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Travelog for: ManuLi

Essen, Germany - 1st July 2012

By: Manuel

Enjoying sunny weather in the most beautiful city in the "ruhrpott"  B) Only the sunglasses are missing  :p

DSCI0174 (2)1.jpg

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Mantel, Germany - 20th July 2012

By: WingedWolf

Hi Mom and Dad,

today I arrived at WingedWolf's place in Mantel. Mantel is a small town in Bavaria with about 3000 inhabitants.
Miss Zoe and bolly are two TVs that are currently staying with host-mum and they were really nice to me  :D Host-mum reaaaally liked the postcard from Essen and said I should thank you! :)

I'm still sitting in the box here  :p




I told host-mum that I wanted to see the garden and she showed me around a bit. The weather is not really beautiful today but at least it didn't rain.


Can you see the flowers? ^_^



I also saw this knight's armor, wow, very impressive!


And here I met Stan and Ollie from "Dick und Doof", hehe  :p


Nice Greetings,

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Mantel, Germany - 9th August 2012

By: WingedWolf

Hi Mom and Dad,

today I took a few photos outside with Lancel and Brook. So much fun!  :D The weather was really nice!




Here's a group photo!  :p








All the best,

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Weiden, Germany - 16th August 2012

By: WingedWolf

Hey Mom and Dad,

today we went to Weiden because my host-mum had an appointment.

I'm sitting at the bus stop here. You can see an umbrella behind me, it was quite a rainy day again.


This is a piece of a map that shows "Weiden"


We're waiting for the bus to drive back to Mantel here.
The train station would be on the left side.


On our way back I was sitting on host-mums bag in the bus!  :p



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Mantel, Germany - 18th August 2012

By: WingedWolf

Hello there,

today was suuuuuuuuuch a hot day! Perfect for having a barbecue with friends!
But before our guests were arriving, I helped host-mum to mow the lawn.



and I also helped to do the laundry, that made host-mum really happy!



hmmmm and the barbecue was really lovely! I had a steak and a sausage and a lot of different salads!  :D


Before we went to bed we made a campfire and set there for about 2 or 3 hours. Host-mums family and friends were really nice to talk to :p


All the best,

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Mantel, Germany - 20th August 2012

By: WingedWolf

Hello ~

today is another hot day and we decided to spend the day outside.
There are sunflowers in the background  :rolleyes:



Hmmmmm I'm eating delicious ice cream here!


... and drink cold milk. Cows love milk  :p


Host-mum's sunglasses are really comfortable ^_^



Have a nice day,

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Mantel, Germany - 4th September 2012

By: WingedWolf

Hello mommy and daddy,

today I said goodbye to my host-mum and left for my new host in Frankfurt am Main.



I really enjoyed my stay here!  :rolleyes:

Hope to write to you soon.
All the best,

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Frankfurt am Main, Germany - 3rd October 2012

By: kleinerGiftzwerg

Hey Mom and Dad!
Lovely greetings from Frankfurt am Main.


Today my host-mom went with me to the Main river.
Frankfurt has many bridges. From one bridge you  have a wonderful view at the frankfurter skyline.


All the best,

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Frankfurt am Main, Germany - 13th October 2012

By: kleinerGiftzwerg

Hey Mom and Dad!
Today we went shopping!
We visited the "Zeil" for that. Itīs a large street with a lot of shops and stores.
This old house on the picture below is the "Hauptwache". Many trains stop here and now the shopping-adventure begins.


This building named "Zeilgalerie".
I think it looks very good.


In the "Zeilgalerie" you can visit the "Skydeck".


We visited the Skydeck and I saw an awesome view over Frankfurt.
Itīs free of charge and you can go there every day of the week.


The "MyZeil" is another building with a lot of shops in it. Itīs looks very strange.

All the best,
yours Manuli.

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Frankfurt am Main, Germany - 17th October 2012

By: kleinerGiftzwerg

Today we went to the Main river again.
I saw the most popular bridge in Frankfurt. "Eiserner Steg".


The weather was really bad. We took a little walk and went back home.

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Frankfurt am Main, Germany - 30th October 2012

By: kleinerGiftzwerg

Hey there!
The sun is shining today and itīs a nice weather.
We enjoyed the sun in a small break.
The picture shows you me at the "Willy-Brandt-Platz"


I hope you had a nice day, too.

With love,

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Frankfurt am Main, Germany - 2nd November 2012

By: kleinerGiftzwerg

The weather was okay today. My Host-Mom went with me, Flummi and Pauline to some places in Frankfurt.
Our first station was the Old Opera (Alte Oper).


In front of this house is a fountain.
We took a little break there.


In the near of the old Opera is a little park. We took a walk in this area and found a beautiful view of some skyscrapers of Frankfurt.


A few steps further I found a statue of Schiller.


It was a wonderful day and after this walk we falled so tiered in our bed.

Bye Bye ManuLi

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Frankfurt am Main, Germany - 12th November 2012

By: kleinerGiftzwerg

Hey Mom and Dad!

In the morning we get to the Zeil again. My host-Mom needed some birthday presents.
We went from one shop to another shop. But we couldnīt find a good gift.
But in the distance we saw very strange things.
Large and small columns filled with water and caps of plastic bottles. Look at these funny bubbles in it.


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Frankfurt am Main, Germany - 17th December 2012

By: kleinerGiftzwerg

Hey Mom and Dad!
Just a few days then itīs christmas eve.
So we need the ultimate christmas candy. Some Cookies!
Thatīs the reason why we baked some.
My host-mom prepared the dough and I chose a cookie cutter. A little dolphin.


That was the first sheet of cookies.

The cookies are so yummy!!!
I ate so much that my tummy was aching.

Wish you all the best and a nice christmastime!
With love,

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Frankfurt am Main, Germany - 24th December 2012

By: kleinerGiftzwerg

Itīs Christmas Eve, Mom and Dad!!!
We celebrate this day at the house of host-mommys boyfriend.
First we had a yummy dinner.
After that we unpacked the gifts under the cute mini-christmas-tree.



Host-Mommys boyfriend got a Blu-Ray. We watched the movie and go to sleep.

I hope you had a nice christmas eve and got very nice gifts.
Merry Christmas!!!

Hugs and kisses, ManuLi

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