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Travelog for: Peep

Bloomington, Minnesota, USA - 1st April 2012

By: lazyfairy

Hello Everyone!  I'm just a little TV, so I'm going to be staying at home and travel with my Mom for a while.  When I get a little older, I will be able to travel the world!

I look forward to welcoming many TVs to my home and hearing about their travels.

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St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin , USA - 1st April 2012

By: lazyfairy

Took a little trip today to Wisconsin - The land of cheese!  We will have to go back sometime and eat some Cheese Curds!

We saw the St. Croix River, and the falls at the dam.


It is so peaceful here!

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Apple Valley, Minnesota, USA - 2nd April 2012

By: lazyfairy

Hello!  Today Big Glubschi and I went to the Minnesota Zoo.  Big Glubschi is visiting us from Austria.


First, we rode the Monorail Train all over the Zoo.  What a thrill to be flying up above so many animals!  From the Monorail, we saw Moose, Bears, Tigers, Buffalo, Camels and many other animals.


I really liked the Tigers, but we didn't want to get too close to a real one.  This statue seemed much safer! 


This Zoo has a Farm.  I met lots of fun farm animals.  The baby piglets were so cute, but it was too hard to get a picture of them.  I liked Libby the Cow.  She seemed very interested in us.  She even let me pet her!


My favorite animal to visit was the baby chicks.  A few of them looked a lot like me!  Some of them were darker, and some even had stripes!


What a wonderful day!  Hoping for another adventure really soon!

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Bloomington, Minnesota, USA - 4th April 2012

By: lazyfairy

I was so upset today!  While we were at the Zoo, I met and played with lots of children, and I got DIRTY!  How terrible!  So when my family went to the Mall today, I had to stay home.  I wanted to cry.  :(

As soon as they left, I got an idea.  I was going to get myself clean.  First I picked out the best smelling soap I could find.  Isn't it cute!


Playing in the bubbles was so much fun!  I scrubbed and scrubbed until I was clean as new.


I wrapped in a towel to dry.  It was nice and warm, and I had worked hard, so I decided to take a little nap.


When my family came home, they brought me a flower to wear.  It's so pretty!  After a spray of my favorite perfume, I look and smell so good.


I think I had a better time staying home than I would've had at the Mall.  Next time I'll be ready for an adventure!

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Bloomington, Minnesota, USA - 5th April 2012

By: lazyfairy

I finally have my own room!  Much better than being left on the book shelf all night long!  My new friend Big Glubschi help me decorate.

It all started with a box.


Big Glubschi hung the wallpaper for me because I was just too short.  He really is an awesome friend!  I laid down the carpet.  I picked green because I wanted my room to look like a garden.


I really like it!  My egg bed on the left is so comfy and relaxing!  I can't wait to sleep in it!  On the right wall, I have a section for my photos of my friends.


The best part of all is that Big Glubschi made a blanket for me.  It's so soft and warm.  Thanks!


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Bloomington, Minnesota, USA - 8th April 2012

By: lazyfairy


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Bloomington, Minnesota, USA - 11th April 2012

By: lazyfairy

I hope that by being a stay at home TV I will get to welcome lots of TVs to my home.

Lola Rabbit arrived today!  It was so nice to meet her.


I feel bad that she was stuck in her envelope for Easter.  Maybe we'll have to plan a late Easter surprise for her!

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Bloomington, Minnesota, USA - 12th April 2012

By: lazyfairy

Everyone SHHHHH!!!

Please, be very very quiet.

I felt so bad for Lola Rabbit.  SHE MISSED EASTER!  Poor little bunny was stuck in a package for the only rabbit holiday.  I have a friend who is a rabbit, I know how important Easter is to the floppy ears.

Since Lola Rabbit was sleeping in my room, I knew as soon as she fell asleep.  I was ready to get started!  I tried to get Big Glubschi to help, but he only snored.  Milk Chocolate muttered something about tasting German Chocolate and rolled over.  I was on my own.

I may be a little TV, but I knew I could make a wonderful Easter surprise all by myself.  With a little cutting and a little sewing, I made a dress for Lola Rabbit.  She was so soundly asleep, I was able to sneak it on her.  You'll have to wait for morning to see how it looks.  I hope she likes pink!


Every bunny needs some chocolates for Easter.  I worked very hard picking out the very best for her.


I may have fallen asleep for a little tiny bit, but I got all the goodies loaded into her present.


I can't stay awake any longer.  I'm going to crawl in bed and get some shut eye.  You go check out Lola Rabbit's Travelog in the morning to see her new dress and her reaction.


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St. Paul, Minnesota, USA - 14th April 2012

By: lazyfairy


Today my friends and I went to Hidden Falls Park in St. Paul, Minnesota.  From left to right here we have Big Glubschi, me, Milk Chocolate, and Lola Rabbit.


I really liked climbing trees in the forest.  When I learn how to fly, I won't have to climb them anymore.  This cherry tree was so pretty with all its flowers!


This is the Hidden Falls that the park is named for.  Water levels are low this year, but I still think it's beautiful! 


After our wonderful walk in the forest, we stopped at the beach by the Mississippi River for some sun.  I wish the water was warm enough to go for a swim!  I was so close to a boat, and I wanted to ride so bad.


I really love taking my friends out and showing them around!  I hear new friends might be arriving soon and I can't wait!

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Bloomington, Minnesota, USA - 26th April 2012

By: lazyfairy

Just a quick update from me today.  I welcomed a TV who just arrived.  This is Luisa.  Such a pretty name!


I have some AWESOME news to share.  Very soon I will be traveling!  I get to go to Walt Disney World!  I'm so happy!!!!

I just got to get myself a name tag.  Shopping will be fun!

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Bloomington, Minnesota, USA - 29th April 2012

By: lazyfairy


Today I took my friends on a walk to the playground.  BlueBunny, Lola Rabbit, Luisa and I had so much fun!


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Bloomington, Minnesota, USA - 10th June 2012

By: lazyfairy

Finally!  I got my name tag, and now I can be on my way to my first adventure!!!  I can't wait!


After packing up my things, I said goodbye to my room mate Lola Rabbit.  We've had some great times together, and I'll miss her so much!


I go to the post office tomorrow, and then off to North Carolina!

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Castle Hayne, NC, USA - 21st June 2012

By: JaymeC

After a long journey I made it down here to NC. It took Jayme quite awhile to get home from work, so I decided to start exploring and enjoying the flowers some.

This is a hardy hibiscus plant in front of JaymeC's home. She arrived before I could make it much further. Right now, it's just me here, but I hope to have some fun updates soon with a few other toyvoyagers!

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Wilmington, NC, USA - 23rd June 2012

By: JaymeC

JaymeC said it'd been rather cool so far for North Carolina, but this weekend the heat hit with a vengeance so we decided to go find something cool to do. First we stopped by the pool for awhile
At the pool here is a splash pad. It's an extra place for the children to play when the main pool is having their safety 15 minutes each hour or if they just don't feel like swimming
After everyone got dry, we headed to a nice cool movie. I couldn't take any photos after the movie started, but here's me munching on some popcorn before. We went to see the movie Brave, it was very cute!

By the time we made it home there was a surprise waiting for us. Miffie had arrived! We were very happy Miffie arrived safely since the envelope had broken open in shipping and been re-wrapped by the post office. Phew!

More soon!

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Carolina Beach State Park, NC, USA - 3rd July 2012

By: JaymeC

Hello Hello! I'm sorry it took so long to update, we have been very busy with packing, but we did manage to take some down time... of course the rest time was almost more tiring than normal work  :rolleyes:

We headed down to Carolina Beach State Park for a camp out. It took quite a bit of effort to get the tents set up.

After getting the tents set up we went on a little walk through the woods and stopped to play some ball.

Whew! Then it was time for some food, we got to cooking.

Then it was off to bed for the night, we were supposed to have a big day the next day!

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