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Travelog for: Leila

Vilnius, Lithuania - 22nd July 2012

By: coraline

Hello! :)
I'm so excited to start my own new travelog! Maybe I should tell something about myself:
my name is Leila and I'm a lovely sheep! I love watching movies, being with my friends, shopping, sleeping, also yoga and traveling! :) My mom Karolina said that this is the place where my dreams can come true - here are people from all countries that can help me see their hometowns and meet other voyagers! To be sure that I won't get lost, mummy told me that I'll only go to the reliable people. But I'm sure that here are a lot of honest and amazing persons!
Let's see how it is - I hope that my journey starts soon... 



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Vilnius, Lithuania - 22nd July 2012

By: coraline

I've already met Zed Dog, a lovely puppy from England, and now I became friends with Emma Squirrel! She came from her latest trip to Finland and brought us some amazing presents:


Karolina said that it's time to go and see Vilnius! Finally - though it's my hometown, I still haven't seen the Old Town. We stopped here, next to the fountain:


And this is the Town Hall! Isn't it beautiful?


Here I am near the Barbora Radvilaitė statue. She was Queen of Poland and Grand Duchess of Lithuania as consort to Sigismund II Augustus:


Look! I'm posing in front of one part of the Vilnius University - it is the oldest university in the Baltic states and one of the oldest in Eastern Europe. It is also the largest university in Lithuania:


The Presidential Palace is located in Vilnius Old Town, in 1997 this place became the official seat of the President of Lithuania


Here is the very famous Cathedral of Vilnius (Vilniaus Šv. Stanislovo ir Šv. Vladislovo arkikatedra bazilika). It's the main Roman Catholic Cathedral of Lithuania. You can also see the Bell Tower! :)


We were going back home and stopped to see the panorama of Vilnius. You can see Gediminas' castle here!


Whoa, that was a great day and I had so much fun with my mum and my new friends! I'm a bit tired now, I guess I should rest for a while.


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Vilnius, Lithuania - 27th July 2012

By: coraline

My mom Karolina was really busy this week, so I didn't have much chances to go somewhere. But we spent a really good time at home with my other friends TV's!

Soap bubbles are so much fun! :D


And look how many nice postcards my mummy has received from Belarus and Italy! I hope that one day I'll travel there:


We wanted to choose a place where to go next (in Vilnius). Karolina gave us a map of the city and we had a really hard time thinking what would be the best place to go next week. But we did it, we chose it! Shh, it's a secret...


A day with a movie is even better -we saw "Tangled". It was such a great story!


And then Karolina decided to take us for a walk outside, near the house. Another friend came with us - it's Karolina's rabbit, named Mr. Rabbit :) He's so adorable:


Well, that's all for now. It's really hot outside, so I'm almost melting here. But I guess it's the real summer, right?


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Vilnius, Lithuania - 1st August 2012

By: coraline

Today is the first day of the last month of summer and also the day when I have to say goodbye to my friends.
Zed Dog is also going to other country. We are both visiting Germany and I'm so excited!! Too bad that I have to leave my friends and mom, but they all wished me a safe journey, so I hope that I'll soon reach Germany and start an amazing journey!



Have to make a comfortable place in the envelope. Well, here it goes!..

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Trieb, Germany - 4th August 2012

By: Ravyna

Today I arrived in Germany.
I was surprised, when I saw who opened my envelope. There’s already another TV here, I think Niiskuneiti and I could become good friends. :)
They welcomed me warmly and Ravyna says thank you to you, mummy, for the nice things, I brought with me!


PS: Mum, I have to tell you, that the candy drained off a bit on my journey and now there was a stain on my nice letter. :(
Ravyna cleaned it as good as possible - it’s nearly disappeared - and put it into a plastic sheet, for the next hosts.


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Lichtenfels, Germany - 7th August 2012

By: Ravyna

It’s a bit rainy here, but today in the morning, we were in Lichtenfels, that’s the little town near Ravyna’s home, and the sun came out a bit. We could take a few sight-seeing photos. You can see me in front of the town gate, the town hall and sitting on a huge basket.
There’s written: The biggest gift basket of the world in the German "city of baskets" Lichtenfels


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Kemitzenstein, Bad Staffelstein, Germany - 7th August 2012

By: Ravyna

In the afternoon we did something really exciting. We went with Ravyna and her boyfriend rock climbing. These rocks on the pictures are called “Kemitzenstein”. They told us, that there are many similar rocks around and that the “Frankenjura” or “Fränkische Schweiz” (= Franconian Switzerland), where these rocks are located, is a paradise for climbers.
After a short safety lesson we could try it our own. Niiskuneiti started and afterwards she secured me. It was so much fun and we were very proud, when we reached the top. B)

See you,


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Spiesberg, Germany - 8th August 2012

By: Ravyna

Today I have seen something really romantic. A guy proposed marriage to his girlfriend by building these three words “Willst mich heiraten” (= do you want to marry me) out of 150 bales of straw.
In the evening a hot-air balloon flew near Ravyna’s home. Look at its pretty colours, it was nice to watch it.



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Katzenbuckel, Stübig, Germany - 11th August 2012

By: Ravyna

We went rock climbing again! Today we reached a high (with a little help of Ravyna) on which we found a cat made out of metal. It’s standing there, because these rocks are called “Katzenbuckel” (= a cat’s arched back).
Look, what we found else, a notebook in which every climber, who reached the top, can write the date and his name. We were the first ToyVoyagers up there! :)

Love you mummy,


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Past Inner-German-Border, Thüringen, Germany - 17th August 2012

By: Ravyna

Today we have been in Thüringen, which is a federal state of Germany, like Bavaria. I learned that Germany was divided into two pieces for a long time and it was complicated to get from the west into the east and total impossible to get from East Germany to West Germany.
The last two pictures show you, where the border has been. Nowadays you won’t recognize it, if it wouldn’t be written on these shields. It says there: “At this place, Germany and Europe were divided until the 18th November 1989 at 6am”.



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Lake near Reundorf, Germany - 18th August 2012

By: Ravyna

It’s very hot in Germany, so we went to one of many lakes around here, which is near the village Reundorf. In the last picture you can see the big abbey "Kloster Banz" in the background on the hill. Ravyna said, maybe we’ll have the chance to visit it.



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Coburg, Germany - 22nd August 2012

By: Ravyna

Today we went to the city Coburg. In the morning it was raining so much, it’s hard to recognize the fortress “Veste Coburg” on my first picture. After a while the sun came out and we took photos of the theatre, the castle “Ehrenburg” and a statue of Ernst II., which was very big, although he isn’t very famous; then we went to the inner city and the market place. On our way home we found another place, on which we had a nice view at the fortress on top of the hill.

See you, :)


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Staffelberg, Bad Staffelstein, Germany - 23rd August 2012

By: Ravyna

We walked up the Staffelberg, which is one of the important sights around here. It’s near the town “Bad Staffelstein” and up there is an inn and a little church. When you have such a nice weather as today, you can look very far.
Do you see the tree in the first picture? It grows on a rock!
The last picture shows the Staffelberg from Lichtenfels.



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Trieb, Germany - 4th September 2012

By: Ravyna

Today I had to leave Ravyna, because I’m travelling to mmm105 in Finland. I’m already very excited to meet other ToyVoyagers and find new friends.
Before I went into my travelbag, I wrote a postcard to my mummy, so that she and I have a little memory of my trip to Germany. ;)
Then I had to say good-bye to Niiskuneiti, who became a good friend the last weeks. But you know what? I’m going to travel to her mum, so I can bring her greetings with me. I was very sad when we each other a hug, but I’m also looking forward to my next trips!

Bye-bye Germany, Finland I’m coming!



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Jyväskylä, Finland - 10th September 2012

By: mmm105

Hello mommy!

I arrived in Finland today!!! I'm here, mommy!!!  :D

When I came out off my envelope, I met many other ToyVoyagers.
It was really exited to meet new toys, and to get to know each other, and to have so many new friends so suddenly. Yeah, but it was really fun!!!  :D


They all gave me a group hug as a welcome. :)


And mommy, let me introduced Kurnau cat. He is hostmom's toy, and he will be my host here, too.


Mommy, mommy, MOMMY!!! Guess what?  :o
Something really wonderful happened here. Can you guess it?
Well, there's another sheep toy (NICI sheep) here!!! Her name is Lina, and she comes from Germany.
Mommy, in the very first minutes here, I completed one part of my life mission!!!  :D
Look, here is the picture of us.


Do we look like sisters? :D


I feel so comfortable and nice. It's so wonderful, that there's another TV sheep like me here. Now I'm 100% for sure, that I will enjoy my time here in Finland!!!  :D


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