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Travelog for: Tickles

Little Falls, New Jersey, USA - 25th March 2012

By: Spac the Bear

Hi! My name is Tickles!

I am a cute little white bear that wants to see Europe, especially Germany and Poland.


Don't get me wrong - I have been having fun here at home in New Jersey, USA, spending time with my new stuffed pals...

For instance, a few weeks ago, I made a yummy Sunday brunch with my mentor, Spac the Bear and his friends.

Here I am mixing up the pancake batter with Columbus. He is a Toy Voyager from Germany.


There we are tending to the omelet.


And here we are, ready to feast! That's Grimace and Pumice (the tree sloth twins) on the left and Nibbly (the bunny) on the right.


As much fun as we have together here, I really want to get my journey underway. Won't you please help me?

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Hoboken, New Jersey, USA - 26th March 2012

By: Spac the Bear

Today, the whole gang got in the car and took a drive to Hoboken, where some of Spac's family lives.

From left to right: Terence, Pumice, Grimace, Columbus, Nibbly and me. Spac was driving.


I had never been to Hoboken before, so I took a picture at the sign.


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Little Falls, New Jersey, USA - 29th March 2012

By: Spac the Bear

Spring is getting sprung here in New Jersey.

We had a wave of unseasonably warm weather early in the month, but now things are more as they should be in March - chilly evenings and mornings but pleasant, sunny days.  Columbus and I are happy to see the trees starting to bloom!



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Rockaway Township, New Jersey, USA - 30th March 2012

By: Spac the Bear

Today, Columbus and I went for a drive with Spac to visit his friends who live in Rockaway Township (not to be confused with Rockaway Borough, which is next to it, but is a separate municipality).  It is located directly off of Interstate 80.


On the way there, we saw this lovely pond and decided to take a photo. 


This may be my last photo in New Jersey for a while, as I have found a host in Germany and am excited to begin my travels abroad!

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Little Falls, New Jersey, USA - 3rd April 2012

By: Spac the Bear

Today, the whole gang gathered round to see me off on my international adventure! I am heading to Germany, where my host will be Sookie. I am very excited, but also nervous. I have never left northern New Jersey and now I am traveling across the Atlantic Ocean in this little box. I sure hope I will be safe in here. I guess I will just sleep a lot.


Goodbye Columbus. It was great spending time with you! I can't believe I am going to your homeland while you stay in America. Weird, right?

Nibbly and Terence - I will see you when I return, though I do not know when that will be. Once I am in Europe, I will probably want to stay there for a while and see as much as I can!

And Spac - thank you for getting me started on my travels. I shall miss you terribly, but I am so excited to share my adventures with you.

Seal up the box and take me to the post office, buddy! I am Europe-bound!

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Hilchenbach, Germany - 17th April 2012

By: Sookie

Hey everybody!

I arrived in Germany!
I was soo excited when Sookie and two other TV's opened my box.
The other two are PieksiHH and Amitie.
Oh Allison and Emily, i'm so nervous, what will i see?!
Do you think everyone will like me?  :stare:
But they were really nice to me, so hopefully everything will be fine!


I have to take a nap now, it was a long travel!

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Hilchenbach, Germany - 19th April 2012

By: Sookie

Heyyy :)

We got a new guest. Her name is Niiskuneiti and she's a star! She's from the show Moomins and really nice.
We got autographs and sweets and Sookie got a nice card from Finland :)



See you later :)

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Hilchenbach, Germany - 20th April 2012

By: Sookie

Hey girls!

Today.. i met the bunnies! They're the bosses here and now i'm a boss too!
They were really nice, cute and awesome!
You have to know, that they're two girls and one boy. The girls reminds me of you! The look almost like twins and they're almost as cute as you! :)


The white one is Fluffy, the man :)
The black one is Princess Ernie
And the black-white one (the left on the first picture) is Trixie.

What do you think? Don't we look great together? :)

Have a nice day!
Love you,

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Hilchenbach, Germany - 22nd April 2012

By: Sookie

Hey Girls!

today we made a sour cherry pie.
It's really easy and quick!
we need:

- baked pastry case
- sourcherrys
- glaze


Tomorrow we'll taste it :)


Now a little, cold coke and then it's bedtime.
It's so curious with the time difference!

Good night,
love you!

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Hilchenbach, Germany - 24th April 2012

By: Sookie


Today was a sad day.. PieksiHH left us.  :(


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Hilchenbach, Germany - 27th April 2012

By: Sookie

Hey Girls!

Niiskuneiti wants to learn 10 different languages, so Amitie teached us some German.
I listened too and now i can say 10 phrases! I hope i can use them when i visit Jessica!


Amitie is a really good teacher and we had a lot of fun!

Here is the list, so you can learn it too!

My name is Tickles - Mein Name ist Tickles.
Hello, how are you? - Hallo, wie geht es dir?
I come from the USA - Ich komme aus den USA.
I love to travel. - Ich liebe es zu verreisen.
I like to meet new people. - Ich treffe gerne neue Leute.
I love to discover new things. - Ich liebe es neue Dinge zu entdecken.
I wish i could visit every country in the world. - Ich wünschte, ich könnte jedes Land der Welt besuchen.
Adventures are great! - Abenteuer sind toll!
Have a nice day! - Hab einen schönen Tag!
Good bye - Auf Wiedersehen!

Sadly it rains always, so we can't go out. In Germany they say 'April, April, der macht was er will', it means 'April, April, he makes what he wants'. They mean the weather. It rains, its hot and the next day it rains again. Weird.

Well, tomorrow i'll leave Sookie and go to Amities second Mom Jessica!


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Hilchenbach, Germany - 28th April 2012

By: Sookie

Hey everybody.

Today was my last day at Sookie's and i left to Jessica.
Shes Amities second Mom and she said we'll have a lot of fun.

We cuddled a last time. I hope i can see Niiskuneiti again..someday. :)

I got an energy drink :)

Amitie travels with me, so we can talk during the journey.


See you soon!
Love you!!

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Niederaula, Germany - 1st May 2012

By: Jessica

Helllooo :)

Finally we arrived at Jessicas House. It was an exciting trip, but with my friend Amitie it was not that bad :)


Some other T. were waiting for us. They told us they want to hear everything about our Journey because they are to big to travel and cant imagine how great it is to see the whole world.


We wanted to go out and see the world but the wheather was so cold and windy, and my host was scared to make me dirty because I'm so shiny and beutifully white.


BUT she promised us to go out as soon as possible and jump on the huuge Trampolin :)


But we were so sad, we had nothing to do on the house than reading. My host reads 4 books at a time right now.


So she said we could go out on the balkon and play in the sand, because there is roof over it and we will not get wet or something.


My host showed me her flowers. And they are pretty much dead as I think.
She said at this freaky wheather in Germany it is hard to survive for them. At one day they have over 30 degrees, and the next day the streets are froozen.
Really strange.


So that was my first day, and I think when the wheather gets better we will have looots of fun.

Kisses for you,


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Bad Hersfeld , Germany - 19th May 2012

By: Jessica

Hey Girls,


Today we went on an excitingtrip...
and guess what we did ...




I wanted to climb up a tree, and I really did  :p
I felt like Tarzan  :rolleyes:


After a while of waiting and climbing around, we had to go because it was getting darker.


This Building here is the electricity Factory.
And Bad Hersfeld is the City where my host lives.


It's not an actual Welcome Sign, but I think it's acceptable as one

I love you guys,
you will hear from me again soon


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Niederaula, Germany - 15th June 2012

By: Jessica

Helloo say

Today I had to say Goodbye to my new friend Amitie.

She will now go back to her other Hostmom Sookie.


I will miss her very much, but Maybe when she comes back next month I still will be here and see her again.


All love to you my sweet Girls


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