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Travelog for: PollyWally

Berlin, Germany - 28th February 2010

By: imahockeynut

Today's our last day in Germany. First we went to the Hard Rock Cafe for some lunch.

This was fun. We were planning to go to this flea market after lunch but we found this in the station so we played here instead. You do have to pay by it was fun playing with the train and stuff.

On the way back to the hostel we noticed this ad for KFC, kind of funny.

I had fun in Germany but tomorrow we're going back home. Hopefully I can come back here someday.

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Berlin, Germany - 1st March 2010

By: imahockeynut

We're at the airport now, waiting for our flight. This time around we're flying through London to get back home. My next update will be on the other side of the pond.

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Montreal, QC, Canada - 6th March 2010

By: imahockeynut

Today, Mom showed us a package she picked up from the post office.

We tried to open the package it proved to be to much, so Mom helped us out. Now we're opening the box...

...and found a TV inside...a Moose TV. His name is Marty the Moose and he's from England.

He showed us a card and a postcard his Mom sent with him.

As well as a keychain.

Then Marty the Moose gave me a bead necklace that he and his Mom made for me. Thank you so much, I really love it!

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Montreal, QC, Canada - 12th March 2010

By: imahockeynut

Today we're going on another trip. Momt won't say where my she says that it's not to far and we'll only be there for a weekend. So our bags are pack and we're hitting the road...

...to the airport. Here we are waiting for our flight. We're a little tried right now because our gate changed so we had to walk from one end of the terminal to another.

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Toronto, ON, Canada - 12th March 2010

By: imahockeynut

And guess where we are? We're in Toronto right now...well the airport. When I asked if we're going to see any sites, Mom said no because we're here to visit some family that lived in near Mississauga. We're waiting to be picked up by my Great Aunt and Uncle and then we're going to dinner.

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Mississauga, ON, Canada - 13th March 2010

By: imahockeynut

Today we hung out with my cousins. We told them about Toyvoyagers and talked about traveling in general. One of them, (I think his name was Vines), expressed interest in becoming one. He said he will talk with my Aunt and see if she will allow him to.

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Montreal, QC, Canada - 22nd March 2010

By: imahockeynut

Today is Munchy Moose's and Cpl.Flapjack Jr's last day here so we all decided to go to the movies downtown.

We decided to go see Alice in Wonderland in IMAX 3D. It was a really good movie.

After the movie we went to a Mexican restaurant called Carlos and Pepes for the "Bon Voyage" party.

We had "super" cheese nachos with guacamole and a Banana Daiquiri.

Later we hung out at Starbucks and had a Vanilla Latte. We just relaxed and talked about tomorrow and about traveling.

When we got back we continued the party with some Sangria. Don't worry, I didn't drink to much.

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Montreal, QC, Canada - 23rd March 2010

By: imahockeynut

Today Munchy Moose and Cpl.Flapjack Jr are leaving. Munchy Moose is continuing his journey in Australia and Cpl.Flapjack Jr is starting off his in Austria.

So now it's time to say our goodbyes and got into a group hug.

Munchy Moose and Cpl.Flapjack Jr climbed into their envelopes while Marty the Moose and I waved goodbye.

I won't be lonely though as I still have Marty the Moose hanging around  :)!

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Montreal, QC, Canada - 25th March 2010

By: imahockeynut

Today I met my new sibling TV, her name is Baabaa. She was a little shy at first.

But she quickly warmed up to us. Can't wait to get to know her more.

Mom says that we're going somewhere tomorrow but it's a surprise. I wonder what it is?

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Montreal, QC, Canada - 26th March 2010

By: imahockeynut

Today we're going on another trip. Our bags are packed and we're ready to go.

Here we are at the train station. My host says that it's easier taking the train to where we're going then flying.

After waiting for a little while, we are finally on the train. The train is just leaving the station now. I'm checking out the scenery outside.

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On the train, Canada - 26th March 2010

By: imahockeynut

Wow, Canada is very beautiful. Mom assures me that it's even more beautiful in the summer when the flowers are in full bloom and there are leaves on the trees.

Now we're relaxing until we get to our destination. Don't want to be tired when we get there.

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Ottawa, ON, Canada - 26th March 2010

By: imahockeynut

Guess where we are? We're in Ottawa, the capital of Canada.

This is our cell, this is where we're going to serve our sentence ;). Just kidding, it's a hostel that used to be an old jail which closed in the 1970's.

After we dropped off our bags, we decided to get some lunch. After walking around for a bit. we decided on the Hard Rock Cafe. The food was pretty good.

We walked around a bit after lunch. Along the way we found the Notre Dame Basilica.

Then we went to the National Gallery of Canada. We saw all sorts of different art from Canadian to European.

Later we went to the movies and decided to go see She's Outta My League. It was a cute movie. There's me enjoying a drink.

I wonder what we're going to do tomorrow?

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Ottawa, ON, Canada - 27th March 2010

By: imahockeynut

Today we started off with Thai Express for lunch. Yum Yum!

After lunch, we visited the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. This is the back of the monument commemorating Canadian Soldiers who fought in World War I and II, the Korean War and later wars.

Here is the front.

Here's the actually tomb.

After we walked around a little bit and found a movie theatre. So we decided to go see Hot Tub Time Machine. It was a really funny movie.

For dinner, we went to an Irish Pub called D'arcy McGee's. The food here was not bad.

After dinner, we went to Parliament Hill to participate in Earth Hour. We saw the lights turned off at 8:30pm. We didn't stay to long because it was really cold outside so we went back to the hostel.

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Ottawa, ON, Canada - 28th March 2010

By: imahockeynut

Today is our last full day in Ottawa. We spent some time outside the hostel.

Then we relaxed a little by reading a book. It was about William Shakespeare's wife, Anne Hathaway.

Then we went to Parliament Hill. There two chambers on either side of the Centre Block, the House of Commons (the elected house) and the Senate (the appointed house). There's also the Peace Tower in the middle.

We tried to get on a guided tour but all the tickets were sold out. So instead we walked around the grounds. This is a statue of John Diefenbaker, Canada's 13th Prime Minister who granted the vote to the Inuit and First Nations people.

Next we found a statue of Alexander Mackenzie, the 2nd Prime Minister of Canada.

A view of the Ottawa River, you can see the Supreme Court of Canada on the left.

This is the Library of Parliament at the back.

A statue of Thomas D'arcy McGee, who was the only federal politician to have been assassination.

A statue of the current Queen, Elizabeth II.

Now this is a statue of Canada's 1st Prime Minister, Sir John A. McDonald.

The last statue we saw was that of the "Famous 5". These women had the definition of "Persons" in the British North America Act to include women.

I had a fun day and a fun time in Ottawa. Can't believe we're leaving tomorrow but oh well  :).

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Ottawa, ON, Canada - 29th March 2010

By: imahockeynut

Today we're leaving Ottawa. We didn't do much really except hang out at train station waiting for our train. We fell asleep during the ride so we didn't watch the scenery going back but I had fun on this trip.

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