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Travelog for: Lumpy

Okinawa, Japan - 24th July 2008

By: JaymeC

My name is Lumpy and I'm a cute little blue dinosaur. I finally recieved my toyvoyager tag and am ready to go travel the world! Over the last month I've been watching my owner spend lots of time on this forum called PaFo so I hope to visit many PaFoers. I hope to find the kind ones, and hopefully I won't get caught with any trolls along the way! I hope I can see lots of the US! Jayme says the first person I'm off to visit is savagefamily and that she is very sweet. San Francisco here I come!

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San Francisco, CA, USA - 5th August 2008

By: savagefamily

Lumpy got delivered to me August 5th. Here's the bed my son helped make him, so he'll be comfortable with us on his visit.

This weekend we will tour San Francisco together, and then Lumpy's in for a big surprise. He's coming on vacation with us too, so he's in the adventure of a lifetime through Northern California & Reno before heading to our friend barbieq in Texas.

Check back over the next 2 weeks for updates!!!  B)


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San Francisco, CA, USA - 8th August 2008

By: savagefamily

Everyone else is asleep, and I'm a tiny bit homesick, so I thought I'd peek at the picture from home. It's made me feel a lot better. I can't wait to get out there and explore!



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San Francisco, CA, USA - 8th August 2008

By: savagefamily

I had a great day today riding around San Francisco. Our first stop was to see a Cable Car. He had to wait a few minutes but it was worth the wait.
Then we took a drive to the Civic Center Area. There was this really cool Memorial in Memory of James Lick
Then I saw this guy with a baby lion biting his arm. I had to get a closer look. It says his name is Ashurbanipal
City Hall was nearby, the sun was right in my eyes so I could not see it very well.
So, why not drive a little closer..
On the way out of this area we saw the Asian Art Museum
I figured it was time to go back home. Who would have known there were so many places to pass on the way!

Just a few blocks from City Hall was this fine Government subsidized housing community
And then just a few more blocks away are the famous Painted Ladies
Finaly the family I'm staying with got hungry, so we stopped at a Mexican restaurant. I was a little scared of the decor  :o
I was in no mood to eat Mexican after that, so we stopped for my favorite snack too

-Lumpy lovin' SF

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San Francisco, CA, USA - 10th August 2008

By: savagefamily

Off we went on another San Francisco adventure today! It's my last night in the city before we hit the road.
Here's the Arguello Blvd gates to Golden Gate Park. They close the park down to cars on weekends, so all the humans can rollerblade and skateboard and ride bikes.
We went to the Golden Gate Bridge, and I got to pose with a statue of the creator of the bridge, Joseph Strauss.
This is a piece of the bridge I got to sit on! It's huge, and made up of smaller cables inside.
I listened to some oldies on the jukebox at Johnny Rockets. A-1 is the best song
Those pigeons reallly hit the spot list time I was out. But I figured I'd branch out & try something different this time

I'll update on the road when there is internet service.

- Lumpy "California Roll" Dinosaur

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Weaverville, CA, USA - 11th August 2008

By: savagefamily

We're on the road now! After driving a while, we got out to 104 degree temperatures! Here we are at a rest stop, where I met a praying mantis buddy!~
Next rest stop was at Rolling Hills Indian Casino. I'm a little too young to gamble so I just looked in from the cafe.
In the lobby an eagle tried to steal me, I barely escaped!
After almost 7 hours we got to our destination, Weaverville, CA!
Now I have become one with a tree stump
Hung out by the pool
And played around in a wishing well
And it's only the first day here! I love being on vacation, on vacation.
There' fires nearby so there is a lot of smoke in the air. here's the sunset through the haze.

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Weaverville, CA, USA - 13th August 2008

By: savagefamily

This is my last night in Weaverville. I have been so busy I didn't have time to be in every picture, but I traveled to a lot of cool places so I'll post a few of those too.

Today we went to Canyon Creek in Junction City, CA and I got to play on the rocks. I don't like getting wet.
We even saw a mama & baby deer on the way back! I like seeing other animals

And here I am in Downtown Weaverville at sunset.
Yesterday we had some fun adventures too. We went to Lake Lewiston, the humans did something called fishing there and forgot me in the car! They said I could post still post this picture of the Lake
And we ran into these awesome bears, they're my new friends
And the best part of the day was climbing a tree and just enjoying the sun
Before bed we all played Skip-Bo and I won!!
I'm told next I'll be going to Fort Bragg CA, and I'll get to see the Pacific Ocean up close. That is one of my life goals, so I am very excited about this trip!!

- Small Town Lumpy

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Northern California Coast, USA - 14th August 2008

By: savagefamily

Today I drove down the California Coast. Our first stop was for lunch in a little town called Willow Creek where I had an awesome burger fries & smoothie. That was still in Trinity County near where I stayed the last few days.
After a LOT more driving we got to downtown Eureka on the coast. It was a lot colder here than in Weaverville. Now we we're in Humbolt County.
Then we stopped at this place called "The Legend of Bigfoot" in Garberville. I got to meet another nice bear, he was very welcoming.
I saw an eagle with a snake in it's mouth!
And I wore a real coon skin cap!
After 7 hours we reached our goal, Fort Bragg, in Mendocino County, CA. It's really foggy here! I was told I can see the ocean from my balcony, but all I see is fog!
Time to go over the hill & look for the Ocean, one of my life missions is to see the Pacific & Atlantic. And look, there's the Pacific Ocean!!!!

I'll check in again soon.

-Beachcomber Lumpy

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Fort Bragg, CA , USA - 15th August 2008

By: savagefamily

Today I am still in Fort Bragg. And the sun is out so I can soak up the ocean views
We took a day trip to see some Redwoods. It was a long trip, good thing I brought my coffee
We went to a place called Mendocino Redwood Grove. They had a huge old growth redwood I visited. It was so big I could not even get the whole tree in 2 pictures!
Here's a smaller tree. It was still huge.
Look at this, and old piece of equipment used for logging
I found a better use, it's fun to climb!
And I found these little pinecones, they're just my size!
And look, I got to accomplish one of my life goals today, to play in the dirt!!!

Having a great time,
Rusty & Dusty Lumpy

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Fort Bragg, CA , USA - 16th August 2008

By: savagefamily

Today I went to a local Fort Bragg Beach, Glass Beach. It used to be a garbage dump years ago. They cleaned up most of it, but there's still tiny pieces of glass all over. It's been polished by the waves and is now mixed in with the sand.
There were rocks, cliffs & caves everywhere
Then we went to Otis R. Johnson Wildlife Park. I got to sit on a giant tree stump
And a little creek
And later on I found a bunch of my friends! I tried my best to rescue them but I ran out of quarters  :thinking:

Tomorrow I head to Reno. I don't know when I can update again due to internet connection. After that I'll be mailed off to Texas, I can't wait!

-On the road again Lumpy

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Northern California/ Reno NV, USA - 17th August 2008

By: savagefamily

Back on the road again to Reno today. One of the first towns we hit was Willits, CA
And them we stopped for lunch in Clearlake, CA. There were a lot of fun games and rides. First I rode a mechanical horse
Then I played a driving game
I met this weird guy, I think he was a cowboy? He had a big gun!
I saw some more of my friends trapped in another one of those claw machines
Look, I won an elephant buddy! I feel a lot better now.
Look, it's Clearlake. How beautiful.
I met another Praying Mantis at a gas station
And there was a GIANT tire covered with snow chains. I can fit inside them!
We're almost to Reno now!!!!!
Aah, my first night in Nevada. Here's the view from my room at Circus Circus Hotel/ Casino.

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Reno, NV & Incline Village, NV, USA - 18th August 2008

By: savagefamily

Aah, my first morning in Reno, much better view in the day.
We drove to Lake Tahoe. On the way there we saw Mount Rose
And here I am on Mount Rose
And here's our destination, It's called Sand Harbor, on the shore of Lake Tahoe, in Incline Village, NV
That night, the humans I'm staying with came back from the midway games, and they brought me a bunch of friends!

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Reno, NV, USA - 19th August 2008

By: savagefamily

It's my last night in Reno, so I walked around downtown a little before going. Here's the Silver Legacy
The biggest little city in the world!
The steps of City Hall
I got all you can eat chow mein at the Buffet, since it will be a few days before I eat again.
And I'll be off in the morning to a new family in Texas. I can't wait to meet them! I hope everyone has liked my pictures so far. I love you pafoers! I can't wait to meet as many of you as possible. :p

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Reno, NV, USA - 20th August 2008

By: savagefamily

Well, Lumpy is off to his next family. We had a great time hosting him on our trip and are happy to have shown him so many great places around the west coast the past 2 weeks.

He got to complete one of his goals, to play in the dirt, and is well on his way to completing his goal to see the pacific & atlantic oceans. He has eaten tons of yummy food, but he's always hungry for more (who would have known such a little guy ate SO much!) And he saw a few lakes. I bet when he gets to the Minnesota pafoers he'll get to fulfill his goal to see many lakes.

Anyway, here's a last goodbye to Lumpy before he gets mailed off to Texas. It was great having you little guy!!


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Plano, USA - 23rd August 2008

By: BarbieQ

Lumpy arrived today! We are very excited....and one of us is feeling shy. Lumpy is going to sleep with K tonight and he seems to be very relieved to be out of his paper envelope. He had so much fun with his previous host family! We are going to show him some good ole' Southern hospitality.  :rolleyes:

IMG_2467 640x480-1.jpg

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