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Travelog for: MooseS

NACTA, Beijing, China - 7th May 2015

By: goomymia

Dear mum,
We're back in Beijing, and Rocky Raccoon will keep traveling, his next stop is Halle(Saale), Germany. I started missing home...
This is a group photo we took in front of the gate of National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts, a nice college for learning Beijing Opera.
Safe trip my friend, we will miss you!  :)


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Wanshou Lu Postoffice, Beijing, China - 19th May 2015

By: goomymia

This is MooseS at local postoffice...

I was filling the required chart. You see I can use both my right and left hands to write.  ;)
It isn't a secret, I think all the moose can use both of their hands equally. Because we grow symmetric,
ummm..just look at my antlers or horns, whatever you call them, they show the amazing symmetry!
sorry for digressing and its truly not that comfy traveling in travelope even lay down

Mum I'm coming home!!!


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Jyväskylä, Finland - 29th May 2015

By: Reissari

Hello world!

I traveled safely and now I'm home again  B)

I came to home post office and during the travel I had become a bit thinner... :stare:

I want to say xiexie to my wonderful host!!! I had a wonderful time in China  :rolleyes:

I have lots of pictures and memories from my visit and now I'm planning to stay home for some time. See you later!



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Home, Finland - 25th February 2017

By: Reissari

Long time no see...

I have stayed home and enjoyed quiet life. Today I went out with my TV-friends... Our winter holiday started. And we really like snow <3

Here are some winter photos  :D



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