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Travelog for: Beaver

Luberci, Russia - 1st March 2010

By: TaisAfinskaia

Hello everyone!!!
I`m beaver! and I was born to be a Toy Voyager! Maria found me in the shop and understood everything immediately.
I had no chance to walk through Moscow - capital of Russia, but I`m already going to Netherlands - Amsterdam! Great news!!


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Moscow-Amsterdam, Russia-Netherlands - 1st March 2010

By: TaisAfinskaia

Hello everyone!
Today I started my trip through Europe and the first photo is from airplane! Thanks to KLM who helped us to reach Amsterdam :)


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Amsterdam, Netherlands - 2nd March 2010

By: TaisAfinskaia

Hi guys!
I`m in Amsterdam! I have much fun here driving bicycle!
Amsterdam is very interesting city because you can enjoy architecture, see the sea and visit some fun places.
There are so many young people in Amsterdam! And you`ll never feel boring here.
Come to Amsterdam, feel the freedom!


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Barcelona, Spain - 6th March 2010

By: TaisAfinskaia

Hi guys!
I`m in Barcelona! Today was my first trip through Barcelona! the weather is really great, sunny and warm! You can see how happy Maria is, keeping me very high. 
Saturday is a free day and streets were crowded!
Anyway I had pleasant time near the sea and in the city too.
Do you envy me?  B)


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St. Celoni, Spain - 11th March 2010

By: TaisAfinskaia

We woke up early at the morning to go to Salvador Dali museum. We wanted to take the train To Figueras, but information told us many-many words in Spain and then that Figueras is "kaput" and we can go only to St.Celoni. Why kaput and what means kaput they didn`t explain. So we were happy and thought that we will reach St.Celoni and there would take train further. But in St.Celoni we were informed that no trains because of the hard snowfall which were the day before. So we could only stay in St.Celoni, to have a look at this town and go back to Barcelona. No Dali this time :(


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Paris, France - 11th March 2010

By: TaisAfinskaia

Hello everybody!
Today we came to Paris and my friend UrselHH and I had a small excursion to Montmartre and around.
We enjoyed fantastic view of Paris and saw old roundabout.
And at the end of evening I met woman of my life: beaver-girl, but the glass was between us, so I gave her kiss through it. I miss you girl if you read my log!


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Paris, France - 13th March 2010

By: TaisAfinskaia

Hi guys!
It was my last evening in Paris and I decided to make small photo session with Eiffel Tower :)
It is really impressive when it is dark. I`ll miss it during my journey. But who knows may be one day I`ll come back here?


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Richlands, North Carolina, USA - 28th April 2010

By: Pixiedustlady

Hi Mom!!!
I have arrived in North Carolina!!! I am so excited to be here!! This is my first trip from you and the flight was very, very long!! My host was so glad to meet me and she said she LOVED when Terry came and visited me in Russia!!!  My host promises to try and take beautiful photos like you did for Terrys trip.  Here I am getting out of my envelope and meeting everyone who lives in the house.


Here I am with my super cool postcard from Russia!! My hosts both love the Russian spelling and language and wonder how DO YOU read that stuff? haha


My host LOVED the chocolates!! Chocolate is her favorite food!!! She took them and ate them as soon as I gave them to her :)  Here I am meeting the other TVs that are visiting in the house.  This is Dottie Grace and Luke and they are both from Australia.


Here I am meeting the two very spoiled dogs that live in the house.  The big fat one is Thumper and she is a Chinese Pug and she is also now on a diet!  The vet said she needs to lose 6 lbs!!

The small dog is a Chihuahua and her name is Sombrita.  She is very spoiled and gets to sleep on my hosts bed every night under the covers.


I got really thirsty after that long flight so my host gave me a Coke Zero.  It tastes as good as real Coke but has no sugar or calories in it!


Next we all hopped on the computer to update our Travel Logs.  I heard all about my host's antique car club they belong to and was told we will be going to a car show and also to my hosts motorcycle race over Memorial Day weekend up in West Virginia!!! Looks like I picked a perfect time to come for a visit!!


Well I am off to watch Baseball on TV.  My hosts favorite team is the Atlanta Braves!!! I heard I might be going to Atlanta to go see a game!! My hosts take two trips a year down to Atlanta which is only six hours by car to go see the Braves play at Turner field.  I have my snacks all ready and I am headed off for the couch to watch the game.  Have a great Day!!


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Jacksonville, NC, USA - 11th May 2010

By: Pixiedustlady

Hi Mom!!!

We went shopping this morning to Walmart.  I could not BELIEVE how big the place was!! Dottie Grace went with me and here is our adventure....

My host took a photo of me and Dottie outside the store but now it seems to have dissapeared!! When we arrive inside we have to get a blue sticker saying that we were brought inside the store and we are not STOLEN!! hahaha This Walmart is a Super Center and has a bank, Pharmacy, Grocery store, Nail salon and a McDonalds!!
Here I am with my sticker.


Next we go order breakfast at McDonalds.



Next we go shop for supplies for our pool party.  We are going to go swimming today in the backyard because it is going to be close to 95F today!!

See how big the store is??


I go check out the beer section and grab some Bud Light and Bud light with Lime.  That sounds like good stuff!! I also get some Corona!!


I also pick up a copy of the Blue Ray *Avatar* to watch with my Dinner tonight.


When we get home I load up the cooler full of drinks and also a bottle of Patron and cut up some Limes and go out to the pool!!


We get in the pool and start swimming!! I LOVE to swim!!


Look the dogs like to swim too!! we get in their boat and go floating around in the water!!


well mom I hope you enjoyed the updates!! I am having sooo much fun!!!

The Beav :)

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Richlands, NC, USA - 18th May 2010

By: Pixiedustlady

Happy Cinco De Mayo!!

Hi Mom! a week and a half ago we celebrated Cinco De Mayo!! my host's husband is half Mexican and has heritage roots from Mexico!!  we decorated the kitchen and cooked up all kinds of yummy Mexican food! My host LOVES to throw themed parties and we helped her go to Costa Del Sol Mexican store to get all the authentic food for the little party! She even bought us each a bottle of Jarritos lime and Tamardin flavor Mexican soda and I have never had that before and I loved it!!





Here we are with the big feast! The meat you see is what the REAL people of Mexico use in Tacos.  It is called *Carne Asada* and you can only buy it at the Mexican store.  It is cooked on the grill and it is sooooooooooo good!! Next we put authentic Mexican crumbling cheese on our Tacos.  The tortillas are white flour and have been put on the grill.  Next is homemade Mexican Rice and refried beans.  In the background in the above photos you can see a box with pink on it towards the back of the table.  Those were authentic Mexican cookies that were Strawberry/chocolate and Marshmellow!! YUM!!  We also got into a bottle of Patron and drank a bunch of Margaritas.  I even learned a few words in Spanish!!


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Richlands, North Carolina, USA - 8th June 2010

By: Pixiedustlady

Hi Mom!
It has been REALLY HOT here these last few weeks! I have been staying cool by swimming and staying in the nice air conditioned house! my host showed me her old movie collection and I really enjoyed seeing the old 1950s TV shows that she collects! Here is my favorite and it is called *Leave it to Beaver*



Here I am with the show *Father knows best* this is also a 1950s show.


Here I am with *The Honeymooners* and *The Three Stooges* both are really funny!


Here is *I married Joan* and *The Donna Reed show*


Here is my host's FAVORITE!! *I love Lucy* she has every single episode they filmed!


My host likes the 1950s so much that she has a 1955 Porsche Spyder.  Here I am with Dottie Grace..


GUESS WHAT?? I fullfilled one of my Life Missions!! I got to drive the Porsche!! I took it out for a spin with Dottie and I got it up to 100 MPH!! woohooo I had sooo much fun!!


Here we are on the back of the Spyder.  Isnt it a pretty car?!  my host takes it to a lot of car shows and our next car show is in July at Poplar Grove Plantation in Hampstead.


Well mom I just wanted to check in and let you know I am doing fine!! I have my first motorcycle race next weekend in Virginia.  I am going to be pit crew and also my host is going to take me out on the track out on the race bike!! I cant wait!!

Love Beaver

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On the way to the race track!, USA - 17th June 2010

By: Pixiedustlady


Hi Mom!
Well as you can see I have my bags packed and I am ready to finish loading the race trailer and then at noon we are off to Virginia!!! This is the state right above North Carolina.  I will be camping out in the paddock all weekend long and I am sooo excited!!  VIR is one of the most beautiful race  tracks in the United States.  I packed all my food last night and picked out movies to watch in the evenings.  The dogs will also be going on this trip!! they go to all the races and they love it.  We will be in a town called Alton and it is very small.  Most race tracks are located in the middle of nowhere because of the noise from Race bikes and race cars.  It is going to be in the high 90s all weekend long so I am bringing my sunscreen!!!  The trailer has air conditioning (it would not be camping without it LOL) so I will be nice and cool!!! Ok well I need to get going!! Ill write more once I get there and take more photos.

The Beaver

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Alton, Virginia, USA - 19th June 2010

By: Pixiedustlady

Hi Mom!!!

Well today is Saturday and we had a race day.  My host did really well and I had a lot of fun watching all the bikes go real fast on the racetrack.  It was 91 degrees today and tommorro is suppose to be 98!!  I am glad that our trailer has air conditioning!!  Right now there are about 20 people outside our camping area and we are hacing a BBQ.  We are eating Hamburgers, hot dogs, Macaroni salad, french fries, mixed vegtables, potato chips, cheese cake and drinking some beers.  I have taken some photos of the last few days so you can see what I have been doing.  My host will post them when we return on Monday.  I am going to go take a shower then watch some movies! I hope you are having a good weekend mom!!

Love Beaver

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Alton, Virginia, USA - 23rd June 2010

By: Pixiedustlady

Hi Mom!
I finally downloaded my photos from Virginia International Raceway.  I am now an official *Pit Crew member*  I can now put on tire warmers, put gas in the bike and put the bike up on the Pit Bull stands.  Here is how my trip went!

I started off the morning with a typical American breakfast..... actually my host only eats this on the weekends when they have time to cook it all!!  I had a big mug of coffee, scrambled eggs, bacon, toast with jelly and butter and half a grapefruit with Splenda.  I ate every single bite and I loved it!!


I helped unload the trailer and set up the bike and put up the canopies (for shade) and set up all the tools.  Here I am with my host's race bike, dont I look cool?!


After I unloaded everything my host decided to have a Corona beer and gave me one!


The next morning I got up and cooked breakfast.  I had orange juice, coffee, scrambled eggs and bacon.


Here I am inside the hot pit area.  I was the only Beaver allowed inside this area haha.  You can see me posing proudly with the American Flag waving in the back above my head.


Here I am at *Pit in* this is where all the bikes come out on to the track.  I made sure to be careful so I would not get run over.


Here is a picture of my host and his friend waiting to go out on to the track.  After the photo was taken my host put me inside his leathers and took me around the track for seven laps.  We got up to speeds of 165 MPH.


After the practice was over we went over to the Pirelli tire vendor and bought some new tires.  My host hates how expensive the tires are and the fact they do not last more then one day REALLY sucks bad!!!  anyways here I am with the new Pirelli Diablo race tires.  You can see me on the new one and the old one is underneath.  Do you see the difference? :)


Parked next to us was some of my host's friends.  They drove up from Atlanta, Georgia.  I took a picture on his Yamaha R1 which is a 1000cc motorcycle and very fast!


The paddock is so large that my host rides around on their scooter bikes.  Here I am on my host's Yamaha Zuma.  I had a lot of fun on this!!


Here I am with my host's Pirelli patches that go on his leathers.  If you place in the top five of the race they give you a gift card with *tire money* on it.  My host has not won *tire money* since he started racing in the expert division.  I am thinking that I get the feeling that Darcie wishes he would :)


Here is my host after doing his warm up lap, he is getting ready to get in his starting position for the race.


Here he is in position just one minute before starting the race.



Here I am on the front straight.... you can see all the bikes charging as they get ready to race by me!!


I had a lot of fun this weekend and I met a lot of new people.  I will be packing up and leaving for Summit Point, West Virginia for the 4th of July weekend race!!!! I am excited about celebrating 4th of July and also going to another state and another race track!!!  my host tells me that this week we are going to go see Toy Story 3!!!


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Jacksonville, NC, USA - 26th June 2010

By: Pixiedustlady

Today we drove up to Jacksonville which is about 25 minutes away and we went to the movies to see Toy Story 3!! I was sooo excited as this movie was in 3D!!  I was the only Beaver in the theatre!!

Here I am outside the theatre with the movie posters.


Here I am with my popcorn and my 3D glasses!! I am all ready for the movie to start!!


When I bought my ticket I got a special book for the Toy Story 3 movie.  When I got home I opened it up and took a picture with the poster inside.


The movie was FANTASTIC and I would say that it was more for adults.  The reason is because they talk about things kids would not understand.  The movie *Cars* is the same way, so if you have seen Cars then you know what I am talking about.  I had a great time and my host says the next movie we are going to see is
~***ECLIPSE***~    I have read all four books of the Twilight series while I have been here and we watched *Twilight* and *New Moon* last night!!!  I am excited to see what happens to Bella and Edward!!!! my host LOVES Edwards father Carlisle Cullen :)  hahahaha anyways I am going to be packing all week for my next motorcycle race in West Virginia.  The track is named Summit Point and it will take almost 8 hours to arrive there.  I will get to drive through the beautiful Shennadoah valley and my host says it is breathtaking.  I will also get to complete another life mission since the race track is located in the forest!!!  Ok well I need to get going as my host taped one of her favorite shows *Friday Night Lights* on the Tivo so we can watch it tonight!!  I will talk to you soon!!


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