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Travelog for: PollyWally

Montreal, QC, Canada - 30th March 2010

By: imahockeynut

Mom showed us a package that arrived today. Maybe it's another TV?

When we opened the envelope, a TV name Pela came out. Pela told us that she's from Poland.

We then started talking and mainly hung out for the rest of the day.

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Montreal, QC, Canada - 4th April 2010

By: imahockeynut

We haven't done much lately because Mom has been busy with school. She was nice enough to give us some chocolate for Easter. The chocolate was delicious.

Mom promised us that we'll do something in the next couple of days, depending on the weather.

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Montreal, QC, Canada - 8th April 2010

By: imahockeynut

Today we went to see a movie called The Bounty Hunter.

Since we were a bit early for a movie, we played some Foosball. It was Pela and me  against Marty the Moose and Baabaa. The game ended up in a 5-5 tie.

Now I'm going to sit down and relax with my snacks and enjoy the movie.

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Montreal, QC, Canada - 12th April 2010

By: imahockeynut

Hi Mom,

We didn't go to Old Montreal today because my host had a stomach ache but she showed us an envelope that came in the mail today. Maybe another TV?

We opened the envelope to find another TV inside. His name is Bally.

When he got out of his envelope, he showed us candy that his previous host sent along with him.

He then decided to share some of candy with us so we said thank you. We then just hung around and talked about traveling, where we've been and where we want to go.

Tomorrow my host tells me that we're all going to visit Old Montreal, I can't wait! Love you Mom.

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Montreal, QC, Canada - 13th April 2010

By: imahockeynut

Today we went to Old Montreal and it was a beautiful day outside. Since it was a little far from home, we took the Metro there. This is City Hall from the back.

Next we visited Vauquelin Square which was right beside City Hall. The square and this statue commemorates the French naval officer Jean Vauquelin who was involved in the Seven Years' War.

Here's the front of City Hall. It's currently under construction right now.

Across the street is Place Jacques-Cartier which is a square named after Jacques Cartier, one of the major discoverers of Canada.

We then stopped off at a restaurant called Le Fripon and had some delicious steak and fries.

Then we walked down Rue St. Paul in and out different shops. While walking, we noticed this interesting statue.

We eventually walked to the Notre-Dame Basilica. Here's it is at the side. We would of gotten a picture of the front but there was too much construction around that we couldn't get a good picture.

Then we went to Starbucks to hang out for a while.

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