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Travelog for: PollyWally

Montreal, QC, Canada - 18th January 2010

By: imahockeynut

Hi, my name is PollyWally and I'm a stay-at-home TV, so I will help my mom host guest TVs. I will probably travel with my mom though, she goes on all sorts of adventures.


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Montreal, QC, Canada - 19th January 2010

By: imahockeynut

Today I met my new sibling who's a TV as while

He seems to be a nice bear.

So we started to talked and we had a pleasant conversation about travelling.

We moved our conversation to a more comfortable chair. Mom said that she can't take us anywhere today because she has to study (she's a university student). So we continued talking.

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Montreal, QC, Canada - 20th January 2010

By: imahockeynut

Today we had a quiet day. First we had a nice relaxing mug of hot chocolate.


Then we watch a tv show called EastEnders, its a show from England.


Finally we watched a movie called Dude, Where's My Car? It was a very funny movie.


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Montreal, QC, Canada - 21st January 2010

By: imahockeynut

Today mom got a package from her grandma

Me and RusselltheBear tried to help open the package. Seems like grandma is a real tape freak.

Got the wrapping off but more tape ?!?!?!?!?!

Oh look, is that cookies? YUM!

Mom let us try some

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Montreal, QC, Canada - 22nd January 2010

By: imahockeynut

When mom got back from class, she told us she had 2 surprises. The first one was very delicious. We both got Cadbury Cream Eggs, which are chocolate eggs with what looks like yolk inside but it's not real. It was yummy!

The second surprise was really a surprise but today mom introduced us to a new sibling TV named Regina.

We got along just fine.

Time to go to bed now :)

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Montreal, QC, Canada - 23rd January 2010

By: imahockeynut

Today was another quiet day. Well mom was cleaning, I read one of her school newspaper called The Concordian.

Later we watch a movie called Elizabeth: The Golden Age. Mom rented the movie off Zip.ca, the Canadian version of Netflicks.com

Also had some cheese while we watch the movie.

I really like Elizabeth, she was a cool queen.

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Montreal, QC, Canada - 24th January 2010

By: imahockeynut

Today went out, yay! Mom had to do some shopping, (basically spending a gift card she got for Christmas. We took the metro to get there.

We went to a store called Future Shop which sells movies, videos games, computers and other electronics. The store is the old Montreal Forum where the Montreal Canadiens played before they new arena further downtown. Now it's an entertainment complex.

Where I stand is approximately where centre ice was located.

This is a statue of Maurice Richard (I think?) who was arguable their best player of all time and they've been around for a long time, (for a 100 years already).

These seats are authentic seats from the old Forum. Feels like I'm sitting on History. After we went to see The Book of Eli. (did I forget to mention there was a movie theatre in here to?), which was a pretty good movie except the ending though. I won't say what happened so I don't spoil the movie for anyone.

Later me, mom and Regina threw a going away party for RusselltheBear. We had some sparkling wine. That's RusselltheBear trying to open the bottle, it was a little hard for him so mom helped him out.

We also had a spaghetti dinner which was delicious.

And we had a candy called Fuzzy Peaches for desert which was also delicious.

Well that's it for today. Tomorrow we say goodbye for now to RusselltheBear. Hopefully he will have fun in China.

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Montreal, QC, Canada - 25th January 2010

By: imahockeynut

Today was kind of a sad day, RusselltheBear is leaving today to start his adventures. We're happy that he's starting his travels but sad that he's leaving.

Regina, mom and I said goodbye to RusselltheBear.

We didn't let him leave without giving him a big hug. Happy travels bro :D!

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Montreal, QC, Canada - 25th January 2010

By: imahockeynut

When mom came back, she brought treats. It was the first time I tried these chips but they were a little too spicy. Luckily I had some water to drink.

Then we played video games on mom's Wii. First we played Animal Crossing: City Folk

That's me on action.

Then we played Super Paper Mario...not your average Mario game.

Here's another action shot me playing.

Heading off to bed now  :)

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Montreal, QC, Canada - 30th January 2010

By: imahockeynut

Today we stayed in because it was too cold outside. Mom said outside feels like around -33, yikes! But apparently it's normal around here though Mom doesn't like the cold much.

First while mom was doing a little studying, I relaxed, reading a travel guide of Berlin. Mom's going to Germany next month and she promised that I was good then she would take me along. So that means I'm going B)

Lots of interesting sites that I want to see, wondering if we will have time to see it all?

Later we watched Hockey Day in Canada which is held everyday to celebrate the game of hockey. This year it was held in Stratford, ON, home of the world famous Shakespearean Festival.  We watched and heard different hockey stories about teamwork and stuff from all over the country.

Then after all 6 Canadian NHL fteams face each other. Mom didn't care about the first game (Montreal Canadiens vs. Ottawa Senators) because she was not a big fan of either team.

The second game she was more interested in because one of her favourite teams, the Toronto Maple Leafs were playing against the Vancouver Cancucks. The Leafs were up 3-0 after the 1st but ultimately lost 5-3, mom was not happy.

The 3rd and final game had the Edmonton Oilers Vs. the Calgary aka the Battle of Alberta. Mom was happy that her Flames were leading 5-1 after the 2nd and eventually won 6-1. Mom was happy that one of her teams won.

Time for bed :D!

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Montreal, QC, Canada - 1st February 2010

By: imahockeynut

Today was an exciting day, mom's brother (that would make him my uncle) is coming to visit. He came all the way from Toronto on a train  :o! But first mom had to clean her apartment a little bit and do some laundry, (she had no clean towels).

So we gathered up all the dirty towels and put them in the laundry bag. (Those letters on the bag are mom's sorority's letters).

Mom let me pushed the button to go to the laundry which is on the top floor.

We watched mom put the towels into the washing machine.

Look at me in the washing machine, hopefully I won't fall in.

While waiting for the towels to wash, we sat by the window. What an amazing view from the laundry room.

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Montreal, QC, Canada - 1st February 2010

By: imahockeynut

After enjoying the scenery, we chilled out on this chair. Not too comfortable.

When the towels were done in the washer, mom put the them in the dryer.

The towels are ready to be dried now, hopefully mom won't closed the dryer door on us.

After we were thankfully not left in the dryer, we went to see if we could go on the balcony on the other side of the building. I tried to open the door, but it was lock and it looked like it was cold outside so I'm glad we stayed in.

We then went downstairs to check the mail. Mom let me open the mailbox.

Mom got a postcard from the Netherlands and a movie.

Back upstairs, Regina and I played with a Halloween puzzle.

When the towels we done, mom wrapped us in some warm towels while she put away the others.

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Montreal, QC, Canada - 1st February 2010

By: imahockeynut

Yay! We are finally on our way to pick up my uncle. We took the Metro to the train station. Here we are at Lionel-Groulx Metro station to switch lines, from the Green line to the Orange line.

We finally made it to Central Station after a long enough delay on the metro. We were at one metro station for about 15 minutes. Apparently there was a fire in the metro, so that cause the delay. Luckily we arrived safe and sound.

His train was delayed so we sat down and waited. Mom brought us a treat while we waited.

His train is almost here, we waited by the gate until it arrived.

We didn't do much after that. My uncle actually fell asleep while we watched some TV. Maybe we'll do something tomorrow?

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Montreal, QC, Canada - 3rd February 2010

By: imahockeynut

Today Mom showed us a strange-looking envelope. Regina and I wondered what was inside.

When we opened the envelope, we found a moose TV sticking out of it.

We found out is name is Munchy Moose. He is a very nice moose from the States. He showed as a postcard that his mom sent with him.

We sat around and got to know each other a little bit. We also talked about traveling and where we wanted to go.

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Montreal, QC, Canada - 3rd February 2010

By: imahockeynut

After Mom showed Munchy Moose around, we had McDonald's for dinner. The Big Mac was delicious.

Then we sat down and watch a show called Little Britain USA, it was really funny.

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