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Travelog for: Zed Dog

Home, Wales - 12th March 2012

By: miapearl

Look who has come to help with the 3000-piece jigsaw
Hello Shesh and Lizzy Lizard

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Home, Wales - 4th April 2012

By: miapearl

Ooo, we are off somewhere. A package arrived so we'll open it later when we get wherever we are going.

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Grandma's house, England - 4th April 2012

By: miapearl

We've arrived at Grandma's house
and now it is time to see what is in the package.
Hello Yetta Bear

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Grandma's house, England - 6th April 2012

By: miapearl

It is my Mum'w birthday soon, and grandma doesn't live too far away from LittleBlogFrog
So, we hijacked mum's toyvoyagers account and decided to contact LittleBlogFrog for help with presents.
We wrote a message to her asking her to meet some of us at King's Lynn the next day, to see if she has any ideas what mum would like.

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Grandma's house, England - 8th April 2012

By: miapearl

It is time to wrap up my mum's birthday present.
And then Grandma gave us an Easter chocolate each.

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Home, Wales - 19th April 2012

By: miapearl

Happy birthday Mum.
I hope you like our present to you..

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Home, Wales - 26th April 2012

By: miapearl

A package arrived...
Hello MuhKuh to our home.

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Home, Wales - 9th May 2012

By: miapearl

A package arrived today, let's see what is inside...
It is a ToyVoyager called Twixx

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At home, Lithuania - 21st June 2012

By: coraline

Hi, mom!
I'm in Vilnius, Lithuania. Cool! Finally my journey begins! It was great to see three new friends waiting for me - it's Porridge, Finfin and Húlí hútú. They gave me a big and friendly hug :)



We decided to see what's new outside, because Karolina (my new host mum) felt not very good today and she stayed at home. We went to the balcony:


We played hide and seek :D I'm hiding here, haha!


It was a bit cold and cloudy outside so we went to our beds and fell asleep. I hope I'll like my journey here! Can't wait to see Vilnius!

Zed Dog

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Riga, Latvia - 23rd June 2012

By: coraline

Hi, mum!
Today we went to Latvia because Karolina with her family wanted to see some relatives. It was a great journey, though it was raining in the morning. We had so much fun in the car, too!

Here we are in our new house in Riga, Latvia:


After some time spent talking to all aunts and uncles (they're all very friendly :)) we went for a walk in the city.
Riga is the capital and largest city of Latvia. The city lies on the Gulf of Riga, at the mouth of the river Daugava. Riga's historical centre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, noted for its Art Nouveau/Jugendstil architecture and 19th century wooden architecture!
Here we are at the Bastion Hill park:


And these are wedding locks on the bridge. So romantic!..


What a great fountain!


Near the Latvian monument to Freedom (for Heroes killed in action during the Latvian War of Independence) :


Musicians of Bremen Monument, Riga. How cool is that?
Do you know that you have to make a wish and touch all of the 4 animals noses? Not many people touch the top of it, but everyone touches the donkey's nose. You can see it from the picture (unfortunatelly, I couldn't get other two musicians in the photo):


And here we are all in the flowers:


The Old Town...


Near the monument with my friends:


Talking about the public transport - trams are very popular in Riga!


We were in Latvia when they had their public holidays. June 23rd is Līgo, a day before Jāņi. It's a Latvian festival held in the night from 23 June to 24 June to celebrate the summer solstice (Midsummer), the shortest night and longest day of the year. Many people that day were wearing a "crown" made of leaves and flowers, and the public transport was free. So, we were inside of the trams, too!

We had to go back, so I stopped to take a picture with this angel sculpture:


It was great to see another country, even if this journey was that short. I hope to visit Latvia again one day, I liked it! After we came back from our short trip to the Old Town, we went back home to Lithuania. I was a bit tired, so I took a nap.

Zed Dog

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Vilnius, Lithuania - 26th June 2012

By: coraline

Today was our host mum's BIRTHDAY!!! Yayyy!! :D
We all gave her a big hug and said many beautiful words. I wished her to laugh a lot and have a great time :)

Here we are with the chocolate cake!


I also gave Karolina a pretty flower. Then we all sung "Happy birthday". Our host mum seemed very happy! :)


The sad part was when two of us, toy voyagers, had to go to other countries. Though I've met Huli and Porridge just a few days ago, I'll miss them so much - they are very great friends! Me and Finfin said goodbye to them and wished a good journey.


Zed Dog

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Flea festival, Lithuania - 2nd July 2012

By: coraline

Hi, mom!
On Saturday, me, Finfin and our host mum wanted to go somewhere. Karolina showed us this little piece of paper and we decided to visit "Flea festival 2012"!


We went to Karpiškių village, near Varėna. I was looking at the plan:


Nature everywhere! Seems that it's going to be a fun day!


Here we met a lot of interesting people and animals, saw a lot of old stuff...


...ate some vegetarian food, listened to a good music!


We found a place called "Ramybės pieva" ("Quiet meadow") and went to a tea drinking ceremony. That was very interesting! We tasted different teas, such as pu erh or oolong tea.




That was a great festival! We all came back home relaxed and happy. :)

Zed Dog

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Vilnius, Lithuania - 5th July 2012

By: coraline

I said "hello" to you in Lithuanian!
This evening was very warm and nice so Karolina took us to a little "on-a-bike" trip. We went from our house to almost the Old Town (Karaliaus Mindaugo bridge). Wow, that was a big journey for me!


Here we stopped near to the Tuskulėnai park to take a picture with this beautiful building:


We've also seen Gediminas' castle and all the time we were riding near the Neris river.
Though it was only an hour, I really like it! Feel kinda sporty now, haha.

Zed Dog

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Vilnius, Lithuania - 6th July 2012

By: coraline

Hi, mom!
Today we celebrated a big event in Lithuania - the day when Mindaugas was crowned King of Lithuania. It happened really long time ago, at the year of 1253! Mindaugas (ca. 1203 – fall 1263) was the first known Grand Duke of Lithuania and the only King of Lithuania.


We also went to the beach near Neris river. It was a really hot and sunny day!



Zed Dog

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At home, Lithuania - 7th July 2012

By: coraline

Today is a busy day - tomorrow we are going to Nida, a sunny resort in Lithuania. It is located on the Curonian Spit. It has 1,650 residents and is the administrative center of the Neringa municipality. Nida is the westernmost point of Lithuania and the Baltic States.

Me and Finfin are packing our stuff:


I will not be able to update my travelog until July 13, but I hope that when I return, you'll see many beautiful photos!


Au revoir!
Zed Dog

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