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Travelog for: Wayne

Home, Germany - 6th January 2012

By: Jessica


My name is Wayne, i'm a little gingerbreadman and a present from my good friend Sookie.
I hope i can see the whole world! :)

On Thuesday, 10. January 2012, I will start my journey of freedom to my mothers homecountry Russia.

I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it *sing*


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Postoffice, Germany - 10th January 2012

By: Jessica

I left for my first trip!
Hopefully i'll arrive as soon as possible at Dangerousebeans!

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Moscow, Russia - 4th February 2012

By: Dangerousebeans

Hi, mom!! Oh, finally I'm in Russia!!! What a long traveling it was and how cold is here now!  :cyclops: But I'm happy to visit my new friend, Masha aka dangerousebeans from Moscow and I'm ready for my adventure! See you soon!  ;)

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Moscow, Russia - 18th February 2012

By: Dangerousebeans

Hi, mum!
Today we decided to be engaged in good business and to help birdies to live happily. You know, in Russia it’s really cold in winter, therefore wild animals in the city have problems – where to live and where to eat. My host lives near to park, so we solved to create a feeding for titmouse and sparrows - almost free, but effective!
At first we take a juice package, certainly empty. I like an apple one - beautiful green box, reminds of summer among white snow.
Then we measure distances accurately and line everything by the pen. Hm, it is not so convenient to me to hold the handle by my paws.
Now we take a knife and start to cut out apertures. Not so simply, when a knife is bigger than you!
We paste a paper over edges to help birdies not to wound when they would fly inside. Well we also can do more beautiful! What do you think?
We insert a branch so birdies could eat sitting. I have found chopsticks - excellent idea!
Last but not least - a tasty feed! For this case we bought the real delicacy - apples, peaches, grapes,  cherry, seashell crumb, seeds and cereals. Sounds good! Now in park there will be the thickest and healthy titmouse and sparrows.
Finally, we adhere a feeding to a tree and wait for visitors. Bon appetit!

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Moscow, Russia - 3rd March 2012

By: Dangerousebeans

Hi, mum!
Terrible snowfalls still storm in Moscow; therefore we continue to visit museums! I’m waiting for spring, streams and birdies so much! =) Today we have decided to visit the Polytechnical museum – one of the oldest scientific and technical museums of the world that emphasizes the progress of Russian and Soviet technology. The museum was opened in 1872 and it is completely devoted science development - chemistry, physics, electronics, there are over 190 thousand museum subjects. Our excursion was very interesting and informative. Everywhere I saw tablets in English that has allowed receiving tons of new knowledge for non-russian tourists. And also there are interactive models which will make a science more fun!
The very first exhibit that we met is the Soviet nuclear bomb – RDS-1. Its non-official name is The First Lightning (Pervaya molniya) and it was used in the Soviet Union's first nuclear weapon test, code-named Joe-1, in reference to Joseph Stalin. It was exploded on 29 August 1949, at Semipalatinsk, Kazakh SSR, after a top-secret R&D project. At Lavrenty Beria's insistence, the RDS-1 bomb was designed as an implosion weapon similar to the Fat Man bomb dropped on Nagasaki, Japan; it was an implosion type weapon with a solid plutonium core.
My host says that we live in very strange world when for peaceful life it is necessary to make bombs. If the USA after the attack of Japan stayed monopolist in nuclear arms, nobody could know, what would be a destiny of mankind. Thank God that Cold War hasn't outgrown in Third World one.
Then we have passed in the huge hall telling about the oil industry in Russia. Can you believe, that earlier oil extracted from wells like water till middle of 19 century? And was transported by camels. So weird!
I have been very impressed by a huge platinum nugget more than 9,5 kg in weight. It was found in the Ural mines. Host told me that platinum has been found for the first time in 1819 in Russia. But it was very cheap and was called as "rotten gold", nobody needed it. You know, a word "platinum" literally means «small silver». Such scornful name can be explained by bad fusibility of platinum so it was estimated twice lower than silver. Well now this nugget costs more than 530 thousand dollars! Certainly, it is a model, because it would be too dangerous to keep it here.
In a museum it is possible to see development of art processing of stone, one of the first natural materials used by the men. Russian masters, unlike European ones, aspired to follow more unique natural drawing and beauty of marble, than templates. This marble mosaic table-top has been created in the Peterhof Lapidary Factory in 19th century. This well-known factory produced beautiful things for the Hermitage!
Look, there is a steelmaker's spoon It is made more than 40 years ago. So interesting that it is used not for the basic work of metal fusion, but for removal of tests. By this spoon a steelmaker scoops liquid metal and sends it to experts to find out, which components don't suffice the quality.
Here it is a first Russian TV with new, for the first time in the world applied standard of clearness in 625 lines  - "Moskvich-T1" (Muscovite – T1). I can't understand, what could be pleasant to watch it! Seriously, it is easier to listen to radio, than to crowd round the TV!
It is very amusing record player, isn't it? I saw many record players - they have these huge pipes which strengthen a sound. But this one has zither - the string resonator. Zither strings vibrate from a sound. Each string of a zither responds on a sound of "its" note, strengthening it. So unusual!
Also we saw different models of cars created many centuries ago. This one on a photo has been thought up in 1600 in Holland! Amusing, it is look like overland ship. Imagine, if such cars drive on streets today!
And in the end we have come into a hall of high technologies - computers! A group photo for memory! (There was very strict keeper who didn't like toys on technical devices)  :cyclops:
There is the main stage in working out of modern computers is presented – the machine tool which reads out punched cards. We have been told that at the beginning – in 1820 - there was a weaving loom working this way. The pattern which was necessary for weaving was set by them. Inventor Herman Hollerit has decided to use a similar method for processing of results of population census in America. Processing of results of last census has been counted almost seven years! And the population continued to increase … But the machine automatically processed results. Finally results have been processed for six weeks!  :o

And at the very end of excursion we have seen this remarkable gadget for electricity development. Looks like a bicycle connected with wires. You should twist pedals, and in a case a device that  is sufficed of electricity – the hair dryer, a mixer or even the TV - starts to work! What a pity, that my legs don't get to pedals  :p

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Moscow, Russia - 20th March 2012

By: Dangerousebeans

Hi, mum! Today we have decided to visit a remarkable international exhibition that is going to be iin Moscow till the end of March. It is called the Golden Turtle and it is competition for a rank of the best photographer of the wild nature in the world. Look, what a beautiful building it is! The exhibition passes in the center of Moscow, near to the Kremlin. It is written on advertizing: Life is beautiful!
We stand and stand…
The next photo is called "the Guard of natural precious stones". Photographing was very difficult; the spider jumped over different blades of grass, threw off water drops and climb up the camera. But the final picture is excellent!
The photographer told us, that they have stopped to have a rest on a trip and then they were surrounded by monkeys who began to demand meal. The leader looks very defiantly, doesn’t he?
The Russian island The Seal is entirely occupied by groups of sea birds and seals in summertime. They prefer for habitation even the constructions erected by the people! :stare:
I consider that a halcyon - one of the most beautiful birds on light. A legend says that Noah sent a halcyon for fire. It flied up highly in heavens, and its wings were painted in color of the sky. When he saw a fire he went down and took a firebrand which burned its wings and  paws which become fiery color.
Also look, I dive together with jellyfishes! I am very brave ginger-bread
And the sweetest thing in the world - sleeping fat dormouses. To sleep nine months in a year - I envy a little bit.
You will never guess what it is - the big dandelion! It looks like a pentagram.
This photo is called “The Frontal attack”. This bird liked shelter of the photographer and started to expel him therefrom. Looks very threateningly, as the bomber.  :o
There is just a beautiful and romantic dawn and a heron that admires it. Fantastic!
Interesting, about what these bear cubs argue? They couldn’t agree about something?
And last but not least - tomorrow I will not be in Moscow anymore! Guess, where? The host took me to Thailand! First we wanted to go to Maldives, but a boyfriend of my host has forbidden because of political problems. OK, we will visit Thailand! There are more sights and we will have more fun!  :p

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Samui, Thailand - 23rd March 2012

By: Dangerousebeans

Hi, mom!
At last I can publish amazing photos of my holidays in Thailand! I can warn you, there are more photo than one hundred therefore at me it’s a lot of work  B)
Hey, my very first day of holiday begins! You know, how long it takes to fly to Thailand from Moscow? 9 hours! And one and a half more to the small island Samui where we will enjoy everything. Add time at three airports between planes, and day passes. But of course, holidays are worth it!
Everything begins in Domodedovo – one of four airports in Moscow, the biggest and overloaded airport in Russia. It was opened in 1963 and sends more than 400 flights a day!
We approach to our table. We’ve chosen flight of Transaero Company. It is the leader among the Russian companies by quality of transportations. Well, and by the price of the ticket too.
Plus, we have a business class. It isn't necessary, but we are going to fly all night long. I couldn’t imagine, how it is possible to sit 9 hours long on inconvenient armchair, some people can't even extend a foot,  what to say about sleeping. Comfort is money! :thinking:
So, it is necessary to be checked on the x-ray device. It seems, there are no metal explosive parts and water in me but who knows?
Well, we passed customs, before our flight it is 2 hours, than how we will waste our time? Let's eat. The last European food for a half-month – it is still unclear what we will find in Thailand …
The business class gives another remarkable priority – a special waiting room. It is awesome to relax in a soft chair with a plate of snacks. These luminous bubbles behind my back –it is so cool!
At last, we in the plane. I never saw such amusing chairs-capsules, did you? Now we can sit and read a book comfortably …
And by pressing one button they automatically turn into the real bed! Yes, in such armchair it is possible to sleep perfectly 9 hours long! And the back doesn't move, so nobody hangs over. Super! :D
Short stop at the airport of Bangkok. There is no time for photography – it is necessary to take away luggage and send to the following flight! But this mosaic on a wall I simply couldn't pass – so beautiful.
And certainly, always there is enough time for the most tasty coconut. Oh, it is necessary to drink directly from a nut? And the barman instead of using a shaker takes a sharp hatchet, does 3 strokes, a straw and everything is ready. Exotic!
At last, cute small airport of island Samui (or coh Samui as local people say). Very small. Compare it with my first photo! But it is so lovely. There are many airports in picturesque exotic places worldwide, but the island Samui airport is known as the most harmonious with the nature of Thailand. Only two companies work there: Bangkok Airways and Thai Airways. An airport building has only one floor, in colors and flowers.
So, after our arrival we look in a map to reconnoiter the area. Such a tiny island! We are in the top right corner. And our hotel is on the right coast, between two "horns". Look, there is the only McDonald's on the island nearby. Mmmm, civilization! :cyclops:
My God, it is so pleasant to lay down on the real bed and to extend feet! Moreover on such beautiful one.
The first day of my holiday came, I shouldn’t hurry up now, I take a breath for a few minutes in our room, as there is a conditioner, and on the street it is really hot! ;)

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Samui, Thailand - 24th March 2012

By: Dangerousebeans

Hi, mom!
In my story about Thailand we move from one step to the next. At first I told about flight, now I pass to our settling. So, we live in Fair House Resort hotel in Chawengnoi beach. My host chose it, as a quiet place where it is possible to sleep sweet under palm trees. At the same time there is Chaweng beach some kilometers to the north – the most party place of the island. :cyclops:
The hotel is protected by two small gods – my host called them "kamnegryzy" - stone-nibblers. I don't know, the sculptor thought up them or they are from local folklore, but look scary. It seems to me, or he has hearts on his stone? :o
You know, what really amazed me after arrival? Reception! I never saw such fantastically beautiful building. It is all surrounded with greens (well, it is Thailand; there is A LOT of greens). And the Indian god – Ganesh meets us, for some reason. Hm, OK, maybe the majority of tourists are induist. I always thought that official religion of Thailand – the Buddhism.
There is a zoo around the reception-building – terribly dissatisfied elephant
and cheerful pig.
In general, as I understood, Thais adore sculptures and figures. Look – on a small corner of their table - four figures and all different!  :stare:
Geese are interested in a beautiful bouquet of flowers. And on a distant wall – a portrait of the emperor. It  hangs in each building. Nearby – a portrait of the queen, and on another wall – one of princesses. What a respect to royal family!
And more animals – small happy elephant. Elephants are on each corner there – a symbol of Thailand, by the way!
Group photo while waiting for registration. We were given a glass of fruit juice – there is a bar on reception, but it produces only this single glass – if you want to drink – go on a beach! B)
Finally a small automobile came and we are going to our house. It is interesting that we live further than everybody else  from reception – practically on the beach, on the very end of the territory belonging to hotel. Plus, reception (and near - the exit from the territory) is much higher than a beach – it is on a hill. So 1-2 times a day when we wanted to eat, we were necessary to lose couple of kgs at first, clambering upward on the street. But let's talk about it later.
So, it's our room. On the right another one, belonging to German tourists, and the beach begins. Disappointingly that there is no dryer – it is necessary to hang out swimsuits on a balcony. And so convenient – a basin for washing feet near every building. You are walking barefoot all the time and when you come home – simply dip feet in a basin. ;)
Our number is rather small, for three people. Such beautiful pictures hang on walls.
Lamps are very unusual and very badly shine. In general, number  isn't shined at all, it is hard to read books! We need to remove lamp shades from lamps or you can't see anything. By the way, on a photo – my host with the parents
As I show you a bedroom – I will show a bathroom too. Everything is excellent, but I'm surprised that there is no bath curtain. Of course, I do not splash strongly, when I wash, but if someone pours over all floor and slip? :(
And here there is our beach chairs on a beach. Look at this huge tree – many people are going to lie under it! Also what is that white foam plastic piece with a hieroglyph for? Perhaps "lifebuoy" or protective spell?

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Samui, Thailand - 26th March 2012

By: Dangerousebeans

Hi, mom!

Today I want to show you my hotel – in general. You can see that the main colour here is green. There are trees and plants absolutely everywhere and my host told me that they are “real” – grow by themselves. In Turkish and Maldivian resorts every tree was planted by human. But not here! So, welcome to Samui! B)

We started our walk at sunrise from the seashore. Even mountains are covered be trees!

Let’s lie down for a moment on a chaise lounge and enjoy sunbathe together, the beach is so beautiful!

Also we have a small pond, I think, it is intended for watering. Small fishes and beautiful lotuses swim here.
Our pool is very small and absolutely empty day and night. Who want to swim in the pool, when there is an ocean? ;)


The most interesting trees here are "sheaves". Lianas braid a tree very strong and even if it perishes from a lack of air, they don't fall, and continue to stand! :o


As I said, this island is absolutely fantastic. It looks like the most peaceful place on the Earth. And the hotel does a lot of things to help you enjoy good weather, like this cute pavilion. :D




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Samui, Thailand - 28th March 2012

By: Dangerousebeans

Hi, mom!

In this post I want to describe you our ingestion. We chose hotel with only a breakfast, it helped us not to overpay. Thus, we have breakfast in hotel, during the lunchtime we have a bite fruit, and for a dinner we go to "city" and we enjoy local exotica. :rolleyes:
So, we wake up and go to the dining room.
It is very lovely, light and comfortable. There is a salad bar, some muesli-flakes, ham, bread, juice. Separately hot dishes and fruits stay. Besides, you can get a fresh omelette or fried eggs.
It is possible to gather such a huge plate in the morning to get myself fill for all day long :cyclops:
We pass to a dinner. The first few days we ate kgs of fruit. I ate the whole pineapple plantation! Very conveniently - you sit down on a verandah at a little table, cut pineapple, you can sugar it or water with a lime juice... Yum-yum! And every day you can try something new - Dragon fruit, Lychee, Lamai, Mango, Mangosteen - you will not list them all! B) In shop we bought some nuts so our meal was more substantial
But what should we do, if you used to eat densely and aren't satisfied with fruit? It is a terrible heat that goes from asphalt on the street and it is better not to leave. We should go to small restaurant on the beach. It is rather expensive there (if it is possible to consider 80 euros for three person with wine expensively), but the place is literally two steps away from your house and the cuisine is really tasty.
And the remarkable way to finish a good lunch - to sit, drinking coconut juice and enjoying a fine view of the sea. And if you want to swim - it is not necessary to go far!  ;)
At last, dinner!
We leave the territory of hotel and move up or down on the street. There are hundred tiny small restaurants here, in only 15 minutes of walking! You choose any of them; they are almost identical according to the menu and at its prices. Certainly, we preferred Thai cuisine, but for the variety, it was possible to choose German, Japanese or American small restaurant. And only 40 euros for three persons!
Often it’s family business - a husband cooks food, a wife is waitress, and a daughter stands up for the cash desk. Also I saw some Thais who eat there too, so quality of food is high. Once we came in absolutely local “ramen restaurant”, without the menu, without cloths on tables, and there ate for only 7 euros for three person! Soup was the most delicious in my life! :stare:

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Samui, Thailand - 30th March 2012

By: Dangerousebeans

Hi, mom!

Today we decided to stop lie on a beach like vegetables. Thailand is such a beautiful country, it is necessary to see more! :D As excursion we chose is a trip to local small islands, snorkeling and swimming.
Everything begins near this small mooring. There are about 10 people with us; we float on one of these lovely boats.
It looks wonderful already. Other islands are seen on the horizon, but we will float much further, on the island Coh Tao "Turtle Island". Ko Tao was named by its first settlers for the island's turtle-like geographic shape. Coincidentally, the island is an important breeding ground for Hawksbill turtles and Green turtles. Development of tourism has negatively impacted the health of these grounds but a breeding program organised in 2004 by the Royal Thai Navy and KT-DOC, a coalition of local scuba diving centres has reintroduced hundreds of juvenile turtles to the island's ecosystem. :(
Oh, it’s a mad speed! It is necessary to keep and not to fall overboard! B)
So we are on a place. Beautiful! There are small tourist bungalows and local court boats. Such amusing - ordinary boats with the fan on a pole.
There are hundreds of fishes here! What a pity that I have no mask for a snorkeling, but from a water surface everything is perfectly visible. They are multi-colored, big and small.
You come into water from a sand beach, then by swimming reach a place surround by anchor buoys. There begins the real reef, dangerous and sharp. My host cut a foot while reached there. Thank God, sharks don’t live nearby. :cyclops:
We leave this hospitable island and come to another one where we will have lunch. Islands are far apart, you need to float an hour on our small board.
Mmmmm, bon appetit!
Excellent lunch - a plate of rice and four different curries - with meat, bird, fish and vegetables. My host was so happy; she hates to leave on a plate what she can't eat (she’s a vegetarian) :)
While we ate, the storm began. It began... then changed its mind and ended. Even a rain didn’t start. We are luckies!
Away, to the last island!
So, the last point of our travel - "The threefold island". Imagine two mountains growing from the ocean, like this one. And they are connected by a beach strip - white-white sand. Our guide suggested us to get on top of the mountain and to look at this beautiful island entirely. Well how is it possible to refuse? ;)
And we climb upward on the wooden bridges which don’t inspire trust. Scary boulders are piled up one on another around us. Somewhere the bridge is broken, it is necessary to look for other ways!
Then up and up and up…
But the finish worth the spent efforts, if you see this view once, you’ll never forget it. :stare:

Oh, after such mad ascension it is necessary to have a rest.
Let's go to swim? These stones are visible again on this photo - why they don't fall?
Here, as I understand, it is possible to order a lodge. Islands are so small- I don't know, if there is even one cafe! And the unique entertainment - to rise up by the mountain every day!

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Samui, Thailand - 1st April 2012

By: Dangerousebeans

Hi, mom!

Today we decided slowly walking around our hotel – we have already seen beautiful and green places – maybe, it’s time to look closer and deeper? Unfortunately, it’s rainy, the sky is grey. But is we can’t swim and take sunbathes, what are we going to do? Making photos, of course! So let’s take the biggest umbrella we have and don’t afraid of bad weather! By the way, do you see a funny frog behind us? It’s a special gadget for getting water - a hose can be connected with a mouth and it spits out water. Creatively!  :)
Oh, look, whom did I find! Because of rain local snails decided to walk around - I counted three only near our verandah. And they are so huge!
And today there are awful waves! My host worries, but her mother adores swimming during in storm like that, even now it is possible to notice her head on water... Oops, where is she?  :o
It seems, the rain comes to end, and we go deeper to the territory. I like these flowers in bags - very conveniently – you can take it simply and at once plant on a flowerbed.
Or this variant- for hang plants. Never saw it before!
There grow... vegetable marrows-mutants? I don't know what plant is it, do you? They are so heavy that it’s necessary to support them, or they will fall down.
Flowers here are grown up directly on palm trees. Imagine, the shell of a coco is taken, attached to a palm tree; the sprout is inserted inside and voila! It's big business here - the heap of a coconut shell is visible from afar. Also imagine, how many nuts tourists drink daily, probably it will suffice to tie each palm tree.

So beautiful. Feelings like you are in the national park, instead of in small hotel in Thailand - neither asphalt, nor flowerbeds - only the nature.
As another model of communication with the nature - a lodge for home spirits. One of the biggest that I saw. Here they are placed near each significant building - restaurant, receptions - for protection - they were constructed earlier, than the main buildings, thus alluring spirits. And this, huge, is probably for all hotel complex! Inside there is food, water, beautiful flower wreaths and tapes. I am especially impressed that inside everything is really made for little men - a ladder that helps them to rise, the tubule into a bottle with water that helps them not get a shower. Thus the majority of the population shrives the Buddhism; such "paganism" is very amusing.  B)
It is possible to rent cars and motorcycles in hotel, and then put them in this convenient and beautiful parking. By the way, motorcycles are extremely popular among local population and they drive with awful speed. Very dangerous.  :thinking:
There are many cute little birds here, this one is called Myna. Oh, how noisy they are! Their calls includes croaks, squawks, chirps, clicks and whistles, and birds often fluff their feathers and bobs its head in singing. Mynas screeches warnings to their mates or other birds in cases of predators in proximity or when its about to take off flying. They are popular as cage birds here for their singing and "speaking" abilities. Before sleeping in communal roosts, mynas vocalise in unison, which is known as "communal noise".  ;)
It is. As I can understand, local esteemed God - I don't know his name. We often put coins on a plateau near it, probably, therefore our rest passed so perfectly.
In this small multi-colored house some Thais do Thai massage. My host never used this offer (she is not delighted with massages), but, maybe, if I arrive to Thailand next time, I should visit this place?
Well, it's enough to wander on the hotel territory, it is necessary to get outside! Here such beautiful view opens directly near our gate. Cars rush like meteors. There is our traffic controler. If someone decides to cross the road, he whistles in a whistle for a long time to passing cars, creates a corridor and then transfers you to another side. He can even call for a taxi if it's necessary.
On sidewalks through every 20 meters such "little shops" stay, where you can buy... Guess, what is it on sale in bottles? It is gasoline! I thought that it is home-distilled alcohol at first.  :stare:
Another small lodge for spirits. I said that they are everywhere here!
Wow, look, whom we met in a yard! We were afraid at first, but it appeared that the bull is attached to a column therefore we could approach closer and make a photo.
And palm trees, palm trees, palm trees... If to depart from the main road, everything around is surrounded by palm trees!

When we came back home, we found a lovely cat on our verandah! Though the rain ended long time ago, it, probably, dozed off and filled warm and safe.  :D

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Samui, Thailand - 3rd April 2012

By: Dangerousebeans

Hi, mom!

Today we decided to take excursion on Samui entirely! It is very small island therefore it takes only half-day on all its survey. But as we here, it is necessary to learn more about this island. Besides, we’ve already been tired to lie on a beach. We ordered this service directly in our hotel so it is extremely cheap. Only 12 euros for one person for 6 hour journey by the comfortable bus. Fantastic! :stare:
Then we can take a view over the longest beach on Koh Samui 7 km. of white sand, clear water and nature. Our hotel is nearby from here.


I don't know, what is this - a sundial? lunar calendar? planetarium? and a pond with golden fishes in addition :)
Telling about lodges for spirits, this one brightest we met. It is visible from the road therefore each passing car signal, expressing the respect.
Then we saw the Monkey Show. The monkeys here used to be seen all over the island when selling coconuts was the main income for the local people. Now you can visit them and see the working relationship between man and monkey in harvesting the coconut trees.

Here you can see Wat Khunaram temple – the most known and esteemed on Samui. I do not know what does this image mean – maybe a demon? And why then he is over the entrance of the temple? :o
You know, why it is well-known? The mummified monk! A native of Koh Samui he enjoyed a long prosperous family life until he was 50 years old when he decides to devote the last part of his life to the monkhood. After being ordain in 1944, he became reknown for his meditation practice for about 20 years. He was also able to foresee his own death in 1973 when he was 79 years old. After his death his body remained undecomposed so his family and deciples decided to place his body in an upright position with in the casket as requested by him in written instructions. To keep as a symbol to aspire the future generations to follow Buddhist teachings and be saved from suffering.

Despite that we don’t have enough time, I took a second to make a pair of beautiful photos.

Namuang Fall is famous on Koh  Samui. It originates from the Mountain in the heart of the Island and falls from the Cliff 30-40 metres high. You can enjoy swimming and Jungle around the Area. It’s an important site because kings in Chakri dynasty have visited the place several times.

Also what I see? Oh, my God! People riding on elephants! Tell me, would you refuse it? Would you?  :cyclops:
We choose an elephant and stand near this "elephant stop".

Now we sit down on the elephant and let’s go! Certainly, photos aren’t too impressing as I was afraid to fall down very much - the elephant awfully shakes! But believe me, I received tons of pleasure! :D
It not the end of our travel - we saw many temples then! But I will tell about them next time – too many photos B)

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Samui, Thailand - 6th April 2012

By: Dangerousebeans

Hi, mom!
Finally I can continue my tale about Samui Island!
Here I am near a huge temple complex. Wat Phra Yai (Big Buddha Temple) is one of Koh Samui’s most famous landmarks. Located near the airport, the site boasts an immense 12 meter tall golden Buddha image that can actually be seen from the plane as visitors fly into the island.  :stare:
Construction of the temple was commenced in 1972 and since then, it has gained in popularity, now experiencing a healthy number of locals and tourists who come to pay their respects and take some amazing photographs.
Other attractions at the temple are a set of dragon-like naga that flank the stairs leading up to the Big Buddha itself and hmmm… green demon on an elephant?  :thinking:


With the amount of tourists coming in, the temple is constantly getting upgraded too, thanks to the large number of donations. If you wish to give money, there are plenty of ways to do it from buying floral garlands to getting your fortune read. We choose this one – you pay 2$ and “buy” a piece of tile. You can write something on it and give to a monk. Then with those tile the temple will be reconstructed. I hope, it will bring good luck to us!  :cyclops:
The base of the statue is surrounded by several restaurants and shops selling snacks, jewelry, clothing and other souvenirs.
This place is so peaceful! There are hundreds of animals here, and no one tell them a bad word!  :D
Near a river there are some statues that Thai adores so much. Probably it’s a folkloric scene from local history?  :o

Here's a sample of how unusual the statues of the deities at those temples are. This 14 armed deity looks more like it belongs in India than in Thailand. She keeps a certain tool which helps to put things in order to a man in each of 14 hands. Best thing is, it's free entrance but dress conservatively if you want to show respect to the local people.
This is a look on the main building of temple, the Bot. It's beautifully decorated inside, with stories about Buddha's life painted on the walls and the ceiling.

Demons-guardians again. But they are blue this time  :p
Also there is a pond with huge carps who are fed by tourists. You should pay $1/3 for a forage pailful13

Here is another part of complex – with Happy Buddha statue. So beautiful!  :)

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Samui, Thailand - 12th April 2012

By: Dangerousebeans

Hi, mom!

Today is our last day on Samui, so we decided to visit a local restaurant – to taste some extra-food, not just noodles and rice.
So, I went to the reception and bring a free special guide – the best restaurants of this island. Yes, Samui is really small, but there are at least 45 gourmet-restaurants!
So, let’s choose…
We had a little dispute here – where should we go? My host advised us to visit Amala – vegetarian restaurant. Guide said that it’s in an exceptional location at the western end of Big Buddha Beach and serves vegetarian cuisine “fine-dining” style.
So, we’ve never gone “meat-less” before, may be this place is good to start a new culinary adventure?
The restaurant looks fantastic! It has natural rocks and solid wooden features with modern stressed-concrete walls. On the back side you can see small kitchen garden where cooks can take some grass and vegetables for their delicious dishes!

And I can’t tell you much about cuisine… You should taste it by yourself, because it is absolutely fantastic! I took “Amala Antipasto” – soft rice paper rolls packed with fresh herbs vegetables and grilled tofu satay served with various sauses and “Zuppa di Pomodoro” – classic Italian-style tomato cream soup served with homemade garlic. I’ve never believe that vegetarian food can be so various and nourishing!
As this restaurant concerns the Indian culture, it is possible to see some beautiful bas-reliefs on a wall
And, of course, location. You can enjoy swimming in 15-metre infinity pool which runs along the small resort’s beach frontage and use their day-beds for a spot of sun-bathing and relaxing.

The restaurant was excellent. And now we have a rest on a bench, near a pond with goldfishes, waiting a taxi to return to hotel and to start to pack things to the airport.

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