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Travelog for: Amalthea

Öhringen, Germany - 15th November 2011

By: Zandy

Hello sports friends!

Today mommy told me, that I'm able to go on big adventure around the world. - If I want. She showed me the ToyVoyagers homepage and I read there for hours.


These stories from all the TVs fascinate me and I say "Yes". "Yes I will be a ToyVoyager". And so we create a profile for me. Look, my owen profile. Awwwwwwwww!!!!!


Like you can read in my description, I'm a little unicorn woman who love sports in all variations.  :D So it's no surprise, that my missions have all to do with sports. I hope I will find some sporty hosts, because I need much sporty exercises. But don't worry, if you don't like sport, you also can show me some lovley places and sightseeings. I also would learn about your hometown or country.

So please write my mommy a PM, if you want to hoste me.

Sporty greetings,

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Öhringen, Germany - 15th November 2011

By: Zandy

After creating my profile, I read sportsnews. That's also important for me, because I must know who wins what and what happend in the sportsworld. And especially now, when winter comes I'm intersted in wintersports.


One of my missions is to go skiing or snowboarding, so I also look for the right equipment. But that's not so easy. There are so much nice things.


But if i go snowboarding, I have allready the right board.


A board with a unicorn like me. Ok, not really, this unicorn on the board has wings. It's more a Pegasus, but we are related.  ;) And of course I watch at some snowsportspictures. Maybe I can do this, too?!



We will see. First I must find a host, because mommy is no skiingfan.  :D So it's time to search, right?!

Sporty greetings,

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Öhringen, Germany - 17th November 2011

By: Zandy

Hello Sporties!

Today mommy go wth my to the gym. It's a gym only for women. No men inside.  ;)


We only do a little workout. First we train on the Power Plate.


This is a apparat with vibrance. You can do a lot of excersises on it. It didn't look difficult, because you "only" stand on the plate and than the during the vibrance you strecht your muscels. And you can belive me: I'm a sporty unicorn, but after that you feel muscels from which you never hear bevore. It's a very great thing this Power Plate. While mommy was on the plate I trainee a little with some other sports equipment.



And after trainee we go to the relaxing zone and have a great massage on an massagechair.



During the massage you can hear relaxing music and ecause of the glasses you see lights which changes the intensity. It's really good. You get so relaxed, that you wouldn't stand up after the process.

And than I do a little Yoga on the side of this Statue.


And at least we drink a proteinshake. It tastes very good. Cocos. Yummy!


So, that was my sport for today.
See you soon!
Sporty greetings,

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Neckargartach (Heilbronn), Germany - 18th November 2011

By: Zandy

Today we were at mommies work. But she has so much to do, that she has no time for us. Us, that means Ele, Hanni, the pink penguine and me. Ele  and Hanni are ToyVoyagers, too and we talk a little bit about that. Our dreams and what we will see. Of course we will see the whole world.  :D


At the End of the day mommy take this picture of us three at the water wall at her work. Here you see me in front and Ele  and Hanni behind the wall.


Back at home we found this nice card from Cornwall.


Hoppsi write this card to mommy, he is something like my brother, because he is mommies first TV. I decided, that I will write some postcards to mommy, too. So she can see where I am. I hope my future hosts will help me with that.

That's all for today.
Sporty greetings,

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Öhringen, Germany - 20th November 2011

By: Zandy

Hey sporty friends!

Now I found time to write a new update and tell you what I've done on Sunday. My mommy, her boyfriend, Hanni, Ele and I take a walk round Öhringen.

Here you can see me with the Öhringer Key, it's the city arms of my hometown.


And we pass our "Alte Turnhalle" (old gym). It's really old. The hall is from 1889. And behind you can see the tower of the Stiftskirche.


And we found this fountain. But durring autmn and winter there is no water in the fountains. Can anybody find me?


Yes! I'm in the middle. Hanni is on the left side and Ele is on the right. Here you can see us better. And of course the statue.


A few steps forwards we saw the Weygang Museum and went inside. The museum is a house from Mr. and Mrs. Weygang. They were tin moulder and lived in this old house.


Mr. Weygang was a men who thought, that humans would know where they come from and their history, so he colleced a lot of things. Here you can see me and my friends in front of a chest from with the employees were payed out. Could you guess from with guild the chest is?


Yes, it's a baker-chest. You see it because of the prezel. And at the next picture you see us three also with the chest, but there are some signs of other guilds.


Did you know from what for a guild the sign near to us is? It's from a barbier ... You don't belive? But this is ture. The women, which showed us the house told us. Yes! You can belive me! Yes! Yes! Sure!

Ok, I make a little joke. It's the sign for a butcher.  ;)

Than we meet this nice guy. No, it was only an amour, without a real knight in it. What a pity! It were great, if there was a real knight in it. A hero who will rescue a lady. Ahhh ... ok, I dream. Sorry.  ;)


We also walk through the dining room, but my picture was so bad, that I decided to delete it. But the next one is from the bedroom. It's a locker for different things.


Oh and in the museum there is a room for the Roman times. Because Öhringen has two forts during the bulding of the limes and for protect the border. The Romans came here in 155 anno Domini. And Öhringen was called vicus aurelianus in this time.
Here you can see me in front of a fort model.


And than it was allready late afternoon and we must leave the museum, so we walk round Öhringen. But first we found this statue in the garden of the museum.


A little bit strange. Isn't it?
And than we decided to go to the centre. But first we have to pass the upper gate (Oberes Tor). It's one of our sightseeing objekts in Öhringen.


At the market place we tae a picture with the fountaing, showeing a city guardian.


After this Hanni, Ele and I played a little in this fountain.


It was great. I could jump and climb a little. And so I have some sporty activity. So great! You allready know, that I love sports. But we must leave.  :(

In a shop window we found this model railway. If you push a button it really drive.


Oh, ans may I show you one of our secret sightseeing? Our slanting house.


Did you know, that Öhringen has a medicinal herbage garden? No? Ok, I know. Maybe you haven't the chance to visit Öhringen during today. Here you can see (I Hope you can) me and my friends.


There are herbage for nearly all diseas.


And we found this funny guy. He wrote on the shild something like: Stupid run, intelligent wait, wise go into the garden.


Than it was time to go home. It was dark allready and cold.

Sporty greetings,

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Öhringen, Germany - 22nd November 2011

By: Zandy

Hello everyone!

I'm writing because we get growth. A little donkey arrives today. He is sooooooooooooo cute. If I were a donkey women I maybe will fell in Love with him. But sssssshhhtttt, don't tell anyone.  ;)

He was a little bit shy at the first moment, so I and my friends look into the envelope.


And than he climbed up and say hello to us, too.


He is really cute! Isn't he?  ;) But maybe he is no sporty, so I must abrogate my thought from above.  ;)
We have a welcome comitee for him. Look here:


And than he forgot to by shy and we talked a lot. His name is HolgiHH and he have many experience of beeing a ToyVoyager. I have to ask him some questions about travelling.

So bye bye!

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Neuenstadt a. K., Germany - 26th November 2011

By: Zandy

What a weekend. Really unsporty, but me and my friends, we had a lot of fun. Mommy and her boyfriend decorate for Christmas. Tomorrow is the first Advent, so they have to make a Advent wreath. And we could help. Ele, Hanni, Holgi HH and I craft first this one. We named it "The real TV Advent wreath"


They laugh and say, that wouldn't be good if we do this, because than we must sit in this position for four weeks and if the candels burn, it could be too hot for us. and we decided, that they are right. So we had to collect some decoration. And it was so great, we played a little hike and seek.


And of course mommy found us all.


In  the next picture you can see me and my friends with some other decorations.



Sooooooo and than after collection all the decorations we must work. And you know, that when you work with banches of fir that it is better to put on gloves, because when not it can prick. But we did it and without the ready decoration it looks so.


It took about one and a half hour until it gets ready. But we all very happy. For all of us it was our first try to craft such a Advent wreath and we think for this it look good.


So, now I have to say goodbye.
Sporty greetings,

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Neuenstadt a. K., Germany - 27th November 2011

By: Zandy

On sunday me and my friends had some time, to play, because mommy and her boyfriend were invited for lunch. So we plaed a little bit with his truck. It was much fun.


Holgi HH was our driver, because he was the only one who could get behind the steering wheel. He made a really good job. (My little donkey *ähäm* ^^)  ;)


Later, when mommy and her boyfriends come back home, we decided to craft some strawstars. It was our first time, so we thought it would be a little bit diffucult. But after our first try it was really easy.


Here you can see me and my friends watering the straw, so that we can press them.


And than I could try to craft one star. First I was a little confuse about it, because you must put the straw in different holes.


But after the first round I get it.


And after binding and cutting the straw my star was ready.  :D


Ele, Hanni and Holgi HH made some strawstars, too. Here you can see us all with our own creations.


Nice one, or? We all think we are very talented in crafting some things. But I decided my best talant is sport.  :D

So sporty greetings,

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Öhringen, Germany - 28th November 2011

By: Zandy

Hey Ho sporty friends!

Today a new visitor arrives by mommy. My friends and I were so nosy and look inside the envelope bevore he had the chance to crawl out.


But he jumped so fast out, that he frightened the life out of us four.


After we getting better we all laught about this and talked together. The bears name is Paddington and the is from the UK.


I was so nervous, because the others and I could speak German and now we must talk English, but we get it. Oh and of course he gets a very warm welcome of us.


That's all for this day.
Sporty greetings,

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Heilbronn, Germany - 2nd December 2011

By: Zandy

Here we are! Born to be kings! We're the princes(s) of the universe! *sing*

Hey Sporties!
My last day with mommy and all my friends. I'm a little sad about it, but I decided to be a ToyVoyager and so I must leav. But I think I will heave a great time with my hosts and some sporty activities, too.  :D

The last day was quiet, but the evening....whohoooo! We went to a tribute Show of Freddie Mercury and Queen. It was really great.

Here you can see me and my friends with the entry tickets.



I was very excited, because I like the music of Queen. So it was very great for me. We must wait a little before the show begins, so we had a little drink first to warm up.  :D


And than the show began. First I really thought, that Freddie was on stage, but when the smoke has gone I see, that it was a double. But a really good one. He made a good job.



At the break we went to the stage and take some pictures there. First you can see me in front of the drums.


And than Holgi HH, Hanni, Paddington, Ele and me. And we sang very loud...

Friends will be friends!
When you're in need of love they give you care and attention,
Friends will be friends!
When you're through with life and all hope is lost!
Hold out your hand cos friends will be friends right till the end!


We five are friends! It's a really good feeling to now, that you have friends.  :D

And than: The show must go on!


Here is the singer with a really funny outfit.


At the end of the show we take this picture with a plakat of the Show.


Than it was time to drove back home. We all were very tiny, because we had a lot of action together. And tomorrow is my big day. So good night sporties!

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Öhringen, Germany - 3rd December 2011

By: Zandy

It's time to say goodbye! On one side I'm so excited to start my jounrey, on the other side I'm a little bit sad. But mommy showed me some pictures of Innsbruck - this will be my next station. Mommy was there some years ago to watch Skijumping. Maybe I will see the jump myself? It looks very high. But we will see.  :D

Ele, Hanni, Holgi HH, Paddington and I talk a lot last night, so we sleep very late. We all were a little tired this morning, but we had a long goodbye.


Many many hugs were given to each one.




Ele leave today, too. He will go to his next host in Essen. I wished him a nice time.


And than many hugs later we took a last look at our friends, thinking if we will see each other in the future again and crawl into the envelope. Mommy told me, that my next host will be SashiSan and there will be a surprise for me. Now I can't await to arrive there.

So sporties, next time you read from me I'll bee in Austria.

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