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Travelog for: Aquila

Home, Florida, USA - 18th April 2008

By: shana10214

My name is Aquila and I am a Bald Eagle. I am traveling around the world as Soar is too. I want to travel with pride for my country  :)
Here is a side view of me showing my handsomeness.

My name is Eagle in Latin.
I will first start traveling with the Surprise RR.
I am very excited to visit new places and meet new people.

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Home, Florida, USA - 20th April 2008

By: shana10214

In a few days I will start my journey. I am going to visit BunTraveler in Oregon and Aliah in Malaysia. I am not sure who I will visit first but I am very excited for my journey.

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Kangar, Malaysia - 6th May 2008

By: aliah

When I try to figure out where exactly I am, I realised that I'm now in Malaysia. It's in another part of the globe, far away from home.
Wow~ what a surprise!
I was told, they speak Malay language here.
No wonder I can't understand anything while I was in the envelope.

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - 17th May 2008

By: aliah

I am now in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia's capital city. We (Yum Yum, Yuki I) tagged along as our host has something to so here today. We just see a little part of Kuala Lumpur but I am all excited since this is my first time here. I saw Kuala Lumpur Tower & a Hindu Temple called Sri Mahamariamman Temple.


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Port Dickson, Malaysia - 25th May 2008

By: aliah

I'm in Port Dickson and this is my first time at the beach.
I'm enjoying the breeze (^-^)
It's almost dusk when we arrived.


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Port Dickson, Malaysia - 26th May 2008

By: aliah

I wake up early to see the sunrise but it's cloudy :(
It was raining earlier this morning
We (YumYum, Yuki, Yul & I) take a group photo around the hotel.


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Melaka, Malaysia - 26th May 2008

By: aliah

We go to Melaka after lunch. Since Yul has visited it before, he shows us around the city. Yul told us tha Melaka is Malaysia's historical city. So you can see Chinese, Malay, Dutch & Portuguese architecture around here.


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Cheng Ho Cultural Museum, Malaysia - 26th May 2008

By: aliah

This museum located in Bandar Hilir is filled with artifacts related to Admiral Cheng Ho who sailed to Melaka from China in the 15th century. There are about 2,000 historical items related to Cheng Ho and the Ming Dynasty being displayed at the museum, including crockery, coins, the Cheng Ho Well, clothing and a replica of Cheng Ho's ship.


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Porta de Santiago, Malaysia - 26th May 2008

By: aliah

This prominent landmark almost synonymous with Melaka, was a fortress built by the Portuguese admiral, Alfonso d' Albuquerque in 1511. It was badly damaged during the Dutch invasion in 1641. Timely intervention by Sir Stamford Raffles, a British official, in 1808 saved what remains of the A'Famosa today.


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Christ Church, Malaysia - 26th May 2008

By: aliah

This church is the testimony to Dutch architectural ingenuity. Interesting features include the church's handmade pews, ceiling beams (constructed without joints), brass bible, tombstone and 'The Last Supper' in glazed tiles.

and this is all my journey in Malaysia.
Terima kasih (thanks)


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Remscheid, Germany - 11th June 2008

By: olgamaus

Hi Mummy,
I arrived in Germany today, actually yesterday, but nobody was at home to sign the receipt. So the postman took the envelope with me inside back to the post office where my new host Katja had to pick me up, but soonest today.

When we arrived at her home she laughed and said: "Two ToyVoyagers!" Two? I was travelling alone. I heard the ripping of paper and she welcomed somebody who's name is Desmond. Hey, I'm Aquila, not Desmond!

But then my envelope was opened and she helped me out. I saw three ToyVoyagers sitting there! Bertie the duck, a little owl named Percy and a larger owl named Desmond. I was very happy to get out of the envelope.




Katja wanted to take a walk with a friend. So she took us with her. In front of the house we waited for her friend to arrive. We were sitting on a wall, you can see the front door in the background. The house I am now living in is an art-nouveau-house, built in 1904 A.D.


We walked along the "route of tools", a lane for pedestrians and biker, built on a closed railroad bed. It was sponsored by the local industry. Along the lane you can find many signs of  those companies.

The first sign that we saw is showing the crest of Remscheid.


Later we rested on a bench that was made of a huge screw clamp.


We went into a wooded area. Although Remscheid seems to be an industrial town you can see many trees, valleys and wooded areas.


We walked through the muncipal park on our way back home. Beautiful flowers are blooming here.



We also saw a playground, this sign says that animals are not allowed to enter this area. Is this equally valid for eagles?



I'm going to play a little bit with my new friends now.


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Remscheid, Germany - 13th June 2008

By: olgamaus

Hi Mummy,
the weather is not very good, I'm spoilt by my journey to Malaysia. It’s raining quite often but that’s not the worst thing. It is really cold! We had 7C (44F) in the morning yesterday and today. I did not want to leave my bed today.

In the afternoon the weather became better and in the early evening we took a little walk along the route of tools. Katja wanted to show us that Remscheid is an industrial town also.

The route of tools is made on a closed railway track, I already told you. Along this route you can find many industrial companies and also abandoned factory buildings.

These pictures are made by an artist which is living here. Along the route you can find many pictures and signs made by him.


This is one of the abandoned buildings.


Here work is still going on but large parts of this complex of buildings were torn down in the last months. A big smoke stack is still standing, it will be blown up some day. We hope we can be as close as possible to it when it will happen.


This complex of buildungs formerly contained the local slaughterhouse. Now there are offices and other companies in the buildings wich are under monumental protecion nowadays.


Here we are sitting on a bench that is made of really old parts. One of them is the axis of a historic water wheel.


It seemed as we saw a different town today. No more trees and flowers but factories like that.


The sight of this building left a dismal mark.


We went back home then, into the district with trees, flowers and nice old houses. We had to hurry because it started raining again. But we reached our home save and dry. Later we will watch TV.


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Remscheid, Lobachtal, Germany - 14th June 2008

By: olgamaus

Hi Mummy,

today we took a walk with Katja’s brother-in-law and his dog Bertie. Bertie the duck was delighted to meet another animal named Bertie.

First we had a look at the building site of the new central railway station they are building here. Can you see the clouds? That does not look good…


We walked for about an hour through the forrest.

The weather was not too good, so there was not enough sunlight for really nice photos. Here is the creek that’s running through the valley.


Here we are sitting on a fence in front of a house in the valley.


In the valley you can only find some houses, this part of the town is really in the middle of nowhere (in German you say “Am A***h der Welt).



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Gelpetal, between Wuppertal and , Remscheid, Germany - 15th June 2008

By: olgamaus

Hi Mummy,

today the weather became better and we took a walk from Wuppertal-Ronsdorf back to Remscheid. We went with Katja’s fried. We walked through the forrest along the dam of Wuppertal-Ronsdorf back home. The dam is a really small one.

Here you can see us having a little rest on a pile of trunks.


Along the path you can find some charts with information about the forrest. This one is about different trees and their leafes.


We are standing on the concrete dam, the dam is really a small one.


Here you can see a popular country inn. It’s existing here for about 100 years.


In the forrest we found these beautiful foxgloves. They are under under wildlife protection in Germany.


We are now at “Steffenshammer”, a historical location with a museum. On the right side you can see a water wheel, that was driving hones in ancient times.


This is another building that belongs to this complex. It is typically “Bergisch”. We are here in the region that is called “Bergisches Land”, butn ot because of the many hills and valleys, but it is named after the earl vom Berg who reigned over this region in the early medieval times.


We are all sitting in a big wheel in the front garden of one the houses here.


I will show you some more photos of typical houses, either with schist or truss walls, in any case with green shutters.



But the weather became bad again. We reached the house of Katja’s friend and it started raining again.


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Remscheid, Germany - 16th June 2008

By: olgamaus

Hi Mummy,
we are watching the UEFA European (Football) Championship on TV just now. Germany is playing against Austria. For Germany it's neck or nothing.



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