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Travelog for: *Milka*

Pettenbach, Austria - 9th July 2012

By: Stiddy

It was a sad farewell with mummy but I was so looking forward of seeing a new country.
My travel started in a very dark envelope in Saalfeld/Germany and it took me about 3 days to reach my host Stiddy in Pettenbach, Austria.
Fortunately she also speaks German, otherwise I had to learn a new language ^-^
Mummy donīt be sad, I mean yes itīs Austria but they still look very friendly.
Mum, here you have a pic when I first saw Austrian daylight. Seems quite similar to our german one.


I even met a new friend. His name is Bronti and heīs a dinosaur.
My host told me that Bronti will come and visit you in Saalfeld Mum.
He looks kinda scary cuz of his teeth but he told me that wouldnīt eat me cuz heīs not hungry at the moment. Thatīs pretty nice of him, donīt you think so?


Stiddy told me that she will pick me up to a spa with her boyfriend the following week. I have never been to a spa. Mum, what is it about? Stiddy just told me that she doesnīt have a bikini in my size and so I have to be naked oh my god. I never thought that I am naked all the time. Thatīs kinda embarrassing. I guess I will shop some clothes.

Mummy I miss you so much. I even went online to see your TV page and your skype, but you werenīt online.


Donīt worry, I will manage and I will update some new experiences soon!

Byebye Mum, xoxo
Yours, Milka  :p

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Linz, Austria - 12th September 2012

By: Stiddy

Hey Mum,
long time no see ^-^
I am so sorry for my late update but I enjoyed traveling so much and had no time for updating some new infos.

Well, Mum I am thinking of you everyday but still, donīt worry I am all alive.

Underneath you can see me having my first travel by a train from Pettenbach to Linz.
First stop was the train station in Wartberg/Krems. It was too hot outside, this is why I am sitting in a lil house on platform 2.
By the way, did I already tell you that I hate waiting? But I am really excited and looking forward to travel by train to Linz
You know, Linz is the capital city of Upper Austria.



Here I am sitting on my hostīs case.

Finally I arrived in Linz at my hostīs dorm.
I am kinda exhausted and thirsty, so itīs time for a beer ^-^



And mum, I also tried this drink.. itz the creation of the bar keeper and called princess Lillifee ...tastes really sweet hihihi


So for today itz enough to tell you.
I miss you.

Bye MUM.
Yours, Milka

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St.Aigen/Schlägl, Austria - 19th September 2012

By: Stiddy

Dear loveliest Mum,

after a 1 hour trip by car I arrived at the hotel "by Rainhardt" in St. Aigen/Schlägl"

I saw a brewery and was eating a Schnitzel while sitting in an old beer barrel. It was really cool. Unfortunately my host forgot the camera but still I wanted to tell you.

Here you can see some pics in our room in the hotel.




So funny, such old TVs still exist and we had one of them in our room ....
haha it was really bad quality xD


I was also bathing in a jacuzzi, but we were not allowed to bring our camera with.

The meals were really big..in the evening we were eating sooo much that we werenīt even able to go upstairs, so we took the elevator for just 1 floor hahaha

So much for today,

Mum, I hope you like reading my travelog.

See you soon!

Yours, Milka

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Alanya, Turkey - 27th September 2012

By: Stiddy

Hey Mum,

today me and my host will have our really first flight.
And the trip goes to Alanya in Turkey.

The flight was sooo cool and I was really excited though we came into some troubles and some passengers were screaming hahaha but I got not sick.. I am a great voyager xD

Here you can see the landscape of Austria from the air


Soo beautiful but I also wanted to see some clouds...couldnīt find them


After 3 hours of flight and a 2 hours bus trip we arrived in the hotel Oba Star in Alanya. It was midnight and we were all tired so we went to bed.
By the way mum, I am travelling with 4 girls, but donīt worry you are much prettier than they are ^^

Here you see our room ..it was beautiful decorated wit swans made of towels



Itīs really hot all the time. Always around 40°C. This is why we spend most of the time at the hotelīs pool but my host never carried her camera with her. So I am sorry, I canīt show you pics from the beach.

The trip back to Austria was also really nice but I was so exhausted that I was sleeping the whole time.

See you soon Mum

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