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Travelog for: Yum Yum

Florida, USA - 3rd March 2008

By: shana10214

Today I was found by Andrea in her mailbox. I was rescued by BunTraveler and adopted by shana10214. I was so happy to be at my new family's home. I am also happy about being a toyvoyager. I believe in good karma and I want to travel all around the world and do good deeds.
Yum Yum

picvideos 325.jpg

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Florida, USA - 8th March 2008

By: shana10214

My first stop will be to visit more of Florida, in Miami with Carlissa. Before I left, I needed to find a shirt. I dont have to wear it during my adventures, I just always want to have one with me in case I get cold. It is the most PERFECT shirt for me.


It says "Deliver the Dream"

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At Home, USA - 10th March 2008

By: shana10214

I am still home. Andrea says I will be leaving soon.
Today a new toyvoyager arrived. Her name is muumipeikko.


Next to her is Chip, my brother who is also a toyvoyager.
Yum Yum

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Miami, Florida, USA - 19th March 2008

By: carlissa

Hi Mommy,

I am in Miami, Florida!  My host met me at the Post Office and took me home with her.  I was greeted by some other Toy Voyagers that are also visiting here: Prince Charming, Tiger The Best, Billy Goat, Ronnie N Hammie, and a little cow that is a rescue like me!  The little cow will be going to New Zealand soon.

Here I am with my new friends:

Yum Yum

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Larry & Penny Thompson Park, USA - 21st March 2008

By: carlissa

Our host took us on a bike ride through Larry & Penny Thompson Park today!

Here we are in the bike's basket:

We stopped at a picnic area to get a better view of the lake.  Too bad we didn't think to bring a picnic basket!

Some ducks came over to visit:

We rode the bike some more, then we stopped at this bench for a rest:

I had fun today!

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Miami Seaquarium, USA - 22nd March 2008

By: carlissa

I went to the Miami Seaquarium today!  I saw lots of fish, sea lions, dolphins, manatees, and a killer whale! 

Here I am with an eel and some fish:

I saw a Florida lobster (the natives call it a crawfish):

This is Lolita, the killer whale:

The dolphins playing ball:

Then it started to rain, but I had fun anyway.

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Miami, Florida, USA - 23rd March 2008

By: carlissa

It's Easter Sunday! 

Last night I helped to color some Easter eggs with Prince Charming, Billy Goat, Ronnie N Hammie, Tiger The Best and Ossa:

This morning, we woke up and found out that the Easter Bunny filled up our basket with lots of candy and a little bunny rabbit:

Look at what I got!

Happy Easter!

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Miami, Florida, USA - 25th March 2008

By: carlissa

Today is my birthday! 


My toy voyager friends gave me a beautiful card:


And we had a party!


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Horse Country, Miami, USA - 31st March 2008

By: carlissa

I went to Emerald Acres today with Ossa to look at the pretty horses. 


Here I am with American Pie:


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Miami, Florida, USA - 2nd April 2008

By: carlissa

I went on a nature hike today with Ossa and Cool Jules at Matheson Hammock Park. 

Here we are sitting on a log:

We had to climb over this big boulder so we could continue down the trail:

We found a little cave!

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Miami, Florida, USA - 4th April 2008

By: carlissa

Today I helped my host clean one of her bookshelves.  We boxed up 2 boxes of books and 1 box of CDs which will be donated to Goodwill, which is a non-profit organization that provides of education, training, and career services for people with disadvantages.


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Shark Valley, Everglades, USA - 5th April 2008

By: carlissa

Today our host took us on a 15-mile bike ride through Shark Valley in the Everglades National Park!  I didn't know this park was so big, and we only saw a very small part of it!

First we rode the bike about 3/4 mile to the Otter Cave Hammock Trail where we read a sign about the trail:

Here I am with Cool Jules and Ossa.  We are looking down into holes in the rock and there is water underneath!

We rode on for a few miles and then stopped to take a picture of the Everglades.  There's not much out here but grass and some bushes!

About half way on our bike ride, we stopped at this observation tower and had lunch:


After lunch, we saw some alligators:

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Miami, Florida, USA - 8th April 2008

By: carlissa

Today is my last day in Miami!  Before I left, I stopped by the Goodwill Store to drop off the books and CDs that I boxed up a few days ago.


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Miami, Florida, USA - 8th April 2008

By: carlissa

After dropping off our donations, my host took me to the Post Office so I could catch my flight.  I'm off to visit MissMelissa in West Virginia!  I am on USPS Flight # 0307 1790 0003 9307 7408.

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Vienna, West Virginia, USA - 11th April 2008

By: MissMelissa

Wow. I had a great time in Miami. On my little trip, I had plenty of time to imagine where I would go and what kind of things I would do on my next stop.

The first night I fell asleep in my shipping box, I dreamed of swimming with dolphins.


After a brief stop somewhere (I'm not sure where I was, I was in a box!), I fell back asleep, and I remember dreaming of sailing the high seas.


Then I took a short nap on a doorstep for a little while. This time, I was on the cover of a gossip magazine. I don't know why I always dream of myself naked...


Then I woke up and realized I was being carried somewhere. Oh! I hear something!


Okay. So I don't see any dolphins, viking ships or celebrities.  I need to stretch my legs!


What kind of wild beast is that???!!! Goodness, he's getting closer. Oh no! He's coming in for the kill, I'm sure of it!


Okay, so maybe not. He's coming in for kisses! Gross!

So what have I gotten myself into? I don't see anything too spectacular so far. A slobbery dog. When are we leaving? I wanna go outside.. .  .  . Oh.


It's RAINING! I suppose I'll just take a nap.


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