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Travelog for: Mr. Quakedi

Biedenkopf, Germany - 23rd February 2012

By: Eustachia

Hello http://www.smiliesuche.de/smileys/huhn/huhn-smilies-0006.gif

My name is Mr. Quakedi and this is my first travelog.
I'm new to this site and very excited how life will be as a ToyVoyager.

I met my Mentor Eustachia while she was working.. Hello!


I asked her if i can go along with her. And here i am! http://www.smiliesuche.de/smileys/huhn/huhn-smilies-0007.gif

We went to her car..


Let's open the door...


..and go inside!


Quak! Who's that?


Hey guys!


These friendly guys are ToyVoyagers, too. The green Dragon is Rishu, the little mouse is Misslucy and the Pirate is Brownbeard.

Misslicy showed me the ToyVoyager Tag, which i will get too if i become a TV.
Wooow! How cool! I want one! I want one!


And this is the cam! Hello cam!


Ups, too close! Hihihi.


So everyone welcomed me and i was sooo happy to be there!




Then we talked a bit about being a ToyVoyager and about the adventures they already had. Hopefully i will find a host very soon.


More later, bye bye

Quakedi Quak Quak http://www.smiliesuche.de/smileys/huhn/huhn-smilies-0009.gif

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Castle Biedenkopf, Germany - 23rd February 2012

By: Eustachia

Now it was time for me to show the Castle of Biedenkopf to my new friends!

Please follow me inconspicuous  :p

Isn't that a great view?


Yes, you're right, the weather isn't that good but come, sit down here for a nice group photograph  :D


That's the castle!


Please follow me!


Hmm.. Beergarden. Unfortunately it is not opened.


Let's go upstairs.. phew... these steps are very huge for a little cock like me.. But don't give up my friends. Look at Brwonbeard! He is very sporty!




Oh yeah, the restaurant is open! Unfortunately we had not enough time to sit down and have a lunch. So.. Come on!


Let's check out the museum!


Oh nooo, it is closed until 31th march.  :(


But we can take a picture of the courtyard thru the lattice  :p


Then we heard something.. Hello? Is there anybody?
Huh.. it came from the intercom system..  :o Someone is at the other side and is handling some papers or anything similar. Hahaha, that was funny but also a bit insane!


As the museum was closed we couldn't climb up the castle, so we have to tool some pictures from downstairs. But they are also nice.



Now it's time to leave my hometown.

So, bye bye Biedenkopf!


Bye bye Castle Biedenkopf! And hello new adventures!


On our way to Haiger we passed a wood with a great mysterious look. I had to take a picture of that!  B) Wooow, so cool!


I hope you liked my travelog and maybe you want to host me soon and show me your hometown.

Quakedi Quak Quak

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Laubach-Münster, Germany - 26th February 2012

By: Eustachia

Hello everybody  http://www.smiliesuche.de/smileys/huhn/huhn-smilies-0006.gif

Today is a sunny day, so we went outside to play some UNO.


Eloy is our dealer  :D



.. but i think he's a bit bored. Hihihi  :p


Come on Brownbeard, the ball's in your court!


Hahaaa Rishu, eat this!


Suddenly we heard a little giggle...


Hö? Hi Pink_Bear, what's that?


Pink_Bear: "Hi Mr. Quakedi, this is for you."


Pink_Bear: "Now you got your own TV Travel Tag!"


Woooooooow! My own ToyVoyager Travel Tag!  :D


Thank you so much Pink_Bear!


Pink_Bear: "Congratulations, now you are one of us!"


Yeaaah! Now i'm a real ToyVoyager, with my own cool Tag! I'm so happy! Thank you all!
Then everyone of my new friends congratulated me.


What a wonderful day! I'm so happy, more than words can say!
And guess what.. Eustachia told me that she found a host for me! Yeeehaaa! I'm going to start my journey to my first host Yosemite in Bavaria tomorrow.

Thank you all! I love it to be a ToyVoyager. Now i'm ready to experience many adventures and to find new friends all over the world!

Quakedi Quak Quak

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Laubach-Münster, Germany - 27th February 2012

By: Eustachia

Hello everybody  http://www.smiliesuche.de/smileys/huhn/huhn-smilies-0006.gif

Today is a very special day for me, because i will leave my new home and travel to my first host.

But what's that? There are 3 envelopes...


Aaah, Brownbeard and Tamina are going to leave Laubach-Münster today, too.


The left one is for meeeee!
But first of all i need a biiig hug from everyone!


Here we go!


Brownbeard is the first one who jumps into the envelope. Haha look at his tail!  :D Bye bye my crazy pirate friend.


Tamina, you're the next one. Bye bye little cutie  :) and be careful!


Okay, now it's time for me to jump in.. Bye bye Pink_Bear, Misslucy and Rishu! You're great and i love you all so much. Maybe we will meet one day again!


Bavaria, here i come!


Quakedi Quak Quak

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Lichtenfels, Bavaria, Germany - 28th February 2012

By: Yosemite

Hey Mummy!

I just want to let you know that I arrived savely at Lichtenfels. I had only a short trip, only one day on the road. Then I had to wait a few hours in the mailbox. Then - eventually - somebody opened it. My envelope was carried a few stairs up. Then I heard whispering voices. I wondered what´s going on! I saw a little bit of light and then a very, very little yellow bear came in. She introduced herself as Hanna , a Toyvoyager herself.

Then I saw the whole crew of TVs! O my good god! So much crazy faces on one sofa! They welcomed my warmly and I talked with the experienced TVs about their adventures.

Just fullfilled 7/15 of lifemission 2! Unbelievable, there are right now 7 TVs!

They informed me that hostdad has birthday today! They had coffee and bismarcks this afternoon and had one left for me! What a good start in Bavaria  :D

More tomorrow!

Love you, Mummy!

Quakedi Quak Quak


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Lichtenfels, Bavaria, Germany - 3rd March 2012

By: Yosemite

Hey Mummy!

Today we got a big envelope. We wondered what should be inside. We are not expecting a new TV... :o

We opened it and I crawled inside. It was a present of Dr.Kröbner who has hosted hostmums little 3*Euro

Cool, Dr.Kröbner sent us helmets!

Noooooooo, hostmum said that this are bowls for us TVs and now we finally have our own dishes! She remebered us that it was 3*Euros lifemission to buy something. THIS are the famous bowls!

Thank you, Dr.Kröbner!

That´s for now, I hope we fill the bowls this evening ;)

Quakedi Quak Quak


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Lichtenfels, Bavaria, Germany - 10th March 2012

By: Yosemite

Hey Mummy!

Wow, we had a lot of work this week! Unfortunately no cakes to bake but today we cleaned the flat of our hosts because today very famous persons will be visiting us  ;) Surprise, surprise!

I helped to clean the carpet and "drove" the vacuum cleaner. It made so funny noise  :D

Then I cleaned together with Plaudagei the washbasin. A lot of funk if you do it together  :D

So, now I am very excited who will visit us. More tomorrow :D

Love you!

Your Mr. Quakedi Quak Quak


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Lichtenfels, Bavaria, Germany - 11th March 2012

By: Yosemite

Hey Mummy!

Imagine what has happened!

I fullfilled a lifemission!

I met 15 TVs in one evening! Dr.Kröbner visited us with all the TVs that lives with him at the moment. You don´t believe? Then look at the photo!

I will explain from the left to the right:

on the cushion: Plaudagei and *-Cookie-*
in the foreground: Kibblet, Waffels, Wavy Gravy, Wolley, _Lilly_, Billy, ME :D, Happy Ping, BrunoAusTirol, Cosyfuzz, Dr.Kröbner, Hase, Hoppsi and Mr.Lemony

What a wonderful evening!

Thank you for visiting us, Dr.Kröbner

Your Mr. Quakedi Quak Quak


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Lichtenfels, Bavaria, Germany - 15th March 2012

By: Yosemite

Hey Mummy!

Thank god, my travellog still works! Here you see the pictures of our session in the garden of our hosts! It was really great weather and we looked at the little sequoias. They survived the hard winter!

We enjoyed the day and layed down on a comfortable blanket. We decided to gamble. *-Cookie-* has three "6"! Right in this moment the little _Lilly_ came on the tractor, that run amok! But nevertheless we made the rest of the garden work.
After we finished we relaxed in the sun!

Spring is coming!

Love you, Mummy!

Yours. Mr.Quakedi Quak Quak


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Vierzehnheiligen, near Lichtenfels, Germany - 22nd March 2012

By: Yosemite

Hey Mummy!

Today we made a bike trip to the famous pilgrim church of Vierzehnheiligen. We TVs were allowed tried to cycle ourself, but it didn`t work :rolleyes:

It was more comfortable to go in the backpack  :D

Our first station was the basilica, build in the 18th century by the famous builder Balthasar Neumann.

But then our hostdad said, there is something very famous behind the church, too. We came to the brewery of the monastry. I tasted the dark franconian beer. Yummiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Greetings from Franconia!

Quakedi Quak Quak


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Bayreuth, Germany - 29th March 2012

By: Yosemite

Today we had an exciting day! Hostmum, Billy and me traveled to Bayreuth by train.
At first we learned everything about the production of easter eggs. Is was explained by the rabbits themselfes!
At first was shown how cacao beans were harvested. Then they have to dry in the sun. After that they were cracked by a hammer machine, it seems to be hard fork, poor rabbits!
The next station shows how chocolate is filled into egg molds. I was more interested in the rabbit lady than in the chocolate ;)
Last step: paint and put into a package, yeah B)

After that we saw some culture. In a park there was a wonderful lady of stone, we tried to cuddle with her but she had a heart of stone :(

Although there was no sun today we enjoyed the day in the park. Look at the pretty views!

Our next station was the Villa Wahnfried, that was the house of the famous composer Richard Wagner. A "must have seen" in Bayreuth

But I liked the last photo more, the funny house with the funny figures, climbing up B)

Very crazy city, I hope I can come back once!

Mummy, I love you!

Yours, Mr. Quakedi Quak Quak


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Lichtenfels, Bavaria, Germany - 31st March 2012

By: Yosemite

Dear Mummy, we bought a motor scooter last week in Bayreuth. Each TV was allowed to drive a round through the kitchen. Sooooooooooo cool! B)

Look yourself!

Quak quak!


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Garden, Lichtenfels, Germany - 8th April 2012

By: Yosemite

Hey Mummy!

What a great day, it´s easter! Happy easter for you!

Today we went to the garden, hostmum said we should look for some sweets, maybe we will find some. And in fact I found a chocolate bug near the rain barrel!
And a purple bunny in the grill! Crazy easter bunny!

We looked at the little real bunnies in the barn, they´ve been growing the last few weeks. But they are still very sweet  :D

Quakedi Quak Quak


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Hostmum´s work, Zapfendorf, Germany - 9th April 2012

By: Yosemite

Hey Mummy,
I just fulfilled one part of my lifemission! I was allowed to come to work with hostmum to bake a cake. She works in the kitchen of a retirement home and is responible for baking the cakes for the old people. GREAT JOB!!!  :D

At first we needed a big amount of butter, cutted in pieces. This was my job. Then we collecdted the other ingredients: flour, sugar, baking pouder, vanille sugar, crumbled chocolate.

Then we put eggs into the bowl, added sugar and the egg whip. And the whole thing in the machine! ACTIOOOOOOOOOOOOOON! :p

Then flour, uuuuuuuuuuuuups, just put my feet into it :o

After mixing the dough I was allowed to put it in the mold.

I tasted the dough, ohhhhhhhhh, yummiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeee!!!

After that the cake had to bake in the oven and I had to wait... and to wait... and it was boring to waittttt!!!!!!!!

But suddelny the 25 minutes were over and the cake ready!
My first own baken cake!!!

Unfortunately we were not allowed to taste it, because it was for the old people. But I had the good feeling, that I did a social work :D


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Blavand, Denmark - 19th April 2012

By: Yosemite

Hey Mummy!

Greetings from Denmark! We are on holiday now and I want to show you a few impressions.
Today Waffels and I were responsible for the breakfast. At firts we went to the bakery. Ooooooooooooh, Mummy, you don´t belive it! I will start to work here, exactly HERE!!! :p

Back at home we made scrambeled eggs. I roasted the bacon. Hostmum, hostdad, enjoy your breakfast!

Later we made a trip to Hvide Sande. There we visited the harbour and saw a sail ship, unfortunately without sails.

Love you, Mummy!

Yours, Mr.Quakedi Quak Quak


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