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Travelog for: Mohawk

Homestead, FL, United States - 13th April 2010

By: tarepanda

Yay today I get to visit some places!!  I and some TV friends head to the Knaus Berry Farm.  It's opened by some Quarkers and the place is only open during winter.  In the summer they return to Pennslyvania.  They are famous for their cinnamon buns and people will drive an hour to come get them. 


There are strawberries grown from their farm.  Usually strawberry season here is February but because of the cold winter we have them now:


Red and juicy looking!

Here are the cinnamon buns.  It's still early so there is not a line, but later it will extend outside the store.


Cinnamon buns, strawberry shake, and some veggies for dinner.  Yummy!  There is no table or chair so we eat in the trunk.


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