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Travelog for: Regina

Montreal, QC, Canada - 12th February 2010

By: imahockeynut

After mom showed Munchy Moose around, we had a Manakish, (which is a pita with chesse and other stuff). This one was a plain cheese one and it was really good.

Later we watched the opening ceremony of the Vancouver Olympics. It was a spectacular show. This pic shows the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police or the "Mounties".) are carrying in the Canadian flag.

Next, the Natives welcomed the world to their lands. This shows one of the tribes but I forget which one.

Next came the parade of nations and when the Americans came in Munchy Moose cheered for them.

When Canada came in, Mom, me, and PollyWally all started to cheer. They came in last because they were the host nation.

Next was the cultural part of the ceremony. This segment of called "The Hymn of the North".

After, the Governor General of Canada, Michaelle Jean declared the games open.

The lighting of the Olympic Cauldron usually is a one person job but they had 4 people light it (well 3, since there was a technical error).

This was a spectacular night and historical one too. This was the first time in Olympic history that the opening ceremony and the Olympic cauldron was held in an indoor stadium.

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Montreal, QC, Canada - 14th February 2010

By: imahockeynut

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Today was kind of a sad day for me because I'm leaving tomorrow for the Netherlands so today is my last day here. So everyone decided to throw me going away party.

First we ate some delicious nachos.

We also had some delicious French wine. I know, not the usually choice of drink with nachos.

For dessert, we had some Valentine's Day chocolates, also very delicious.

Later we watched some of the Olympics. First we watched the Ladies' 3000m Long-Track Speed-Skating. Canada's Kristina Groves won the bronze medal WOOOHOOOO!

Then we watched the Men's Freestyle Skiing-Moguls Finals. It was a very good competition. Here's Bryon Wilson of the Us, he was 3rd in qualifying and ended up winning Bronze, good for him!

Then came Alexandre Bilodeau of Canada. Guess how he finished? 1st! All of Canada is celebrating now because that is their first Olympic gold on home soil. I know that me, Mom, and PollyWally were jumping up, crying and screaming because he made history. We were all amazed because we witnessed history.

Time to continue the party  ;)!

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On my way to, the Netherlands - 15th February 2010

By: imahockeynut

Today is the day I leave but I didn't leave until I said goodbye to my sister PollyWally and my friend Munchy Moose.

I gave them both a good bye hug.

Then they both waved goodbye as I climbed into my envelope.

Next time you'll see me, I'll be on the other side of the Atlantic in the Netherlands.

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Wassenaar, The Netherlands - 24th February 2010

By: MorgenSter

Hello Mammy!!!
I arrived safely here in The Netherlands. I was quite a trip :D I arrived just in time to meet my hosts first TV leave for Belarus where he will start his adventures!

Here I am with my new tv friends:D

Saying Goodbye to Bombus


A surprise my host showed me
Just like me, right ???

We will come back soon with pictures from the country and its culture :D

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Wassenaar, The Netherlands - 4th March 2010

By: MorgenSter

WOW , there will be many many pictures this time!!!

First of all , we did many things and I'm sorry I couldn't post here all the time. My host is very busy and photobucket not always cooperates with us...

The first pic.. we are not the only travellers around here...


Here is our host's companion...the bike. It's incredible how many bikes this country has... everyone seems to be addicted to biking...

Last week we went to a chinese restaurant :D

The, on friday , our host surprised me saying we were going to Amsterdam...

And not just that, we were going to a witches party!

The Book of Shadows

Amsterdam was so windy and rainy that our host thought she was going take off with the wind... so we didn't get to take any pics...
But, back to Wassenaar, the weather finally started to show some nice days around here...


The fron yard of the house is being rebuilt and we couldn't miss making a picture

And she took us to her dutch class

Where I learned about the Queen of the Netherlands :D
Dream almost fulfilled :D My host wants to take me to a library where I can study more about queens while she focuses on her dutch lessons :D


And playing with Morris


Hope you have liked... and I didn't write much because my host is sooo tired and is heading to bed soon :D See you guys later :D

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Wassenaar, The Netherlands - 16th March 2010

By: MorgenSter

Heeey !!! I just HAD to take this picture! We were at the hockey practice when my host saw two girls playing with a toy... right beside us.. a UNICORN toy!!!! We had to meet :D


I also met the princess, Ariane van Oranje of The Netherlands. She is the third daughter of Princess Máxima and Prince Willem Alexander :D

And we also watched the kids playing!

Morris ( can you find me also?)

We went to mauritshuis museum and saw " girl with a pearl earring"



That's it for now, I'll be back soon :D

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Den Haag, The Netherlands - 17th May 2010

By: MorgenSter

Hello!!! Long time I don't update my travelog!!! But I have very nice and new pictures now!
Around one or two weeks ago, my host took me to Madurodam, a miniature city that has all the most important sighs and curiosities and culture of The Netherlands.

First view of the park

The miniature house of Maduro, the founder of madurodam, who was born in Curacao.








It was a really nice day , now I'll prepare some nice pictures for next time... and this week, we are going crazy with packing everything to go to Brazil... and as I haven't found a new host yet... I think I'm going along :D I can't wait

Bye Bye

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Santos, Brazil - 26th May 2010

By: MorgenSter

Olá, tudo bom?

Yes, I learned my first words in portuguese!!! We arrived in Brazil on friday, but the weather has been quite tricky for us to go out and take pictures! But I have a few I can show...

MorgenSter is back to Brazil, living with her father. It's a small apartment on the thrid floor, but very cozy. Here you have the view from the side window.

They love soccer. And this is the flag from their favorite team : Santos

Valentine's day here happens in june 12, so every store is getting ready for it and I didn't stay behind...


A parcial view of Praca da Independencia or Independence Square.


But still we have so many other places to visit and better photos to make of these same ones...
Stay tuned...

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Santos, Brazil - 14th June 2010

By: MorgenSter

Hello Mommy!!!
I can't believe I just uploaded all the pictures and wrote a great text to you and lost it all...
MorgenSter has taken me to several places so far and I have enjoyed them all.
One of the places I have visited was her boyfriend's house. There I got to meet two cats, Tako and Xany. tako is super friendly, but Xany wasn't into me much ( or anyone else for that matter).

My host also showed me her cousin's wedding album. She was in The Netherlands when her cousin got married, so she couldn't attend it. We were both delighted to see it...

Me and Tako


Playing poker


Later on, my host and her father took me to a barbecue in the country side of São Paulo state. The barbecue was in a city called Cruzeiro, which means cruise. MorgenSter also didn't know anyone there, but we took some great pictures at the small bar at the man's living room. It was his sister's birthday, as far as I could tell.












This city you can almost see behind the green is Santos, where I'm staying with my host. The forest we were is the Atlantic Forest , or what is left of it... which isn' t much if compared to what it once was. Still it was amazing to see the city emerge from behind the trees and hills as we drove back to Santos...

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Santos, Brazil - 8th July 2010

By: MorgenSter


This is my last post from Brazil, since I'm now starting my journey to Lithuania, where I'm going to see and learn many many new things.

We had a small gathering in  MorgenSter room and Vakinas, her TV was present to say goodbye to me.

At the window with a little bit of the view

As you can see, MorgenSter gave me a ribbon for my horn <3, but if you don't like it, I won't keep it :D It was just a nice memory of our times together here.

The brazilian flag (i was ready to watch one of the world cup games)

Hope to write you all soon :D

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