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Travelog for: Leila

Oulx, Italy - 24th December 2012

By: Blackie


I missed you so much in these days...  :thinking:

Oh well, we went spending the Christmas time at Francy's parents, in the mountain.

We expected a nice winter landscape but no, there was no snow and it was sunny and quite hot... but we still had a Christmas tree!


We placed there all the gifts we have been shopping for...


...and before night, many others appeared!

We're curious, who knows what will be inside?  :rolleyes:


Well, Francy let us open what looks like her most important present!


It's kinda diffucult job when you're just a few centimeters tall... but we are a team!  :)


So, here it is! An e-book reader!  :)




Looks cool, mmmh?  B)

Oh well mum, I would love to tell you more about my Christmas holidays as we did quite a lot of things, we baked a lot and then celebrated the New Year... but the other Voyagers here are getting impatients to update their blogs as well so I have to leave them the pc now... you know, we only have one for the three of us!  :thinking:

Talk to you again very soon!  :D

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Oulx, Italy - 26th December 2012

By: Blackie

Hi Mum!
How are you????
I’m sorry I didn’t update you lately, but Francy got some good news and she couldn’t really help us blogging a lot lately: she started a new job!
But I’ll tell you about it later, now I have lots to tell you about other things we did while we were on holiday!
So, my last post was about Christmas… let’s talk about Boxing Day then!
That morning we had a nice breakfast with tea and gingerbread cookies. They looked good, didn’t they?


So, we decided it was time to contribute as well, and we picked a cookie recipe to try: Peanut Butter Cookies! :D


So, we started working all together, weighting and mixing all the ingredients. We had a lot of fun, and all of us had the chance to contribute someway!



The best part of it was adding the peanuts!
Trifolo weighted them…


...and then we had to make them in very small pieces, so we put them in cloth and... started jumping on them all together!


Oh well, they really didn’t turn out in the smallest pieces ever, but it was pretty good...


The mix actually turned out to be wuite hard in the end, and Orkku Orava found it quite hard to give it the final mix...


But in the end she did it, and we could form the cookies and bake them!


But look!
While they were baking, the grew up and become one single big cookie!  :o
We had to cut them to have more cookies!


They were good, you know...
And we had a lot of fun! I think we could open a bakery soon!  :p

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Oulx, Italy - 28th December 2012

By: Blackie

Hello again!

Guess what?

The cookies we baked on boxing day were so good, we decided to bake something else today! J

So, we took the recipe book and picked a new one: Banana Cupcakes!


This was quite a long recipe, so we had to work on different things at the same time. Luckily, we are 3!
So, Orkku Orava and me started weighting some of the ingredients, while Gaspode told us how much we should weight.


Then Orkku Orava started squashing the bananas, while I made some sour cream (did you know it doesn’t exist in Italy??? We had to make it ourselves!) and Gaspode was mixing flour and eggs. We worked as a team, quickly and effective! :p


Finally Gaspode and I put the mix in the baking moulds, while Orkku Orava was turning the oven on.


But it was not over yet!
While the cupcakes were baking, we had to prepare the peanut butter frosting…


...and Gaspode decided to add a final touch but cutting some banana slices to decorate the cupcakes! J


Here they are!
They looked good and they were delicious, we were very proud of them! J


I will make them again for you when I’ll be back home Mum!

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Oulx, Italy - 31st December 2012

By: Blackie

3, 2, 1… HAPPY NEW YEAR MOM!!!!!!!  :D

How did you spend the New Year????
I spent it with my friends, of course!

After dinner, we watched on tv the Italian Republic’s President giving a speech


but to be honest, we soon got bored, so we decide to pick another channel an wait the midnight by dancing „Gangnam Style“!  B)


At midnight, we went out to watch some fireworks!

They were very colourful, but also very difficult to be photographed, so here is the best we could do…  :)



It was pretty cold outside anyway, so we went back in and finally enjoyed a slice of panettone with some Italian Spumante wine!  B)


After the wine, our mood was quite good so we had some social dances...  :p


But when Francy saw us, she said it was cleary time to bed, so the party was over.

But it was fun while it lasted! :p

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Torino, Italy - 6th January 2013

By: Blackie

Hi Mum!

Today, something magic happened!  :rolleyes:

Francy told us that in Italy, on January 6th, all the children get a visit from the "Befana", an old lady (maybe a witch???) who flies on a broom and brings them candies and sometimes coal. It depends on how good the kid behave during the year.

But we've been very good kids last year, so the Befana can only bring us a lot of candies!  :D
We decided to wait for the Befana, so we hide on a shelf all night long. We were very well hidden, can you spot us?


Then, with the first lights of the day...

here she came!!!!!!  :o


She landed on the table and she looked around to make sure she was alone...


But we couldn't resist and popped out of our hiding place and went to greet her!!!


She looked quite surprised to see us!  :)

But she allowed us to look in her bag and take the candies!  :p


There were quite a lot of them, and we started tasting right away!  :D


Then the Befana had to go visiting other houses (she actually was quite late, as she was supposed to finish during the night... but she said she's getting too old to rush...  :thinking:).
So she flied away.

Goodbye Befana, we all hope we'll be in Italy to see you again next year! :D


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Torino, Italy - 15th January 2013

By: Blackie

Mmmm.... Christmas holidays are over now... and as I mentioned, my host Francy recently started a new job.

So, today we decided to go with her and help her getting things done! :)

We went with her in the office and started by turning the pc on, while she was having a coffee....


Then we helped with some difficult accounts... luckily we had a calculator!


And before the day was over, we gave the archived documents a new order.


Francy was very happy on how we helped her, so she organized a little "pizza party". We got our pizzas delivered home! :D


Working is not so bad!  :p

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Torino, Italy - 18th February 2013

By: Blackie

Hi Mum!
Yesterday Francy came to me and told me it was time: I had to reach my next host  :thinking:
She looked pretty sad about it and told me something about everything she would have loved to show me, but we didn't managed to see during my visit.
I had to promise I'll be back someday!  :rolleyes:

My toy mates looked pretty sad as well, but they were very helpful in getting me ready to go!

I grabbed my letter to show to my next host, and then said goodbye to all of them....  :thinking:


Then we slipped the letter in my envelope...


... and then it was my turn! Goodbye, friends!


As I was inside the envelope, I could still hear them working around the envelope to seal it and let me travel safely... I hope they did a good job!


Denmark, here I come!!!!!  :D

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Jejsing, Denmark - 21st February 2013

By: Julie Hansen

I arrived yesterday! Do not be worry, I am save  now! hello from Denmark!


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Tønder, Denmark - 14th March 2013

By: Julie Hansen

we were out in small town named Tønder. it is Mr.Blubber with me.


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Rømø, Denmark - 27th March 2013

By: Julie Hansen

we took to the island Rømø, the weathe was not so good, but we still enjoed being near the water


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Jejsing, Denmark - 27th March 2013

By: Julie Hansen

in the garden with tv friends


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Jejsing, Denmark - 1st April 2013

By: Julie Hansen

egg hanting


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Sæd, Denmark-Germany - 16th April 2013

By: Julie Hansen

we were in Germany today, stoped to make pictures on the boarder----and gues what? we have seen sheeps.....a lot of sheeps.........I even made one of them smil to me.....now it is season for  small, so there were a lot of larm


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Tønder, Denmark - 16th April 2013

By: Julie Hansen

we were out and bike, Soeren join us last week


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Vilnius, Lithuania - 1st June 2013

By: coraline

Hey! :)
I've returned back home - thanks to my all previous hosts, I had so much fun while traveling!! :)
It's time to take a short nap and continue my journey.
If you want to host me, don't hesistate and write a message to my mum!


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