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Travelog for: Tsuki

Äänekoski, Finland - 13th June 2012

By: Fendi

Hey everyone! Few days ago, my friend Fendi saved me from the dark and boring attic and took me her home. She told me that if I want, she can send me to other countries. And of course I wanted! So now I'm ToyVoyager, nice to meet you all :)

Tsuki muokattu.JPG

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Skyline Park, Germany - 1st August 2012

By: KoboldJoe

Hello Mum,
my Travellog is working now and i am so Happy that i can update now my Impressions about the Last Weeks.
I Hope all is Fine with you Mum and next week i start my Trip back to you :)
Look often in the next Days for my Impressions i had the last weeks.... B)


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Bodensee, Switzerland - 14th August 2012

By: KoboldJoe

Hello Mum,

really nice weather so we walk a little and have a nice Day on the Bodensee, that 2 Minutes away from us.
With my Friend BUDDY it will amazing learn swimming, have a nice Minigolf Game and a ride with the Horses.

and now a liite Bath in the Sun

Bye Mum

2012-08-12 12.29.09.jpg
2012-08-12 12.29.56.jpg
2012-08-12 12.36.04.jpg
2012-08-12 12.47.28.jpg
2012-08-12 12.50.29.jpg
2012-08-12 13.01.17.jpg
2012-08-12 14.04.34.jpg
2012-08-12 14.04.54.jpg

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