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Travelog for: Lina

Lichtenfels, Bavaria, Germany - 23rd November 2012

By: Yosemite

Hello Mummy!

Hostdad is a very good cook, and his most famous meal are Tortellini with cream sauce, bacon and peas.
We were not allowed to help today, we were invited for meal!
But we sneaked a peek in the pots.

Uuuuuuuuuuuuhhhh, looks yummie!

We took place on the table and enjoyed our Tortellinis. Mummy, I would like to share them with you, but we ate it all :p

But if you want, I can cook for you, when I am back. I promise!

Yours, Lina


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Kitchen, Lichtenfels, Germany - 6th December 2012

By: Yosemite

Dear Mummy!

I hope you are well! We enjoy the advent here. Today we baked yummie cookies!

Hostum made 4 types: Buttercookies, Vanilla croissants, chocolate cookies and cookies with apple jelly. They were soooo extremely delicious!

Hostmum suggested to make a parcel for you with the best cookies youīve ever had!

So, Mummy, wait for the postman  :p

Yours, Lina


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Lichtenfels, Bavaria, Germany - 12th December 2012

By: Yosemite

Snow, snow, everywhere snow!

The whole day it snowed! We waited patiently at home until hostmum came home and then we asked her if we could go out. And she said yes!

We took three old sleighs and went down to the garden. We cued our sleighs up in an line and hostmum wanted to pull us through the garden. But when we saw the perfect sleigh run we had a better idea!

We built three teams: Team jo-mlp/mcDaniels on sleigh number 1, Team Jethro/MA_17 on sleigh number 2, and me and Joesy on sleigh number 3. What a challenge!
We wanted to start but Joesy fell headfirst in the snow! And I fell backwards in the snow  :o
But Mummy, donīt worry, we are well! We watched the race from the loge and saw the winning team!

Now we are all together drying in the heater


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Lichtenfels, Bavaria, Germany - 24th December 2012

By: Yosemite

Dear Mummy, tonight something crazy was going on in the living room. During the night a tree has grown there. But hostmum explained that it is christmas and this is our christmas tree. We were allowed to help with the decoration. Joesy and me were responsible for the pretty small balls. We acrried them up the tree and at least hostdad helped us to hang it on  ;)
After we finished we rested for a while... Maybe I slept for a few moments like and angel  :D

What do you think? Isnīt our tree perfect?

Mummy, I wish you a happy Christmas!

Your Lina


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Garden, Lichtenfels, Germany - 1st January 2013

By: Yosemite

Happy new year, dear Mummy!

We celebrated the New years eve in the garden. Hostdad made a big campfire and hang a pot over it. There he roasted meat and vegetables for a goulash. The whole stuff had to cook 3 hours! During this time we sat together at the fire and talked about the last year and what the new will bring.

Yours, Lina


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Lichtenfels, Bavaria, Germany - 10th February 2013

By: Yosemite

dear Mummy,

early in this morning Maeusle asked me if I would like to take part in a yoga lesson. I never did this before and so I said yes!
Because I am one of the smalles TVs here I took a place in the front. My sister Joesy and her friend 3*Euro sat down in the back...  :p
At first we sang Ommmmmmmmmm to calm down.

Then we made the position of the dog, that means push your bottom to the top (no problem) and press arms (big problem!!!) and legs to the floor. Well not each position is so easy for a sheep. But Maeusle said this is no problem, Yoga is what goes on in you head...
The position of the cobra was easier to handle for me. But I liked the relaxation to the end most  :D I donīt know why  :D

Yours, Lina


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Bad Berleburg, Germany - 4th March 2013

By: Yosemite

Dear Mummy,
last week we reached Bad Berleburg. We accompany hostmum at her regimen. There is still some snow!
We made a short walk through the city. In a park we saw a crazy thing made out of metal. What should this be??? It looked like a cage... But then we saw that the are numbers in it and hostmum explained that this is a sun dial.
After a short sit-in in the snow we decided to visit the castle and the park.
On ourway back to the clinic I smelled some relatives. Hostmum, hostmum, I want to take look who is there! We went across the street and saw a sheep flock in an encolure. I talked to them and promised to come back with some yummie food  :p

Maybe I will fulfill one of my life missions here???

Love you, Mummy!



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Bad Berleburg, Germany - 11th March 2013

By: Yosemite

Dear Mummy,

today there was a therapy lesson in my therapy book. So I went down to the spa and got a very relaxing foam bath. I dunk into the hot water and immediately I felt so stress-relieved, I never wanted to go out  ;)
But suddelny hostmum said that my time is over and I had to towel my fur, my hoofes and my ears  :(

But now I am really relaxed and the week can start!

Love, Lina


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Kaltern, Italy - 9th June 2013

By: Yosemite

Hello Mummy!

We spent wonderful days in Alto Adige!

On the wine trail we learned very much about viniculture and the landscape around Kaltern.

The evening we spent in the tavern Fischerkeller
We ordered some wine and a mixed plate for 2 persons or 10 plushies  :p

Hope you are well and send you kisses!



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