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Travelog for: Danko

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States of America - 23rd July 2012

By: Chloe09

Hey Mom!!

My host mom, Chloe, showed us a sauna (sow-na). A sauna is a room with a hot stove or coals that are heated by water to create a nice hot steamy room. It is a Finnish tradition to have saunas. It was very interesting and quite warm!

Cool, huh? We get to go see some big important buildings on our next adventure!!!

Much Love,

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Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States of America - 24th July 2012

By: Chloe09

Before we went to see these big beautiful buildings, we got to make cupcakes!!! Host mom is Gluten Free - can't have wheat or the complex of proteins that forms when wheat flour is mixed with a liquid and physically manipulated, such as in the kneading of bread.

We all had something to do. It was up to us to make these cupcakes delicious! I was in charge of the oven. Chloe took the pan out and put it in but I got to push the buttons to the temperature and use the timer! It was a very scary job because if I didn't get the timer right, the cupcakes could be ruined. :( that would be so sad!

Look Mom!!! I helped make these delicious cupcakes!! We then had some ice cream and enjoyed our cupcakes. We were all so proud!!!

What a wonderful snack before going to see big buildings! Now we're full and ready to go!

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Downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota!, United States of America - 24th July 2012

By: Chloe09

All of these downtown Minneapolis buildings are big and beautiful! Some of these buildings have a cool history!

This is the Minneapolis City Hall. It occupies an entire city block and has about 680,000 gross square feet. The building is an architectural treasure listed on the National Register of Historic Places and was designed by Long and Keys Architects. The building also features a 15-bell chime and is the only American made set that can play the "Star Spangled Banner" in the original key. Every hour, quarter, and half-hour you will hear the bells of the tower. The bells were manufactured in New York and weigh from 300 to 7,300 pounds each -- over 14 tons total.

This is the Public Safety building. It's a jail!! Here's some information Chloe09 told us about it! The Hennepin County Sheriff's Office operates the largest pre-trial adult detention facility (commonly called the jail) in the State of Minnesota. Jail facilities are located in two different buildings in downtown Minneapolis, but are treated as one facility:
    The Public Safety Facility (PSF) has 330 beds for arrestees.
    The City Hall (ADC) has 509 beds for arrestees.
On average each year, there are approximately 40,000 bookings at the jail. The jail is currently staffed for a capacity of 703 beds, and the average population in 2009 was 694. The jail has consistently earned the distinction of being accredited by the American Correctional Association for maintaining the highest standards of inmate custody and care.

This building is the Hennepin County Court House. Little bit of information about it! It was pretty cool. The Hennepin County Courthouse, located in the Hennepin County Government Center, was completed in 1974. It was designed by John Carl Warnecke and Associates of San Francisco, with Peterson, Clark and Associates of Minneapolis. The masonry is the same carnelian red granite from Ortonville, MN, that was used in building the Minneapolis City Hall, where the courthouse used to be located. The diagonal braces of the modern building are steel sprayed with a fireproofing material to which a cream-colored porcelain-type material was fused. The building's total cost was about $50 million, with $1.6 million more spent after completion on making necessary window changes, fitting an additional floor for courtrooms, and installing glass walls on atrium floors and walkways.

This is the United States District Courthouse. The history of the judicial system in Minnesota begins in 1849 when the first territorial court term was held in Stillwater, Minnesota. The U.S. District Court for the District of Minnesota was not established until nine years later when Minnesota became a State in 1858.

This train was cool. She called it the light rail. We couldn't go on there....we didn't have time. :( maybe next time!

Can't wait to see our next adventure. :)

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Minnesota Zoo - Apple Valley, MN, United States of America - 4th August 2012

By: Chloe09

Greetings from the Minnesota Zoo!!


We had to celebrate Diddl-Maus's new journey that's going to continue by going to Chuck E Cheese and playing games.

Can't wait to see where we head to next! Miss you!

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Minnesota, USA - 15th August 2012

By: Jillyfish

Chloe09 passed me directly to Jillyfish.  I'm still here in Minnesota, but we've had a grrrreat time!

We took a spontaneous two day trip to Lake Superior! :)



It's really beautiful here!





We found this little bridge near the cabin where we stayed.
Aren't we a good looking group? :P



We even took a boat ride!


It was a great trip! Hope you are doing well at home!

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Minnesota, USA - 14th September 2012

By: Jillyfish

We have been staying inside because of the cooler Autumn weather. I help host mom with her studying, but I think another trip is in order. :)

Totoro and I met some celebrities! Can you name which movies these characters are from?  :p


Look for our next update tomorrow. Miss you!

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Minnesota, USA - 17th September 2012

By: Jillyfish

Host Mom has been very busy and stressed out with studying for school. I've been helping her! :)



Whew! Studying is more hard work than I thought!  :p


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Minnesota, USA - 17th November 2012

By: Jillyfish

We are making chocolate-chip pancakes today!


Priscilla and I are in charge of the batter. Yay teamwork!


Alright, everyone, let's sit down and eat!



What a good looking group!


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Minnesota, USA - 21st November 2012

By: Jillyfish

Autumn is beautiful~!

I love the crisp fallen leaves.


Mr. Munchy and I are reveling in the warm sunshine of a peaceful afternoon.


We have a nice outing planned for tomorrow. :)

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Minnehaha Park, Minneapolis, MN, USA - 22nd November 2012

By: Jillyfish

Can you guess where we are? A normal park? WRONG!


We are here at Minnehaha Park in Minneapolis, MN. We are here to see the Minnehaha Falls, walk the trails, and even fish a little bit. :D


We are going down there------->


Mr. Munchy and I are great explorers; we are up to the challenge.  B)


There's not a lot of people out here today. It is a bit chilly. Good thing we packed that extra sweater.



Aren't the Falls beautiful?


We found this sign very funny.  :p






We stop to rest a bit and eat a snack.




We made it! THE MIGHTY Mississippi River~!



No one is here besides us---- must be a secret spot. ;)


Alright! Let's get out that fishing gear and get to work.



Look at us! We're in the River.  :o



I think I prefer to stay on shore.



It was a good adventure. I'm looking forward to many more! :)

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Minnesota, USA - 25th December 2012

By: Jillyfish

Merry Christmas!

We count up all our Christmas cards we received: 49!


Christmas dinner at Grandma & Grandpa's house is big and yummy.


We can't wait until it's time to open presents!


Do you know what Christmas trees are good for?




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