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Travelog for: Mr. BigBrain

Munich, Germany - 15th March 2012

By: kassiopaya


olgamaus said, that she has I nice mummy for me. Then he sent me to Munich.

I brought some chocolate and a nice card from olgamaus with me.

Now I meet my new mummy: It's kassiopaya!
She was very happy to see me :-). I think she likes me!

I'm very curious about what I will see.

Mr. BigBrain


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Munich, Germany - 16th April 2012

By: kassiopaya

Today a new TV arrived. It's Landroval from Canada.

He's a very nice guy. I will have a good time here in Munich!



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Theresienwiese, Munich, Germany - 21st April 2012

By: kassiopaya

Today we went to a big "Flohmarkt". This is a big market, where many people can sale their old things for little money. This Flohmarkt is the biggest in Munich. It only takes part once a year.

There were so many people. You can see it on the pictures.

Next to this Flohmarkt there is the "Frühlingsfest". It's like the Octoberfest. But it's a lot smaller and there are not so many tourists. You can see the Ferris wheel in the backround.

Then we saw the big statue "Bavaria". It is an important landmark of Munich. It is made of bronze. You can go in there and  look out of the eyes of Bavaria. It's a nice view over munich. But today it was not possible to got in it because there were to many people.


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Rakvere, Estonia - 10th August 2012

By: minnihiiru

Hello mommy!
As summer has not been the warmest here,we haven't got time to go beach,actually the weather has been quite bad.But slowly summer starts to get into winter and now we are into picking berries and making hay.Our host got 2 chickens for birthday from her friend.Somehow chickens need to alive winter,so we helped host.In the picture you see us only sitting,but we did help too ; )


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Rakvere, Estonia - 22nd August 2012

By: minnihiiru

Today we decided to look Rakvere's main tourist attractions and also see some nature.As afternoon was not too warm and not too cold either,was perfect to do it.
We got our way to the oldest street in Rakvere,which is called Pikk tänav(Pikk Street).It was for the main street in Rakvere five centuries,where were bank,shops,restaurants and guesthouses.Nowadays it's famous for it handcraft fair,which is held every year beginning of June,when Rakvere as town celebrates itself  birthday.So in the Pikk Street you find old houses and so on.Some of them are renovated and some not.
for example these : )
Then we went to Rakvere's Vallimägi,which is popular place in summer,where are held concerts and in winter for sledging as the hill is the biggest in the whole  Rakvere.
There in far you see the castle and the hills which are green and empty of people are full of smiling happy people who slide down the hill when ground is covered with snow
our cool company of TVs Jelle,Franz-Ferdinand,me,Bombus and ClaireSquirrel
then we started to get closer to the castle
The castle was build in middle-age,during the wars it has been destroyed,but it got restored about 10 years ago and it's really popular place to visit around tourists and of course local people do visit too.

For sure if we don't count castle the next tourist main site is scuplture Tarvas(the animal Bos primigenius),which was built for Rakvere's 700.birthday.During last 10 years the sculpture has stood in the highest point of Rakvere.The sculpture is 7.1 m long and 3.5 m  high and weighs 7000 kg.Even Rakvere's local basketball team is called Rakvere Tarvas =P http://www.snap.ee/static/user_thumbs/kiisumari/suvi/t760_P8223355.jpg
the yellow building is art gallery and also you can see some red roof of the houses

We had really nice hours walking around and seeing more of Rakvere.I hope to see also modern centre city and some more of Rakvere.But hostmum told me that we are gonna move to Finland,because she gonna work there during the autumn and winter.

Write you soon mommy,

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Kerava, Finland - 9th December 2012

By: minnihiiru

Christmas is on the way and it's the last time to send Christmas cards and this the amount of cards our host sent this year.
I hope you'll have nice Christmas waiting time,mommy!

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