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Travelog for: Tiffy

Paderborn, Germany - 25th March 2012

By: mcdaniels

Dear Mum, for taking my mind off Störte, Claas and I drove to Paderborn city. We visited a friend of hostmum who wants to open a cafe, and hostmum assisted her writing a businness plan. Claas and I had lots of ideas relating to equipment and menu, but nobody wanted to enter our suggestions into the business plan, we didn't understand at all  :p
The friend's husband showed us his toy helicopter and -imagine, Mum- there were pictures of a pirate on it!!! The hole diversion was gone  :(
But tomorrow Claas and I will go to Paderborn city again. He will show me the cathedral, the townhall and I don't know what else, and I hope nothing will remind me of my Störte...
Yours Tiffy

danijela 001.JPG
danijela 002.JPG
danijela 003.JPG
danijela 004.JPG
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Paderborn, Germany - 26th March 2012

By: mcdaniels

Hallo Mummy, today Claas and I had a lovely sunny day in Paderborn. First he invited me into a cafe where we had an opulent breakfast. After breakfast we recovered on a bench in front of the cafe. Then Claas showed me the townhall, the Neptun's fountain, a big house that belonged "Karl dem Großen" and the cathedral. In the inner courtyard of the cathedral we visited the "Window of the three hares", a landmark of Paderborn: three hares and three ears, and nevertheless every hare has got two ears...very strange!
After that we visited the Pader and a sign descibing this river. Mum, we discovered a funny frog in the water!
This night I will sleep very good, I think. Good night, yours Tiffy


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Paderborn, Germany - 30th March 2012

By: mcdaniels

Dear Mummy, yesterday hostmum, hostdad, Mammoth, Claas and I went hiking on a foothpath round Neuenbeken. We visited an old viaduct, an old oak tree, the Beke river, went through a tunnel (oh, Mum, it was VERY DARK in this tunnel, but I didn't want to be a scaredy-seagull and so I didn't show my feelings... :o ) and studied all the rules being valid in a nature reserve. One of the rules is that it is forbidden to alarm the wild animals, and I wondered why they had made me going through this DARK tunnel...
Then we took a rest in the middle of white and purple flowers, very nice! After that Claas and I entered a limestone wall. The ground is full of limestone and nobody knows how all the trees can hold on.
Leaving the forest we had a fantastic view of Neuenbeken and the environs.
All the best, yours Tiffy

wanderung 003.JPG
wanderung 002.JPG
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wanderung 005.JPG
wanderung 008.JPG
wanderung 009.JPG
wanderung 006.JPG
wanderung 007.JPG
wanderung 010.JPG
wanderung 012.JPG
wanderung 013.JPG
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wanderung 016.JPG

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Paderborn, Germany - 1st April 2012

By: mcdaniels

Imagine, Mummy, Störte sent me a photo of his journey to Rome. He picked a flower ONLY FOR ME!  :rolleyes:

romstörte 001.JPG

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Paderborn, Germany - 4th April 2012

By: mcdaniels

Hallo Mummy, today Mefito, my hostmum's TV came back home from Kiew. I was very curious to get to know him and I can say: what a nice skunk!!! We both went out for getting some fresh air, relaxing in the sun and exchanging our experiences with travelling. And Mummy, you can't imagine, I forgot thinking of Störte for some minutes...!!!
When we came back we all gave a welcome-home-present to Mefito and now we will sit together the whole night talking and celebrating his return.
Best wishes, yours Tiffy

mefito 004.JPG
mefito 011.JPG
mefito 003.JPG
mefito 001.JPG
mefito 002.JPG
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Paderborn, Germany - 8th April 2012

By: mcdaniels

Happy Easter, Mummy!!!
Last night Mefito and I wanted to accompany hostmum and hostdad who hide little Easter bunnies in front of their friend's houses every year in the Easter night.
But suddenly one of the old dogs felt very sick, so they had to drive to the veterinarian emergency duty in the night. If Trixi feels better this night, we will go and hide bunnies. I'll tell you tomorrow!

ostern 002.JPG

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Paderborn, Germany - 9th April 2012

By: mcdaniels

Hallo Mummy!
Yesterday night Trixi was better, so Mefito and I accompanied hostmum and hostdad hiding many many Easter bunnies in front of their friend's homes. Mefito and I carried the bunnies to the houses, and we had to be VERY quiet so that we didn't get caught...VERY quiet, Mummy! In front of one house, Mefito had to sneeze and suddenly the light went on  :o We had to jump behind a shrub and wait...the light went out. That was close!
After a few hours our bunny-bag was nearly empty. By way of thanks Mefito and I got the last two bunnies  :D
Before reaching home Mefito felt asleep...I think, boys can't stand as many excitements as girls  ;)
Yours Tiffy

ostern 001.JPG
ostern 001.JPG
ostern 002.JPG
ostern 004.JPG
ostern 003.JPG
ostern 005.JPG
ostern 006.JPG

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Paderborn, Germany - 17th April 2012

By: mcdaniels

Mummy, yesterday Störte came back home!!!
Mefito and I were standing there, waiting for his pirate ship...and there he was!
Mefito was so kind to let me welcome my Störte first, though they haven't seen each other since December!
Oh, it was a beautiful evening! First we listened a few hours to Störte spinning his yarn and then, after telling Störte about his journey to Ukraine,  Mefito retired and Störte and I were quite alone... :rolleyes:
But he has a new invitation, Mefito and I as well, so we will start again the next days, and unfortunately we'll have to say finally goodbye  :(
Nevertheless, now we celebrate Störtes return and enjoy our last common days...
yours Tiffy

mefito störte 019.JPG
mefito störte 020.JPG
mefito störte 021.JPG
mefito störte 022.JPG
mefito störte 023.JPG
mefito störte 015.JPG
mefito störte 016.JPG
mefito störte 018.JPG
mefito störte 013.JPG
mefito störte 014.JPG

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Paderborn, Germany - 19th April 2012

By: mcdaniels

Dear Mum,
yesterday Störte, Mefito and I went on our farewell trip. We drove our favourite path, climbed up our favourite tree (they had to climb up, I flew of course), sat on our favourite bench and between out favourite flowers and were a bit sad, because it was our last common trip  :(
We are excited as well, because tomorrow we will start to our new hosts and we are looking forward to new friends...but of course it's hard to say goodbye...above all to my Störte.
But today evening we will celebrate a farewell party and Störte and I will celebrate our last night  :rolleyes:
Bye, Mummy, yours Tiffy

abschiedsspaziergang 001.JPG
abschiedsspaziergang 002.JPG
abschiedsspaziergang 004.JPG
abschiedsspaziergang 006.JPG
abschiedsspaziergang 008.JPG

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Paderborn, Germany - 20th April 2012

By: mcdaniels

Wow, Mummy, what a fantastic farewell party...

party 001.JPG
party 002.JPG
party 003.JPG

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Paderborn, Germany - 21st April 2012

By: mcdaniels

Hallo Mummy, today we welcomed Hermann from Neumünster. He is an absolute HSV-football-fan and showed us his HSV little presents. Mefito, HSV fan as well, was totally wild with these presents, I couldn't understand...what an excitement because of blue and white things...
But he also had chocolate, mmmhh!
So my departure will me Monday morning cause we want to spend the weekend together with Hermann. And two more days for me with my Störte...
yours Tiffy

Hermann 001.JPG
Hermann 002.JPG
Hermann 003.JPG

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Paderborn, Germany - 22nd April 2012

By: mcdaniels

Mummy, now it's really time to say goodbye...
I gave a hug to all my new friends, especially to Claas, good friend in sad frames of mind, to Mefito, nice TV friend...and to Störte, my love...! When I kissed him, suddenly I had a vision, Mummy: we were just married! Before crawling in our envelopes Störte and I lay together speaking about the future...perhaps we will meet each other somewhere again...I hope so  :thinking:
But Störte also said that we must be strong and that there are nice experiences waiting for me. So now I'm sad, but I think I will be happy again. And I am curious to my new host.
See you soon, Mummy, yours Tiffy

Borus 007.JPG
Borus 003.JPG
Borus 011.JPG
Borus 012.JPG
Borus 013.JPG
Borus 014.JPG
Borus 015.JPG
Borus 019.JPG
Borus 017.JPG
Borus 018.JPG

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On the way to Delligsen, Germany - 23rd April 2012

By: mcdaniels

Dr. Kröbner, I'm coooooooming!!!  :D

tschüss 002.JPG

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Delligsen, Germany - 25th April 2012

By: Dr.Kröbner

Hello Mummy,

I´m safely arrived in Delligsen, but as you see I´m crying  :(...
because Störte....snifff....I´m soooooo alone ......my heart is breaking....



the other TVs welcomed me very warmly and after a short time I feel better....here are 4 girls ( Hase, Mary Möf, Joesy, Tiffy ) and two girls with heartache..Tiffy and Joesy....poor hostmum  ;)






hostmum saith, that is a phase and we must go through...but then everything is fine and we are young and there are many Pirates and monkeys in the world...ok..

so Joesy and I made a little meditation, as a therapy... :rolleyes:

as in a dream, we have seen Störte( in a small size) ;) and 3*Euro



and now we start new adventures,
Tomorrow night, we decided to do a girls night  B)...sorry Mr.Lemony and Günther :cyclops:


kisses for you Mummy, I feel fine

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Delligsen, Germany - 30th April 2012

By: Dr.Kröbner

Hello Mummy,

not a girls night...but a girls day... :rolleyes:

first we do something for our prettines....eyemask and facemask and relax...and look at the boys.. B)


after the beautypart we went into the garden, the weather is sooooo good , we relaxed again.....drink coffee, eat cake....relax....and so on :rolleyes:



and then look what Mary Möf found.....jewels....properly right for little TV-girls... B)...I found the prosecco :cyclops:



Mummy look I´m the most beautiful seagull in the world.. :D



then we posed for a group photo

Hase, Joesy, Mary Möf and Tiffy


that was a nice day Mummy...love you

kisses your Tiffy

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