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Travelog for: Kilimanjaro

Home, Germany - 7th March 2012

By: LadyButterfly

Hello world!  :D

This is me... Kilimanjaro!

So I think it's time to make my first travellog update! For you, so you get to know me a little bit better!
I was a christmaspresent of Noisy to my owner LadyButterfly and from the first moment, she knows... I will be a ToyVoyager!
I got my name because of my eyes! On the buttons is written "Kilimanjaro" and so my owner decided to name me like that. I really like my name and maybe someday I will see the Kilimanjaro for real.
So what can I also tell you about me? I'm a very tough guy, a little bit cheeky but never bad to other people and TVs.

And I really like my best friend Santas_lil_Helper! He will become also a TV, when mommy, made some new photos of him!
But here is one of me and Santas_lil_Helper!


Hey, are you curious where I live? I'll show you a little bit!

This is one of the coolest sights you can visit when your with my mommy! You just have to walk 5 minutes to this hidden place, but it's hard to find, there aren't much signs for it.
Ok maybe you think this is just a pavillion, but under this pavillion is the spring of the Spree. You know, the Spree is the river which flows through Germanys capital city Berlin and here is the beginning of it!
It is one of three springs of the Spree, but this one is the oldest and it's called "Spreeborn"!


We made a cool group photo on the spring. That was possible, because the spring is closed over the winter. So sadly we can't see the water, but that's ok... I will have the chance to see it later!
The other TVs are... Gypsy, Frankie_Blue, PinkyHH, Ranil, Santa, Dusk and Taru... very much new friends, but they are all very cool!


This sign says:

"Waterlevel of the Spreeborn
387,26 m
over the East Sea"


And this is the blazon of saxony!


Enough for today!  ;)
I have to take my stuff, because the next days I will travel with LadyButterflys boyfriend to a farm!
And maybe I'll find soon a host, I'm excited to start my journey!


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