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Travelog for: Germanya

Bochum, Germany - 1st January 2013

By: La_Kate_Boheme


I'm wishing you all the best for the new year, may all your wishes come true!!


This morning we watched the popular Vienna New Year's Concert live on TV, which is broadcasted in 73 countries around the world. It's a concert of classical music that takes place each year in the morning of January 1 in Vienna, the capital of Austria.



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Bochum, Germany - 12th January 2013

By: La_Kate_Boheme

My dearest Mummy,

how do you feel today? How did you spend your first 2 weeks of the year? Well I didn't do much, my host was very busy but today we took a walk :) It was very cold and the ground was frozen, but I enjoyed it anyway.
We passed a bridge and had a look at an autobahn (motorway).


Then we reached a forest. The trees look so naked during the wintertime  :stare:


The way led us to a big lawn. A few years ago this lawn was a field but for any reason it's no longer there.


Afterwards we passed the training ground of the youth section of the football club "VFL Bochum". Kate told me that they have 2 or 3 training fields.


At the end we passed another forest from where we were able to sneak a peek at our district. :)


As we arrived at home I immediately slipped under the covers. Brrrr!! It was so cold!!!


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Dortmund, Germany - 16th January 2013

By: La_Kate_Boheme

Hey Mummy,

it's been very cold the last days and we have soooo much snow here!! I wish we would have had so much snow on Christmas Eve :( But well, that's how it is right now. The traffic situation is horrible because of the snowfall!! There are many accidents with many casualties these days...
But let's have a look at the positive things of the snow. I was finally able to build a snowman :) I couldn't find something for the face of the snowman but at least he has some arms  :D  :p
I almost got lost in the snow, haha!!


Snowy greetings,

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Bochum, Germany - 6th February 2013

By: La_Kate_Boheme

Hello Mummy,

long time no speak, I'm so sorry :( My host is very busy and there aren't many things for me to do at the moment. But I'm fine and happy, I'm having a great time with my buddy Commodore Quack :)

Well, after about 2 weeks without snow I woke up today to see a winter wonderland. I was very surprised as it was relatively warm yesterday, but anyway. My host's car was blocked by snow and it took a long time to uncover it. The snow was almost as high as me!!


I told you about my host's dog a few months ago, didn't I? She is wounded on her paw and needs a bandage now. She's very annoyed of it and hates it!! Poor Lady, but I think the blue bandage really suits her :D


Love you!!

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Bochum, Germany - 11th February 2013

By: La_Kate_Boheme

Hey Mummy,

the weather was so nice today that we decided to take a walk :) It was bloody cold but the air was very fresh :)


During our walk we met some children dressed in costumes, they looked adorable!! It's Carnival Monday today so they celebrate Carnival at school and at a Carnival Parade.
Unfortunately Kate did not have enough time to go to a Carnival Parade with Quack and me, but she allowed us to watch the Cologne Carnival Parade live on TV. :)


In many parts of Germany it's a tradition to eat "Berliner" on Carnival Monday, it's an doughnut without the central hole and with a marmelade or jam filling. Yummy!!  B)



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Bochum, Germany - 24th February 2013

By: La_Kate_Boheme

Hey Mummy,

Kate allowed Commodore Quack and me to stay awake late this night to watch TV, because today was the day of the 85th Academy Awards!! It took place in Los Angeles, USA, so due to the different time zones the actual event started about 2:30am here in Germany!! The broadcast of the Red Carpet started about 1:30am I think. It was hard to stay awake but it was worth it!! Seth Macfarlane hosted the Oscars this year and he did a great job, even though some of his jokes were a little too shady. It was a great event and it was so nice to see so many actors and actresses with so beautiful dresses :)

Here are some pics of the Red Carpet:

Haha, it looks like I'm interviewing Bradley Cooper  B)



This is during the ceremony, George Clooney looks good as always.


Doesn't Jennifer Aniston look stunning ??


At some point, about 4:30am we fell asleep and Kate covered us with her blanket.


Congrats to everyone who won an Oscar that night!!


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Bochum, Germany - 9th March 2013

By: La_Kate_Boheme

Hey Mummy,

good news!! I'm coming home!! I can't wait to see you again, I miss you so much!! :)
But first I had to say goodbye to my buddy Commodore Quack. I'll miss him, we spent quite a long time together.


I think I will miss Bochum and Dortmund, I did so many things here and both cities are so great!! But I'm looking forward to come home again.

Love you!!  :)

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Neuenstadt am Kocher, Germany - 13th April 2013

By: Zandy

Hello people,

sorry for the delay of the updates, but mummy had to work really hart since we came back from our trip to Poland and in her free time she hat no head to sit in front of the PC.

Here is a picture of us (Paula Hip, Cassiopeia and I) while we are talking about our trip. It was before we had to go to bed. But of course it was late before we could sleep, we were really excited. - Is it normal, that this emotion never ends? :)  Mummy decited to take me with her to Poland, because in the past the place was German. She thought that I must see it and think about a lot.


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Íhringen, Germany - 14th April 2013

By: Zandy

Oh what a short night! But ok, we had the chance to go to bed earlier. It wasn't easy to pack all the things in the car, because we were 4 people a dog and wer three TVs. Uff, really not easy, but at the end we got it and our trip began. :D




The most time we sleep, it was to dark or mummy had to drive, so there aren't more pictures during our drive.

But I will tell you something: I think once I will visit a town with a really great name .... It's "Lederhose".
You can belive me, we would take a icture of the shild, but it wasn't possible. :( :D

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