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Travelog for: Tony

England, United Kingdom - 21st February 2008

By: Osphie

Hello everyone my name is Tony. I am a small bear who is quite shy. I am very excited about seeing the world.

If you would like to host me:

-Send a PM to the last user on my itinerary with your address
-Send a PM to my mentor Osphie with my next location, so my itinerary may be updated

Looking forward to all my adventures!


1. North France Fleurdunord
2. Netherlands Lejow
3. Poland Lucy102
4. Taiwan hsuan1223

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England, United Kingdom - 22nd February 2008

By: Osphie

I am about to head off to France at the moment, but if anyone else would like to host me in the future, please send me a PM.
I really want to travel the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!! Just because I am small it doesn't mean that am not adventurous!!
See you later, and remember keep travelling!!!

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Arras, France - 6th March 2008

By: Fleurdunord

after a safe trip, i'm very happy to be here in the north of France. First it was great to meet another toy : Malcom the beaver who's from the netherlands. We went to Fleur's office togather, it's a busy place really.
Yersterday, Malcom and I went to te library with Fleur. This is a former abbaye from the XVIIth century. Back to the flat , we had some tea with some canadian cookies - made with mapple syrup - i enjoyed it. There was also a new toy from australia : a blue guy called Supergrover. We had a good time alltogather.


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Arras, France - 8th March 2008

By: Fleurdunord

Today the weather was good. Fleur enjoys to go to the market on saturdays and Supergrover and i came with her. We met her workmate and some other people. I loved the market with all these colours, food, flowers ... Arras is a nice city with the squares and the belfry.


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Arras, France - 12th March 2008

By: Fleurdunord

What happened here since the last time ? Rain & wind !! On sunday we went to the city hall (Fleur had to vote for elections) but couldn't do a single pic since it was raining. I enjoyed the french breakfast at least !
Today, We got some chips for lunch. It's a little bit from those in england but great. People from the north of France love chips and we had too much to eat.
Fleur came back from the post office with a new toy : an american alien called Maybe. We are now 3 english speaking (native) toys , with different accents (supergrover is australian).
We baked some cookies for teatime and i tried to read the reciepe (in french, not easy). It was so yummy!


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Horsham, England - 16th March 2008

By: Osphie

Tony is looking forward to travelling again soon. Who would like to host him.

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Wardrecques, France - 16th March 2008

By: Fleurdunord

I went to the countryside this week-end, at Fleur's parents. I enjoyed travelling by train with all my friends. I had lot of fun in the garden and playing with all the animals (cats, dog and pony). I have a good friend who's a stay at home teddy bear (actually she's a souvenir from te usa but lives in France now). Fleur's youngest sister Aude did a drawing of us.


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Arras, France - 21st March 2008

By: Fleurdunord

[size=3]Bonjour !
This is the spring season but you can't believe it since the weather is awful. We even had a thunder storm today. We have 2 new friends now : Coop is a dutch teddy bear and Pimboli an american monkey. They are good boys and it's nice to chat with them. Tonight, Fanette, the stay at home teddy bear read for us " 1001 nights" . I enjoyed it !


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Wardrecques, France - 24th March 2008

By: Fleurdunord

Joyeuses P‚ques! (happy easter)
I was in the countryside this week-end. Now i'm used to travel by train! We were welcomed by a good tea. On Easter morning we had lot of chocolates. Then everybody jumped into the car of Fleur's father. It's very comfortable. We drove for an hour to go at Fleur's grand-father's.


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St Pol sur Ternoise, France - 24th March 2008

By: Fleurdunord

Fleur's grand-father's lives in a small town called St Pol. We were invited to celebrate Easter by a big family lunch. We had a good Easter cake and more chocolates!


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Wardrecques, France - 24th March 2008

By: Fleurdunord

Believe it or not, it was snowing when we drove back. Joey the shetland pony was especially happy. Today i played with some big stay at home toys (a bird from Ireland and a singing dog). There was also true animals who wanted to play with us : Alhea the dog and Austerlitz the cat.


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Arras, France - 31st March 2008

By: Fleurdunord

There was a new tv coming to Arras : a dutch monkey called Youp. We didn't have a lot of time to chat since i had to pack my stuff for the Netherlands. I was sad to leave all my friends , especially the american-french teddy . I met many tvs at Arras : Malcom, Supergrover, Maybe, Coop, Pimboli and Youp. 4 tvs left and i complete my mission, it's not too bad ... Actually I can't wait to dicover a new country and meet new friends !


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Poeldijk, Netherlands - 5th April 2008

By: Lejow

Finally some news from me!
This week I arrived at Lejows home, wow she is a busssssyy woman!
I was a little afraid to came out of the envelope, but when I peeked out I saw 2 other TVs! Bene and Chompers!
I immediatly lost my fright  :)

It rains a lot here, but when it was dry for 5 minutes we went to the childrens farm


When we came back we were tired of al the things we saw, so we went back upstairs to Lejows home with the elevator

Tony and Lejow

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Poeldijk, Netherlands - 6th April 2008

By: Lejow

Hello again!
Because Lejow is soo busy with her school (next week she has exams and she has a lot of paperwork she had to hand in)We decided to help her by doing the household!
Lucky, Lejows house isn't that big  ;)

We vacuumed

did the laundry


and did the dishes

Lejow was so happy with us!
She let us play hide and seek..
Find me!

We hope for Lejow this week is over fast.. than she has a little bit rest!!

Hug Tony and Lejow

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Poeldijk, Netherlands - 9th April 2008

By: Lejow


We had such an exciting evening yesterday.. and it even went on today..
Lejow is going to school in the evenings to become a teacher.. Yesterday she had an important exam to make.
It started with a ENORMOUS traffic-jam. Lejow had never seen it SO busy on the way to her school.

After calling the school that she was coming to late, there came smoke out of Lejows car!!!
The heat of the engine was to high. She immediatly turned the car on the side of the road. Were 2 nice police man came to help her, to push her to a parking place.

From that place, Lejow runnnn to the train, to go to school anyway. Unfortunate she was 10 minutes late, and school didn't want to let her in anymore..
Lejow was soo angry! Now she has to write a letter to the Exam commission if she can make the test at another time..

Wel ok, that was that. But the car was still standige somewhere on a parking place and needed to come home.
So today we maked a big trip!

first we went by bus and train to come to the car
Waiting for the bus... look how nice the sun was shining!

the busstop, it says the time that the busses are ariving.
Dutch is a difficult language!

sitting in the bus..


Finally after a 50 minutes trip we arrived at the car. It was stil standing safe :D

But then we had to wait another 45 minutes for a man of tha ANWB to come (thats a service where you can register in to, when youre car breaks down, they come and visit you for free and try to repair it. If that is not an option the bring you and the car to the nearest garage!)
The man was very kind
his car!

He made an temporarly fix to Lejows car. So we can drive home. Back home again, Lejow brought her car to her own garage.. Now it is waiting when its fixed!
The garage said that the switch to turn the aerator is broken, lucky that costs not to much :D

Now we are going to sleep we are tiiired!

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