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Travelog for: Hotte Hü

Saarbrücken, Germany - 15th July 2012

By: Phiva

Today I'm at my daddy's house, and slowly but surely I'm getting a little nervous about my first big journey! It is getting started in 16 days!!! My parents are going to take me to Thailand with them, so I've properly studied the tourist guide.
And I still hope to find some sunglasses in my size...

Love, Hotte

IMG_1247 - first travelog.jpg

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Saarbrücken, Germany - 16th July 2012

By: Phiva

uuuuh...yesterday i was in a cinema for the 1st time with my parents Phil and Vani...it was sooo great. Yummy popcorn and lemonade only for me  :D .

And i could see my most favourite super hero spiderman in 3D...now i also want to be a super hero. Vani has already given me a fantastic nice red superhero cape :)...I love it


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Bangkok, Thailand - 9th August 2012

By: Phiva

Oh my god! In the last couple of days I experienced so many new things. My parents took me to Thailand on holiday! First we went to Bangkok. Such a big city for a small horse like me. Of course we visited the Grand Palace. It was amazing! I met a huge lying Buddha and he told me that he has never met such a mini-horse like me before.
Then I tried to ride a big bird-like godess, but she was not amused - so she kicked me off!
After this shocking moment, I desperately needed a cocktail at our rooftop poolbar :)!
See you in Koh Samui!


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Koh Samui, Thailand - 11th August 2012

By: Phiva

Jihaaaaa, we're in Koh Samui at last!
What a beautiful island! There is only one problem, I have such a bad stomach ache... Thank God my mummy has some medicine for me!
For the first time of my life I saw the ocean - it was so amazing! But our pool villa wasn't too bad either :)!
After a nice cocktail-night I had a little swim with a couple of koi carps - I think they really loved me to bits and pieces *scary*!


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Koh Phangan, Thailand - 18th August 2012

By: Phiva

Wooooow, now we're in Koh Phangan, the backpacker's paradise - although I always travel with my trolley of course, never with a backpack :)!
We're in such a nice hotel, where I can meet towel animals each day in our room! They are so nice and let me take a ride on them whenever I want!
I also met a white rabbit, but I was a little scared because it was a very grumpy contemporary!
One evening I found a little "ghost house" - this is where Thai Spirits live in! If it hadn't been so spooky, I would have taken it home to live in it in Germany!
Then there was my big night: The Blackmoon Party! It was unbelievable! So many people, so many colors, so many drinks - it was the worst hangover I've ever had...


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Saarbrücken, Germany - 20th August 2012

By: Phiva

Hello Germany, I am back - but not for very long...
Now I'm at my daddy's house in Saarbrücken and enjoy the view on the beautiful Johanniskirche.
However I have to say goodbye now and pack my bags again: my uncle Schille and aunt Sabrina are going to take me to the Big Apple - so see you there :)!

IMG_1249 - Kopie.jpg

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New York, USA - 23rd August 2012

By: Phiva

Hello friends :)

I have just arrived in New York after a flight with the Airbus A380 with uncle Schille and aunt Sabrina...such a huge airplane for a little horse like me...

And i can't believe it, i directly met another superhero in New York...Ironmaaaaan :)....he's soooo strong, but my cape is much nicer than his armature ;)
We are friends now and he told me i will have a lot of more adventures in BIG APPLE...I'm so excited :)
I keep you informed

Hotte :)


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New York Flushing Meadows, USA - 5th September 2012

By: Phiva

Hellooo everyone!

juhuuu, last week one of my big life dreams came true.
I visited one of America's biggest sports events. The Tennis US Open:)
It was so exciting....i met all my favourite tennis stars and Roger Federer invited me to be his training  partner ;) ...i think HE has learned a lot ;)..and moreover Anna Ivanovic had only eyes for me  B)

I'm soooo happy. Thanks to uncle Schille and aunt Sabrina


US Open Hotte.jpg

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New York City, USA - 6th September 2012

By: Phiva

Hello friends :)

I'm now back from NYC... it was soooo exciting. I got to know so many new friends (toy friends and human friends ;)). Everybody wanted to get a photo with me ;).
Moreover I had the possibility to drive in a real NEW YORK POLICECAR... I felt like being the sheriff of big apple :D!
Now I'm back and happy to see my parents Vani and Phil again. Here are some NYC little horse impressions for you!

Greeeets Hotte


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Balingen, Germany - 24th September 2012

By: Phiva

Finally I arrived back at home! Amazing days have passed by... But now I'm glad to sleep in my own bed, to have a nice view of our church and to enjoy the sunset.
Looking already forward to my next adventure ;)!
See you soon,

Kopie IMG_1221.jpg

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Vienna, Austria - 30th September 2012

By: Phiva

Hey buddies,

I had an amazing last weekend! Aunt Kathi and uncle Berti took me to Vienna - my very first time in Austria! I've often heard rumors about Austria's excellent cuisine, so of course I had to check that out. It was delicious, and both the candlelight dinner and the champagne completed this awesome experience!
The next day I tried something more "down-to-earth" - genuine "Wiener Würstl" - the best sausages I've ever tasted!!
Of course I also did a bit of sightseeing: the famous Stephansdom was one of my favorite places!
Furthermore I went on a big shopping tour, because I was looking for a new cape. Unfortunately I was not very successful with that, but Philipp Plein promised he will have designed one for me until next time :)!
As Kathi thought I was the cutest and most handsome little horse she has ever seen, she persuaded me to take part in Austria's Next Topmodel! I think I did pretty well at the fotoshooting…


Hotte Wien 1.jpg
Hotte Wien 2.jpg
Hotte Wien 3.jpg
Hotte Wien 8.jpg
Hotte Wien 9.jpg
Hotte Wien 4.jpg
Hotte Wien 5.jpg
Hotte Wien 6.jpg
Hotte Wien 7.jpg

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Saarbrücken, Germany - 6th October 2012

By: Phiva

Hello friends,

I'm back from Vienna and I am relaxing in daddy's horsecastle in Saarbrücken right now. I have slept veeery well and enjoyed TV and Internet this morning. There I discovered something veeeery special, not as special as me, but also special ;) ...THE GANGNAM STYLE :D

It's a funny guy (looking like Mr. Chao in Hangover) doing a western horse dance ;)! I will now practise a lot to apply for a dancejob in his next video.

See you soon on the world's big stages ;)



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On the road to Balingen, Germany - 29th October 2012

By: Phiva

Hello friends,

I'm soooo nervous. Papa Phil and Mama Vani have a special surprise for me. I will get the possibility to fullfil one of my life missions this week... juhuuu... which one I will tell you in the next travellog entry.

But before I can do that, I'll have to travel as fast as possible from Saarbrücken to Balingen in order to meet a very good friend of mine and travel with him to England :) ! This is the reason why my parents decided to send me via express letter to Holgi!

Now I hope I won't get lost and will arrive safely at Holgi's house in Balingen!

So see you again in a couple of days ;)...

Yours, Hotte

P.S.: I have decided to give you a very, very small piece of information concerning my life mission on the three lions island ;)


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Balingen, Germany - 30th October 2012

By: Phiva

Jihaaaa, I made it! After a stressful night I've finally arrived at Holgi's house in Balingen! Now I'm allowing myself a bottle of ice-cold beer to relax and recover from travelling.
And tomorrow morning I'll get a little closer to my big dream ;)...
See you there!

Hotte bei Holgi.jpg

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Liverpool, England - 31st October 2012

By: Phiva

Juhuuu friends,

I've just arrived at Liverpool! It's warming up for my highlight on Saturday this evening. I'll go to Anfield Road :) - soccer fans know what I mean ;)...: yooouuuuuu'll neeeeeeeever waaaaaalk aloooooone!
I'm looking forward to showing you all the great pictures!



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