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Travelog for: Chip

Florida, USA - 23rd February 2008

By: shana10214

My name is Chip and I am small monkey.
I go crazy for bananas! I am very adventurous and love to try new things. Would you like to host me and have fun with me? I have been in Florida for a long time and it is time to see new places. Here is a picture of me on the patio.

My travelist:
2.Anni Sugar(Australia)

picvideos 307.jpg

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Florida, USA - 10th March 2008

By: shana10214

Andrea says that soon I will be visiting India!! How exciting!


Today muumipeikko arrived from Finland. I am also with Yum Yum, my sister who is also a toyvoyager.

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Post Office, Florida - 17th March 2008

By: shana10214

Today Chip has left for India!
I wish you a safe and fast journey,

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Chennai, India - 22nd March 2008

By: Mosuha

Hey Mommy,

see, you can't imagine, I just arrived in India....
That was really an extreme fast journey, lucky me!!!

Just a short note, because I don't feel very fine....

As I came today, Pien, Repa and Uli had decided to make a men's evening, watching german soccer (1. FC Bayern München vs. Bayer Leverkusen) and drink some chilled indian beer called "KingFisher". Of cause I agreed to that plan.

I was really fun and I immediately found new friends in these three guys.

Maybe it was because of the long journey or I am just to tiny to drink one bottle of beer on my own.... but.......

After I spent some time over the toilett, Mona will bring me now to my bed.....

... hicks ...

c u .....


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Chennai, India - 23rd March 2008

By: Mosuha

What we did at Easter sunday? We ate a lot at a nice restaurant..... The desserts buffet was a real feast!....yummiiii.....

This time I didn't drink so much... just a little against the pain in my head....  :cyclops:

And I really felt much better after that!


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Chennai, India - 26th March 2008

By: Mosuha

At the beginning of this week, we decided to explore a little more of the indian culture and first I found out, they have sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many bananas at every corner of the streets....

It's like paradise, isn't it?!

We also tried some indian meal and I tasted all these different things, but anyway, the dried banana peaces were my favorits, even they were salted.....

Later I played with Pien...
We dressed like indian gods figures.... It was great fun.... Repa laught at us, he said we would look like cute girls, but he has no idea......!!! 


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Mahabalipuram, India - 30th March 2008

By: Mosuha

This weekend was pure fun and relaxing...

Together with my hosts I went to Mahabalipuram which is 60km south of Chennai to spent one night at a very beautiful beach resort....

It was sooooo great, I was even allowed to climb the palms to catch some coconuts... can you see me having fun?

Today, on sunday, we went to a place with very old caves and rock-cut figures and temples....

Look, they even build figures which seems to be my relatives...

TVs 030.jpg
TVs 031.jpg
Ideal Beach Resort 079.jpg
Ideal Beach Resort 081.jpg
TVs 029.jpg
TVs 017.jpg
TVs 065.jpg
TVs 064.jpg
TVs 077.jpg
TVs 079.jpg

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Chennai, India - 5th April 2008

By: Mosuha

Hello Mommy....

This week, you could say, was really international...
if it depends on food...

On tuesday we went to a french bakery called "La Boulangerie". It is a non-profit shop run by some french men.

They teach poor indian guys to make bread, cakes, corissants and so on (absolutly delicious!!!), so that they later can work at a restaurant or hotel....

On Thursday, Uli could spent his lunchbreak with Mona and we went to a restaurant called "Picasso", where they serve mexican style food....yummy.....

And yesterday evening we went out with some of Ulis colleques to a nice restaurant called "little italy" and guess what kind of food they serve?!!?

Yes, I ate a whole big pizza.... pfuee... was great.

Now you might think, my host would never cook, but you must now, at the moment we broke the new degree record for this year... Arround noon it is about 40 degree hot, and my hosts don't have an AC in the kitchen, but have to cook with gas, which makes it even hoter inside.....

That's why we all more prefer to got out for dinner.... instead of helping Mona in the kitchen....

I think, today evening we will go to the german "Goethe Institut" here in Chennai, where they will show some short movies about human rights.

Mona didn't tell me, what we will do tomorrow, but on monday I will leave for Australia to visit Anni Sugar.

I am so excited. You must know, poor Anni is preparing for a surgery, that's why I want to got there, to be on her side and to hold her hand!

tv 024.jpg
tv 026.jpg

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Chennai, India - 6th April 2008

By: Mosuha

My last weekend in india....

Saturday we were at the cinema, saw the short movie event about human rigths, it was very interesting...

But the best thing was, that I drove with the threewheeler to this place.... juppppiiiieeee......

On sunday the guys and I cheers to my new upcoming adventures...


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Chennai, India - 8th April 2008

By: Mosuha

Sooooo, the time has come I have to leave india.

Pien and I went to a temple, because he wanted to pray for me having a good journy. Ain't that nice?!

So good bye India, Australia I am coming!!!

I made some good friends with Repa and Pien, and also with my hosts. Thank you guys so much!

And you know, what they say: "You always meet twice!"

Bye Bye....

tvss 004.jpg
tvss 003.jpg
tvss 002.jpg

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Wodonga, Australia - 1st May 2008

By: Anni Sugar


Last week I arrived in Wodonga; a large country town in Victoria. We're staying on a country property and there are so many animals!

Anni has been in hospital having surgery so her parents have been looking after both me and her. She gets her stitches out today and if everything is ok, we'll be travelling back to Melbourne where she lives.

I have a few photos I can't wait to show you. Anni forgot to bring her camera cord so they'll have to wait until we arrive at her home.

I miss you very much, but I'm having fun here.

Anni even helped me choose a souvenir to send you. We'll be sending it to you in the mail. I hope you like it!


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Wodonga, Australia - 3rd May 2008

By: Anni Sugar

Hello again!

Here are the photos from my stay in Wodonga. It's Autumn at the moment and the countryside was beautiful.






I even got to feed some goats. Unfortunately, I had to keep my distance after one of them mistook me for food!



And just as we were leaving, we spotted some kangaroos on the hill. It's a pity we couldn't get any closer to them.



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Melbourne, Australia - 4th May 2008

By: Anni Sugar


Well I'm back in Melbourne, and what better way to spend my weekend than to go to an AFL game at the MCG.

AFL stands for Australian Rules Football and is the most popular sporting competition in the country. There are 16 teams from all over Australia.

The aim of the game is to get the ball through the goals on your side of the field by kicking it. You can pass it to other players on your team by either kicking or handballing it.

There are four goal posts. If a player kicks it between the middle two, it's a goal. A goal is worth 6 points. If a player kicks it between either of the outer two, it's a point. A point is only worth 1.

It's a contact sport so there are always exciting moments, especially when players of opposing teams will jump on top of each other to grab the ball in the air.

It's hard to explain, but I hope you get the idea. Even I had a hard time following what everybody was screaming about!

We saw Hawthorn vs Collingwood. It was a huge game and there were 80,000 people in the crowd. Lucky we arrived early so we could get good seats and take some photos without people blocking the view!

The end score was:

Hawthorn Hawks 24 goals, 10 points. Total: 154
Collingwood Magpies 13 goals, 11 points. Total: 89

Go Hawthorn!




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Guargacho, Tenerife, Spain - 26th June 2008

By: katjaintenerife

Greetings from Tenerife!! Unfortunately I didn't arrive in time to do all that travelling I was supposed to :( Katja, Dave and Dirkie came back on Monday and I finally got out of my envelope. I was there quite a while because I was posted in the beginning of June from Australia. Just before opening my package, Katja, my new host, had opened another envelope with another ToyVoyager in it; Super Grover. So he's my new TV buddy now :) Dirkie showed us around the house and also introduced us to Felix. He'll be leaving tomorrow, but it was good to meet him too!

You're probably wondering why I haven't updated earlier. Katja had so many things to do on Tuesday after holiday (emptying cases, washing clothes etc) and yesterday she was working for 24 hours so we didn't really get a chance to do anything until today. Today Katja went to the estate agent's so we took some photos on our way there and then we took some group pose photos too :)

There's a palm tree on the back ground

There's a nice tree with red flowers on it there.

That's us in Katja's car

That's all of us with Felix

Me on a small aloe vera

And all of us on a big aloe vera

And here are us again with a sauna elf. Hopefully I'll get a chance to try the sauna properly before I go. But it's been really warm over here so if it carries on like that, there's really no point having a sauna...

But that's all for today.

Good night!

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El Camison, Las Americas, Spain - 28th June 2008

By: katjaintenerife


Today we've been to Katja's work, well we are still here because she works 24 hour shifts. She works as an interpreter/receptionist in a small tourist surgery. She says that most summer days are very quiet, same as today has been, but winter time is really busy because that's when all the Scandinavians come over to Tenerife. Also Katja was bored while at work so she decided to look for some hotels and actually booked one in Puerto de la Cruz for next Saturday which is great because I've been told that the northern side of the island is very different from the southern side where I am at the moment so it'd be great to see that too and maybe we'll go over Teide when we come back *wink*wink* ;)

We had a look around Katja's work place. There's not really much to see put here are some photos anyway.

That's us on the desk

This photo was taken from the front door, unfortunately it was too bright on the back ground and me and Super Grover are not in our best colours there...

That's us again on the x-ray machine

We were a bit too small to have an ECG done with this..

Ans that's us with some medical material

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