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Travelog for: Lexie

Dortmund, Germany - 21st April 2012

By: La_Kate_Boheme

Hello world!!

My name is Lexie and I'm new here. My host already had another TV but it's lost :( I hope I won't get lost, too!!
But well, let me introduce myself a little bit:

As I already told you: My name is Lexie. :D I belong the Barbapapa family and my birthname is Barbalala, but I just want to be called Lexie. It's easy to identify me, I'm green and I always wear a bandeau made of flowers :)


I love everything related to music, such as singing, watching musicals, listening to music, dancing (ballet) and stuff like that. I want to listen to some typical music of the countries that I'm gonna visit. I'm curious if there are many differences between the tastes of music around the world.


I'm from Dortmund, Germany but I have another residence in Bochum, which is next to Dortmund. The local football team "BVB Borussia Dortmund" became the German Champion today, even though there are still some matches left!! Awesome news!! Last year, the team was the German Champion as well.  B)
A friend of me is also a fan of the team and we celebrated together:


My host is hosting some TV's at the moment (Bussi,Brownbeard and Marawarpina. They told me much about ToyVoyaging and traveling around the world and now I can't wait to start my own adventures!!  :)


Well, I really can't wait to make my own experiences and I'm so looking forward to the different countries and cultures which are waiting for me out there!!

I'll tell you more about my life here in Dortmund and Bochum in the next days.

Lots of Love,
Lexie xxx

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Bochum, Germany - 23rd April 2012

By: La_Kate_Boheme

Hey guys!!

Today was a beautiful day!! The sun was shining and the birds were singing. Well, there were some clouds from time to time but it wasn't that bad.  B)
My host, the other TV's and me decided to spend the day in Bochum, in a park with big ponds, called "Harpener Teiche" (Harpener ponds) to enjoy the weather. Harpen is a district of Bochum and the ponds are in an area between the districts Harpen and Werne.
My host told me that the mine drainage water of a nearby mine flows into the these ponds.
The Ruhr Area is popular for its former mining and the mines which are out of service fill up with mine drainage water. This water has to be pumped out because otherwise it would mix up with the groundwater and would make it useless. It's complicated to explain, anyway this process has to be conducted to all eternity.

Are you curious how the area looks like? Haha well, I won't keep you in suspense much longer  ;)


This is our whole TV group at the moment:

Here you can see Brownbeard and me. He is a pirate and I love his pirate accent!! Well, I like him in general..  :rolleyes:

This place is sooo romantic!! It's so nice to sit here and look at the creek and the paddock in the background :)

Another group photo:

This is one of the inflows of the mine drainage water. I think it looks nice, don't you think? :)

Ok, that's it for today. I hope you had a great beginning of the week!!

Lots of Love,
Lexie x

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Dortmund, Germany - 26th April 2012

By: La_Kate_Boheme

Hello everyone,

today I visited my mum's university, it's called TU Dortmund.
This university exists since 1968 and has 2 campuses. The northern campus is bigger than the southern campus, but the southern one is more familiar and a little more modern.
At the northern campus are the natural sciences, the humane discipline, sports and everything related to music. At the southern campus is the whole constructing stuff, like architecture, spatial planning and civil engineering.

I just visited the smaller campus with the construction stuff, because mummy studies spatial planning there. :)
Here you can see the building for spatial planning (on the right), the building for civil engineering (in the middle) and the one for the architects (on the left, kinda hard to see):

Well, the campuses are connected with an overhead-track, called "H-Bahn" (short form of the german word "Hängebahn"which means "overhead-track"). Here you can see at least the tracks, I couldn't catch a carriage :(

On the way back home I passed a beautiful field :)

Yay, that was my day so far.
Oh, Mum told me today that I'll leave very soon and start my journey to Australia. I'm already so excited, I can't wait to meet my host there and spend some great time there. :) But I'm a bit sad though because I'm sure I'm gonna miss my Mum and my best friend Tucker. Anyways, let's see how this adventure will be.

Well okay, that's it for today. Hope you had a nice week!
Lexie :)

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Bochum, Germany - 28th April 2012

By: La_Kate_Boheme

Hello world,

Today is my last day at home, I finally start my first adventure!! I really can't wait to spend some time in different places all over the world. I hope everything will go well.
I enjoyed my last day here in Bochum and went to the city center of Bochum. There was a festival called "Maiabend Fest" (May evening festival).
It is an old traditional festival which is several hundreds of years old. The background of this festival is that back then - a few hundred years ago - young people cut down a tree in a district in Bochum called "Harpen" and carried it to the city center. Since this time, this procedure is beeing held every year.
There is a parade every year where the Maischützen (there's no english word for it) walk from Harpen to the city center, drinking lots of alcohol and making music. :D
In the city center itself is a big festival with many beer stalls, food stands, a medieval market and a stage with live music. It's quite nice.
Here you can see me in front of some guys of the parade. In the background you can see the entrance of a fashion house called "Baltz". It exists since about 125 years.

There were many policemen and police cars at the festival to keep an eye on everything. Here you can see me and the other TV's on one of the police cars. A policeman turned a LED display on with the word "STOP", especially for us! :) It's mirror-inverted so that the car drivers can read it when they look in their rearview mirror when the police is behind them.

Well... Later that day it was time to say goodbye to eveyone. I think I will miss Brownbeard, Marawarpina and Bussi. And of course Tucker. :(

My best friend Tucker starts his first adventure today as well and it was a quite emotional farewell. I gave him a last hug and wished him luck and fun for his life as a ToyVoyager.

I'm gonna miss my Mum and Tucker very much but I'm looking forward to everything that's waiting for me in this big world.

The next update will be made from Australia, yay :D Can't wait to spend some time there :)

Lots of Love,
Lexie xx

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Gisborne, Australia - 8th May 2012

By: fleursmum

Hey Mum,

I am here....in Australia...can you believe it...I didn't get lost in the mail! Phew!! ;)  It is time to get the dinner organised here, so no photos today but maybe in a couple of days!! :D
Talk to you soon

Love and hugs

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Gisborne, Australia - 9th May 2012

By: fleursmum

Hi Mum,

Tonight I helped with the veges for a stir fry  :D



I had a look to see where Tucker was - he seems to be going ok!! he even got to see a real turtle!! How lucky!


Later I had a rest on the couch!!

Love and hugs

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Gisborne, Australia - 10th May 2012

By: fleursmum

Hi Mum,

Well here I am! I heard voices


then a face appeared in my travel bag


and I was helped out

and I met Tica, BigFoot and LittleLucy!!

BigFoot held up the postcard you sent - we all thought it was very nice!  :D

here is where I am staying....some of the backyard


one of the last roses in the garden...smelt very nice.....


part of the front yard


here comes the chow chow to say hello!  ;)

in the front yard again....hee hee someone forgot about her shadow!!!  :D


more of the front yard


nice autumn tree here Mum!!

More soon, we are off to the beach for the weekend so will update again in a couple of days!

Love and hugs

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St Leonards, Australia - 12th May 2012

By: fleursmum

Hi Mum,

Today we are at St Leonards which is on the Bellarine Penninsular. It was sunny this morning but the weather forecast is not good so we got photos while we could!



First we went for a walk along the beach near the house.

we had a little sit and watched the water
BigFoot and I on the fence post!!  :D


It is very quiet and peaceful here today Mum - not many people and the water is very clear and still.



this is the view from the back verandah
and look Mum - kiwifruit on the vine here!!


this gum tree is in the front yard - aren't the flowers pretty!!


and after the flowers comes the gum nuts.

and this bougainvillea is growing through the kiwifruit


we found this mushroom in the garden too!  :D

these shells were on a table in the back yard - they were in a wind chime but it broke in the weather and hasn't been remade yet.
I practiced some indoor sailing Mum!! This is the best kind - you don't get wet and don't have to be out in the weather!!  ;)

More soon
Love and hugs

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St Leonards, Australia - 12th May 2012

By: fleursmum

Hi Mum,

Same day but a bit later  ;)

we headed off to the pier to have a look before the rain came



shallow water just here Mum

here we are a bit along the pier and looking back to the beach

just a few boats here today Mum


HeeHee....on a bollard at the end of the pier!

Well that's it for today Mum, we are heading home now before the rain comes,
Love and hugs

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St Leonards, Australia - 13th May 2012

By: fleursmum

Hi Mum,

Thank goodness we took photos yesterday - it has been raining on and off since early this morning!

not so good for photos Mum


heading back to Gisborne this afternoon.

Love and hugs

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Gisborne park, Australia - 15th May 2012

By: fleursmum

Hi Mum,

Today we took the chow chow for a walk in the park


this is part of the drinking fountain - there used to be a bird sculpture on these hands but it has been broken off sadly!! :(

BigFoot and I has a chat while we waited for the chow to catch up - he has to sniff everything!! :rolleyes:

we found this tree with these fruits but we don't know what it is!!

here we are playing in the autumn leaves  :D

now I am on the bridge over the creek - Sue had to hang onto me because it was a bit windy and I didn't want to swim!!  ;)

we had a stop in the playground
Oooohhhhh...we saw a crocodile in the playground...phew it was just a play one!!! :D

Love and hugs

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In th epark - Gisborne, Australia - 17th May 2012

By: fleursmum

Hi Mum,

We took the dog for a walk again today - it was a nice day
heading off to the park
behind me is the indoor swimming pool
here we are on the old oak tree walk
there goes the chow chow  :D
down behind me is the creek
we found this tyre swing and had a go - it was very high but good fun!!
Gisborne township is behind me here
this old oak tree has been burnt inside - it is good for hiding!! :D

Love and hugs

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Gisborne, Australia - 17th May 2012

By: fleursmum

Hi Mum,

Late this afternoon I went with Sue to visit a friend and I met Claude  :D



Isn't he a handsome boy??  :D

Love and hugs

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Ocean Grove, Australia - 19th May 2012

By: fleursmum

Hi Mum,

We are at the beach for the weekend

we had a walk on the beach at Ocean Grove - the waves were rolling in!  :D We saw lots of dogs having a run on the beach too!


this beach is at Barwon Heads just a bit further down the coast





we watched a kayak race from on top of the Bluff


Good view up here Mum, but boy it is windy!!


time for a cuppa at a nice cafe!!


on our way home we saw some flying things!!

this one landed on the beach!  :D

Love and hugs

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Geelong, Australia - 20th May 2012

By: fleursmum


Hi Mum,

Here we are in Geelong - having a look at the bollards - they are all along the Eastern Beach and tell the history of Geelong. These people are in different swimming costumes


Here are the life saver bollards

here we are looking back along Eastern Beach and to the swimming pool that has a walk way around it and wire fencing underneath to keep the big fish out!!

we think the life guard sits here in the summer - and maybe you can dive off it too?



Last look back at the beach - the men walking in the childrens pool we think are Geelong football players - Aussie Rules - they come and walk in the cold water after a game to help their legs recover!

Love and hugs

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