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Travelog for: Davy

Stroud, NSW, Australia - 21st January 2008

By: Prowl_Worshipper

Hello! I'm Davy.
Nobody believes me but I was abducted by aliens as a kitten!! My biggest brother Luke says it was just my imagination but it really wasn't. I remember big, weird looking creatures in white coats poking and prodding at me, sticking needles in me and some of it hurt. There were bright lights and I was all alone. Now I don't go anywhere without my little friend Toby...please, please let me bring him with me if I come to visit you!

davy 2.JPG

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Essen, Germany - 13th February 2008

By: BlackCat

Hello everybody out there,

Chokito and I arrived at Fabi's House today. It was a long travel, but we are okay. Tortilla and Wauzi welcomed us really nice and we had a lot of fun together.
We will make some photos later and show you, where we are at the moment :)!

Have a nice day,

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Essen, Germany - 14th February 2008

By: BlackCat

Hello mum,

today we went to the Ruhr. It was Wauzis birthday and he wanted to show us around.
We saw the wonderful river Ruhr:
A really nice river. Fabi told me, that she heard rumors, that there was an alien one night. Somebody saw it there and then, when the police came, nobody was there - and nobody knows who called the police. Maybe I will see an alien, mummy :)!
I watched around, but all I can see was a deer and a swan:
That were nice animals. The swan got some nice bread from us and he was happy. I think he likes me.
We were all sitting together in the backpack of Fabi. It was warm inside and outside it was a little cold. But we were all brave enough to look out and see, what we can see there:
Later we visited a watergate at the Ruhr. We could see how much water goes through the watergate and we all learned something about it. I think I was the only person who really understand what Fabi told us.

It was a nice walk :)!
I will keep you updated,

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Essen, Germany - 14th February 2008

By: BlackCat

Hello again ^^,

later that day, we visited the old city of Recklinghausen. Recklinghausen is a part of Essen. A really old part. They have some new houses there, but most of them are really old.
We wanted to buy some new drinks and Fabi was very thirsty. So we wanted to went to Aldi (do you know it?!). On the parking space of Aldi was a nice monument for the old train station of Recklinghausen. We looked at it and Fabi told us, what was written on the display panel.
Later we went to an old church and looked at it. It was really nice there and they had a lot of colorful windows :)!
We have just a photo from outside, because there was a mass inside...
I will update you soon again,
have a nice day,

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Essen, Germany - 20th February 2008

By: BlackCat

Hello :)!

Last night, I saw something blinking in the living room. Maybe an UFO is here?! I don't know. I have to ask Fabi, but when I wake up, there were 2 other toy voyagers here. Maybe they are aliens?!

Can you see me, Mum?! I like the new toy voyagers, but I am afraid that they are aliens. They came so quick without a door bell ringing or so...maybe with an UFO?

Have a nice day,

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Remscheid, Germany - 21st February 2008

By: BlackCat

Hello mummy,

today we visited a friend of Fabi. Her name is Vanessa and she has a dog - named Digga. We had a lot of fun playing on her bed and with the dog. But I was thinking if the new Toy Voyagers...maybe there are real aliens...mummy, I don't know...
Here are some photos of our day:
He looks funny :)!


It was a nice day and something new :)!

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Bruchsal, Germany - 28th March 2008

By: fam-united

Hi mummy,

I just wanted to let you know, that I arrived in Bruchsal. Petra is really busy, but we all wanted her to get in contact with our family before the human guests arrive. Petra told us, that her daughter celebrates her birthday today, altough her birthday was in December. It seems to be a funny family.

Bye, Davy





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Bruchsal, Germany - 29th March 2008

By: fam-united

Hurray!!! Hurray!!!

We had a little party today!!!

We had some snacks and water to drink and a lot to laugh about, of course. Dogs became friends with cats, a turtle with a kangaroo, a monkey with a moose and more.

We played with a big and a small ball and we learned how to play the card game "Mau Mau".

Didn't the table look nice?

Mingus Moose prefered to sit on the ballon.

(Playmo)Bill decided to not eat anything, because he was afraid to be too thick for his hobby.

Bullet wanted all the peanuts for himself.

Coco first had been a bit sad, because there was no honey on the table, but she liked the gouda then.

How did (Playmo)Bill come to that peanut? Maybe he asked Mingus Moose???

HolidayHarry had been really thirsty after eating a lot of sweets.

Florence is very hungry and wants to try a chocolate banana muffin.

Pebbels thought, that the Harry Potter muffin looked nice. It was a muffin with blueberries. Curly took the chocolate banana muffin too.

Amara Anthea tried a muffin american style, just on with chocolate drops.

AliG seemed to play the detective. What did he expect to find out today???

Do you see how happy Tortilla and Josh look with this dish filled with gummi bears?

Chokito, Schnuffi and I shared another Harry Potter muffin.

Only Hasi prefered something healthy - she wanted to eat a carrot.

Tilda hadn't been sure, whether she should try a "nimm 2 " or whether it is better to eat a carrot too.

Then we started playing with balls. At first we choose the Australian ball, but it was so big, that the little toyvoyager among us had big problems.



Later we decided to use a table tennis ball, which of course is much easier to play with.





At last we learned how to play "Mau Mau".




Our first winner was: Chokito

Second place: Bullet

Third place: Hasi

Fourth place: Pebbels


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Bruchsal, Germany - 1st April 2008

By: fam-united

Today was one of the rare sunny days. Petra came home from school and packed her rucksack to show us some places in Bruchsal. She didn't have so much time for it, because she had to go back to school for a teachers' meeting.

Here you see the backfront of the palace.

This is the Feldkirchle (field chapel)

Next to the Feldkirchle (field chapel) you see this cross
and these beautiful flowers

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Bruchsal, Germany - 4th April 2008

By: fam-united

Today it's time for baking cakes for my host's mum's birthday. She is 70 years now and Petra was asked to bake two cakes: Donauwellenkuchen (Danube waves cake) and Zebrakuchen (zebra cake). Petra decided to bake a surprise cake too, with a part of the Happy Birthday song.

We sat all together watching and helping Petra with preparing the dough.


So here are the photos with me. If you are interested in recipes, I can try to ask Petra to write them here or send them to you.







Finally the cakes are ready

The nougat cream cake:
only the words "Happy birthday" have to be put on the cake now.

The Zebra-cake

Somehow we miss the last photo of the Danube waves cake, the one with the cherries.

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Bruchsal, Germany - 12th April 2008

By: fam-united

Today Kari arrived at home again and he told us a lot about Australia. Now I know, that Kira1997 send him to my host family as a present for their daughter some years ago. He wanted to see them again, so he decided to go to Australia as a toyvoyager.



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Bruchsal, Germany - 12th April 2008

By: fam-united

Maybe you heard about the Buran arriving in Speyer? The new home will be the technical museum in Speyer: http://www.museumspeyer.de/index.html

The Buran ( the only space shuttle of the Soviet Buran program)was only on one unmanned spaceflight in 1988. The shuttle program was cancelled in 1993. It was destroyed by a hangar collapse in 2003.
The Buran is the world's first genuine space shuttle to be exhibited to the general public.

Petra wanted to go there to watch the arrival, but the weather was too bad, so we only got the chance to read the newspaper


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Bruchsal, Germany - 19th April 2008

By: fam-united

Goodbye, Davy!!!

We enjoyed having you with us.

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Alkmaar, the Netherlands - 23rd April 2008

By: Eryah


I wanna let you know i arrived safely in Alkmaar, the Netherlands. I will post pictures of my arrivel as soon as possible.

Big hugs Davy

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Alkmaar, the Netherlands - 23rd April 2008

By: Eryah


I finally have some time to show you my arrival. The mail man delivered me at the neighbours of Eva because she was not home. Luckely for me it didn't take long before she come to pick me up. She opened my box to let me out.

Toby walked out of the box so the ones who are allready here with Eva don't get it. Why such a big box for such a small animal?

But one of them finally saw the string and shouted to the others Toby wasn't alone. Now the get why we travelled in this big box.

This are from the left to the right:
Lillebi, Iggy-korn, Bene and Willy Wau

I think i'm gonna have a great time here!

Big hugs Davy

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