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Travelog for: NoMi

North Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States of America - 29th May 2012

By: Chloe09

Hello Fellow Toyvoyagers!


I'm NoMi, the orange and white dragon! I love spending time at home with my mom. I love resting with my pal, Eagan (the brown and white pittie) and Lucy (the white puppy).



I look forward to spending my time in other places showing my mommy the places she's always wanted to go but can't.

If you want me to come visit you or your TV, send a message so I can be on my way! I'd love to visit anywhere and everywhere I can!

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North Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States of America - 7th June 2012

By: Chloe09

I'm off to Portsmith, England!! Mom and I had our goodbyes and Danko was nice enough to show me off to the post office for my safe journey!! I look forward to all the adventures a head of me!!


Please make sure I don't go into the Wild.....I want to return home safely. Mom would be very very sad if I got lost or someone stole me.

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Portsmouth, UK - 13th June 2012

By: MySongIsLaughter


I arrived in Portsmouth this afternoon, and was very pleased when the postwoman gently handed me over to my new host rather than letting me drop all the way from the letterbox to the welcome mat.

When I arrived, I was greeted by the smiling face of Rosalind. She is Frances' toyvoyager, and has just returned from visiting ProfessorRiverSong. Since she doesn't have any more travel plans for the time being, she's agreed to stick around for a bit and show me Portsmouth.

As I arrived, Frances was just about to leave for a rehearsal at college so Rosalind and I jumped into her bag so we could go along too! We got out for a breath of fresh air at the bus stop, and on the bus when we discovered that a saxophone case makes a very comfortable seat!

Throughout the rest of the day, we went to a couple of rehearsals for different bands as well as quite an exciting concert in the evening! The wind band played some awesome music, including music from James Bond, and the 1812 Overture.

I am glad I have made it safely to Portsmouth, and although I miss home and my mum I'm looking forward to the adventures I will have!


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Portsmouth, UK - 14th June 2012

By: MySongIsLaughter

This evening, Rosalind told me she had a suprise for me. We climbed up on top of Frances' storage unit, and I saw that Rosalind had set up the laptop as a big movie screen! We took our seats, and then Frances started the film.

It was Grease! Rosalind and I had a great time singing along with all the songs, and dancing together (but being careful not to step on any keys so we didn't stop the movie)

We had a really good time hanging out together, and I enjoyed the movie too :)


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Southsea, UK - 17th June 2012

By: MySongIsLaughter

Today, Rosalind and I went for a walk by the sea front. Well, when I say walk... we sat in Frances' bag for most of it!

We started off at a beautiful garden, where we enjoyed looking at the flowers and the water, and resting on the bench. After that, we walked out to the sea. The water stretches out a long way! Part way along the seafront, we found Southsea Castle which was built by Henry VIII!


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Portsmouth, UK - 22nd June 2012

By: MySongIsLaughter

Something very exciting happened today! Mimi and George came to join me visiting Portsmouth!

Once we had helped them out of their envelope, we all went for a walk to get some fresh air. We then made some yummy muffins, and tried not to make too much of a mess!

In the evening, we ate fish and chips whilst watching a movie called "Across the Universe" It had lots of good music by the Beatles in it, and the fish and chips were very yummy. I wonder if the fish were caught near here?


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Portsmouth Harbour, UK - 27th June 2012

By: MySongIsLaughter

Look at meeee! I'm on a boooaat! :D

Today Frances had to do a concert that was in a place she had to get a ferry to go to. Because I am on a mission to go on a boat ride, she took me along with her! It was very exciting! We climbed up to the top, so we could see all around the harbour, and when we got across we looked back at where we had come from!

So today I went on the ferry 4 times! I feel like an experienced boater now :)


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London, UK - 30th June 2012

By: MySongIsLaughter


Today, I went to London with my friends! At first, I got a little bit bored because we spent a lot of time on the train and the underground (if they had just let me fly!) but when we got there we went to Hyde Park where we could play outside!

We went to the Albert Memorial, where we met up with loads of awesome people who use the website deviantArt. There were hundreds of people there, all drawing or writing or photographing, and many of them had brought nice food so I ran around trying everything :)

We got back quite late at night, but couldn't go to sleep straight away because there was an exciting package waiting for us! Porridge has arrived in England! At first, she was sad that she had missed coming to London, but then we found out that we will go again tomorrow!


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London, UK - 1st July 2012

By: MySongIsLaughter


So, after a busy day in London, what better to do than go back for more?! This morning, we were back on the train, this time with the Canadian flag because it's Canada Day! I offered to fly everyone over to Canada, but we decided it'd be a bit of a long way for me to take so many toys, so instead we went to Trafalgar Square as there was a party there!

There was live music, street hockey and stalls selling things like poutine, which is a very yummy combination of chips, gravy and cheese. We got a bit damp, because it was rainy, so we all hid in Frances' rucksack for a while, but we still had fun!


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Portsmouth, UK - 5th July 2012

By: MySongIsLaughter

Today, I said goodbye to my friends staying in Portsmouth, so I could go off on my next adventure. I am sad to say goodbye, but looking forward to seeing Germany! And who knows, maybe I will see one of my friends again some day?


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Cloppenburg, Germany - 10th July 2012

By: HinnerksMom

Hi Mom!
I just wanted to let you know that I arrived safe here. It seems to be a very nice place and my host has another TV here for hosting named Dolivia. She is nice and friendly and I am sure we both will have some fun here. As u can see we did celebrate a Little party and made plans for a short trip in the afternoon.


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Varrelbusch, Germany - 11th July 2012

By: HinnerksMom

Okay , its afternoon and Dolivia, my host and I decided to take a short trip around Cloppenburg which let us to Texas Airport. Yes you do hear right....wow I am excited. I could swear that Texas is in the United States and the Airport that comes to my mind straight is Dallas/Fort Worth. Well I found out very quick that we did not talk about America here, but hey I have never been at this Texas Airport before and I had nice company, so I did enjoy myself. There was not really much going on...not even a plane on the ground...hmmm we did spend some time on the playground, cause we were told that a plane would arrive in short time. We explored the airport, checked some maps, found out that they have parachuting there also...and then we hurried back to the fence to watch the plane land. Wow that was actually nice to watch. It was time to leave the airport and continue our little journey...but I tell you about that tomorrow. Hugs Mom


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Amerika/Garrel, Germany - 12th July 2012

By: HinnerksMom

Hi Mom!
As I promised yesterday I will tell you what else we found on our little trip. We were still joking about the name of Texas Airport and how funny it actually was to find an airport with that name in Germany, guess where we found each other sitting all of a sudden???????
IN AMERIKA!!!!! Oh my this is totally confusing here in this area. Dolivia and I sat down a bit and learned that the name came up in the earlier years when there was still a moor area around this place. There was a little height right here which was surrounded by moor and that made it very difficult for the people to reach the next little town Garrel. Due to the fact that it took so long to get there they said it takes as long as to travel to America...so there u go....more of me tomorrow (o; Hug


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Nikolausdorf/Garrel, Germany - 13th July 2012

By: HinnerksMom

Hi Mom!
Talking of funny places...when we left Amerika we drove straight to Nikolausdorf, which would mean St. Claus Village when u translate it. We were sooooooo excited, I was already counting up all the things that I want for Christmas and we mad a plan to look for Santa all around to be able to give him the wishlist in person. Unfortunately he must have been out...no deer...no sleigh ....no nothing we could find, but now we know where to find him else than at North pole. Christmas time he opens his office we´ve been told and the people there are very busy to answer all his mail. I am curious what we will see next. Bye bye Nikolausdorf and greetings to Santa. Maybe we explore Cloppenburg itself...we didn´t do so far. My host said that u maybe won´t here from me before monday, just so u don´t worry. Hug

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Cloppenburg, Germany - 16th July 2012

By: HinnerksMom

Hi Mom!
Like I promised some news from Germany. My host went out for breakfast on Sunday so we had a little check on downtown Cloppenburg. Sunday 10.00am not much going on there, but now we know a little bit about shopping and where to go. They also have this little river Soeste here. You can see it in the first pictures. We enjoyed breakfast together and had lots of fun. We took more pics, but will show you those ones tomorrow. Huggles :D

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