a great life, I think!


Here you can see me in the car on the way home.


We had a break and I tasted a "Chai Frappé". That was so refreshing and delicious! *YamYam*


In front of Edna´s home, we saw wonderful flowers and I jumped in! Look!


Today I just relaxed.

At the end of the week we will go Geocaching and see some nice places, Edna promised. Let´s hope the weather will be with us!

Miss you!

So far,

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Butzbach, Germany - 27th July 2012

By: Edna

Huhu mum!

Today the weather was so great, so my host-mum and her friend decided to have a barbecue. It was very spontaneous.

Here you can see us while our preperation. Looks nice, doesn´t it?


We brought everything outside.


Mr. Host (;)) did very well. (sorry, host-mum didn´t very well with her photo... ;))




The dessert was melon. We had very much fun spitting the pits into the (empty) grill. I didn´t strike very often, but I couldn´t practise because I´m well-behaved, right mummy? ;)


So far,

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Butzbach, Germany - 28th July 2012

By: Edna

Hi there!

Today we went outside and played "Phase 10". It was very much fun and guess what, mum? I won! I´m so proud and happy! :)


Host-mum has pain in her  feet. So we couldn´t go Geocaching. We will do this another day.

In the evening, the mother of my host-mum called and invited us to a.... barbecue! We have had one yesterday but why not? :)

So we went there and it was very delicious.


Next week we will make a diet, Edna said. :D

Until then,

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Kaiserslautern, Germany - 5th August 2012

By: Edna

Hi mom!

Yesterday I helped Edna with the presents for her aunt and her grandpa. We had much fun!


Today we drove here to visit the two.

We went Geocaching then. The environment is very nice here. See yourself:






Tomorrow we will see more of the little village and we will go out for food.

See you,

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Kaiserslautern, Germany - 6th August 2012

By: Edna

Hi mom!

Today we went through the litte village where the family of host-mom live.

We saw a gravesite on our way.



Then I took a nap in the warm sun.


When we moved on, guess what we´ve seen?!? A fire salamander! I was little scared, but he didn´t do anything. I guess he took a nap as well, so we left him alone.


In the evening we went out for dinner.
Host-mom had a very delicous meal and I nibbled a little bit...and a little more.  ;) *Yammy*


After the dinner we had to go home. But that wasn´t this easy. The street was sooo steep. The picture doesn´t tell the whole truth! It was much harder than it seems here!


I was so happy that Edna carried me!

Take care,

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Hildesheim, Germany - 10th August 2012

By: Edna

Hi mommy!

I´m so excited! Today we were going to the "M´era Luna Festival" in Hildesheim. Host-mom told me, she and her friends go there every year for the last 9 years!

It was a little strange, because all people wear dark clothes  and looked a little curious. But all these people were so nice!

I had Mister Spike by my side. It was his first ToyVoyager adventure.

Before we started we had a tasty breakfast.


Then we drove 3 hours with the car. The group consists of 4 cars.


When we arrived we started to pitch our tents.


Mister Spike and me needed a break.


The next morning we had bacon and eggs for breakfast. *Yummy*



There are no more photos I may show you. Host-mommy said she don´t want to see herself on the internet. I can´t understand this. I like to see photos of myself, you too, mommy?  ;)

Best wishes,

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Butzbach, Germany - 16th August 2012

By: Edna

Hi mommy!

Today I needed to say goodbye to all my new friends.

Here you can see me with the sister of Tapsy, Tigerlilly. She is so nice!


Then I said goodbye to Mister Spike.


It´s time to go in the envelope.


Goodbye and take care!

And hello Jan4ik! :)

Best wishes,

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