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To visit the Eifel Tower.

To go to the Empire State Building on New Years Eve

To celebrate St Valentines day with someone special.

To visit the Great Barrier Reef.

To watch many romantic movies.

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Travelog for: Kismet

Sydney, Australia - 25th August 2007

By: becka_kate

Kismet is a small bug to be released into the wild soon on the look for love! She loves all kinds of romantic offerings - red roses, chocolates, moonlit nights, long walks, soppy movies and books.

Her favourite movie is Sleepless in Seattle (although any romantic comedy starring Meg Ryan or Tom Hanks will do!)

Can you help her?

If you find Kismet, please let us know how she's faring in her search!

Bec & Kalli


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Sydney Royal Botanical Gardens, Australia - 2nd September 2007

By: becka_kate

Kismet decided today to take her chance at finding love, and decided to wait to be found in one of the Pavilions in the Sydney Royal Botanical Gardens.

http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1400/1301567625_04a8515945_m.jpg http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1236/1301569047_9707752886_m.jpg

If you've found Kismet, please keep us up to date with her search for true love!

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