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Travelog for: Mister P Tom

Rome, NY, USA - 6th April 2008

By: Michele_one_L

Hello! My name is Mister P. Tom. Originally I was going to be a wild TV but my owner decided against it. I'm looking for hosts from all over the world. If you would like to host me, please send my owner a PM.

I look forward to visiting you soon!

My Travel Plans:

May- CathyB
June- BlackCat
July- Drakie
August- MagicWoman

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On my way to, Germany - 14th April 2008

By: Michele_one_L

Today was my last day in New York! Hazle and I are headed to Germany. We said good bye to all of the friends made. They wished us well and said that maybe we'll meet again someday.


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Meissen, Germany - 22nd April 2008

By: CathyB

Good morning Mom :-) Finally me and Hazle arrived in Germany. WOW, that was a long journey.  We feared, we will never come out of the envelope. But finally we are here and we are fine, so far.  The first guy we met, was Horst, a little toycow. He told us, he is waiting every day, that his girlfriend Bertha, another toyvoyager, wants to come back to him. But he likes us as well and showed us everything. The other guy who lives here, is Harley, a big black cat. First we scared, because he is so much bigger than us, but then we found out, he is lazy and prefers to sleep all day long.

Katrin is the nice host of us, she's got a daughter named Jessica, which is in 7nd grade in school and is a ballett dancer as well. She promised us, to take us with her to see her dancing soon.  But today we were so tired and so Katrin showed us a very comfortable place to sleep.  Mr. and Mrs. Pocket, 2 dolls, they live in Jessy's doll house, decited to make a hotel out of her home now, because so much toy voyagers plan to come here. We had a big room for us and started jumping on the beds. Mr. and Mrs. Pocket made a nice dinner for us and tomorrow we plan to have a party with them. They said good weather, so maybe we can play in the pool. Now we are tired and want to go into our bed.
Greetings from Peeps Tom and Hazle

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Meissen, Germany - 25th April 2008

By: CathyB

Today it we made something special. Katrin and Jessy wanted to bake a cake. So we decited to help. She asked us, what kind of cake do we want, and Hazle and me wanted a chocolate cake. It was exciting, to see how to make a dough out of a simple baking mix. Oh, and it tasted so good!!!  Later we tried and it was very delicious!  Then we played string games with Jessy, because she felt a little sick today. Tomorrow we will have a  big campfire and meet the neighbours. It seems to stay exiting here.
Greetings Mr. P Tom

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Meissen, Germany - 27th April 2008

By: CathyB

A new TV arrived here. Her name is Sunset Sea. She is a turtle from Virginia and on her very first journey.

Last night we went to a campfire party with friends. Wow, it was a cool. We had beer and fun. The fire was soo high and hot. We were hide in Martina's jacket because we scared to get burned. We stayed awake until 2 am. Then we were so tired, that we slep until 10.

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Meissen, Germany - 27th April 2008

By: CathyB

Today we spent the day in Katrin's garden and had a nice barbeque. Oh it was sooo goooood!!!! Hehehe

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Meissen, Germany - 3rd May 2008

By: CathyB

This Saturday we had a very, very long day. We went to Dresden to visit the town hall. In Radebeul we had a long walk along the wine mountains and went to a Western Festival with cowboys and indians. We also made a tour with an original small train over the Festival Area and through Radebeul. It was sooo cooool. I brought postcard to you and will send it out soon as a souvenir. Take care
Mr. P Tom

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Meissen, Germany - 8th May 2008

By: CathyB

boooohhh, we scared to death. Today we made a walk and a big tiger jumped out of the bush!!!. Aaaaaahhh!!!!!! We screamed and running away to try to hide. He tried to talk to us in french and then we found out, it is Philéas, another toy voyager who arrived today. Thank God, he didn't want to eat us. He is more a nature freak! Katrin got a special welcome dish from the Indian restaurant. We had some special cheese in a sauce with rice and different kinds of sauces and chutney. We also had indian bread

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Meissen, Germany - 18th May 2008

By: CathyB

Dear Mom, sorry that we had no updates a whole week long. Katrin's camera was out of order, but we are all fine! :-) Yesterday Jessy had her birthday party for her 9th birthday and we went to a bowling center with some of her classmates were we had a lot of fun. We did a cellphone picture, so the quality isn't not so clear, that's why we kept it small. Also a new Toy Voyager arrived yesterday. His name is Shaun. He is bigger than all of us, so it's getting kind of full here now. Haha
Good nigh!


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