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Travelog for: Sylvia

Moscow, Russia - 14th July 2012

By: Trissa

Hello Mom!
Today we walked to the Manege Square and Red Square. With the Manege Square overlooking the State Duma - the lower house of the Federal Assembly - Parliament of the Russian Federation.
At the Manege Square many fountains. One of them is in the form of a map of Russia and the clock moving. With the Manege Square, we went down to the Eternal Flame and the famous Tomb of the Unknown Soldier near the Kremlin walls.
At the Red Square was the construction of the cadet corps, which we have seen.


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Tsaritsyno, Moscow, Russia - 19th July 2012

By: Trissa

Today we were walking in a big company Tsaritsyno.
Tsaritsyno palace and park ensemble, covering an area of ​​100 hectares, is located on hilly terrain crossed by ravines, in place of the former estate of princes Kantemirov and inherited some of its features.  Tsaritsano is the most important monument of the so-called "Russian Gothic" (pseudo-) on the establishment of a royal residence for over 20 years experience in a series of two of the most famous architect of his era - Vasily Bazhenov and Matvei Kazakov. Tsaritsyno - the largest in Europe, the pseudo-Gothic building of the XVIII century, and only the palace complex, designed in this style. 
I really liked the Palace and the Church ...


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Moscow, Russia - 30th July 2012

By: Trissa

Hi all!
Today, I was near the Cathedral of Christ the Savior.
Temple - the largest in the Russian Church. Designed for 10,000 people.
The original church was erected in memory of the Napoleonic invasion, "the preservation of the eternal memory of that unprecedented effort, loyalty and love for Faith and Fatherland, however in these hard times extolled the Russian people themselves, and to mark our gratitude to Divine Providence for saving Russia from threatening her to death "[1]. It was built by architect Konstantin Ton. Construction lasted nearly 44 years: the church was laid September 23, 1839, consecrated - May 26, 1883.
December 5, 1931 the church building was destroyed. Rebuilt in the same place in 1994-1997.

Now Temple has become particularly well known in connection with the case of the four girls who call themselves the punk band "Pussy Riot". February 21, they wore masks, and sang a song at the altar of political content. Now the court passes over them.


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Moscow, Russia - 2nd August 2012

By: Trissa

Today Triss showed one of the most interesting of the Moscow metro stations.
Station "Revolution Square" opened March 13, 1938. The station is the work of the architect Dushkin and has the status of the identified cultural heritage site. The name has the same name space (up to 1918 it bore the name of the Resurrection).
The decoration of the station used the black marble of the Armenian "davalu", combined with white, gray and golden marble of other breeds. The station hall is illuminated by two rows of round chandeliers-flat "plates".
Narrow passages between the base of the pylons are decorated in a steep semi-cylindrical arches, resting on low broad pedestals. On these pedestals 76 bronze sculptures depicting the Soviet people. All figures (except for figures of pioneers) in order to fit in a limited volume of the vaulted archway, depicted either embarked on his knee, or bending over, or sitting. In this regard, said that the statue represents the image of the Soviet people - "it's all or sitting, or kneeling"


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Moscow, Russia - 7th August 2012

By: Trissa

Today I am going to travel farther.
I popraschalas with Mozart, Amie and Viola.

Before the new vsterecht. Goodbye Russia! :cyclops:


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Vienna, Austria - 28th August 2012

By: Muhlikuhli

Hi mummy,

today I arrived in Austria and cute triceratops welcomed us. Her name is Trixi and she is our tour guide. In the next few weeks she will show us Vienna. I’m so exciting. I also meet new friends.


Bibi is the white mouse, the cute penguin is Luc Zeke and the name of the sheep is Lilly.


Love you, Sylvia

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Vienna, Austria - 1st September 2012

By: Muhlikuhli

Hi mummy,

today we started our tour and we visited the “Ringstraße” (a big circular road with famous buildings).  We named our group TVTV (Toy Voyagers Tour through Vienna). We drove with the subway to the town hall (Rathaus).




Trixi told us that the “Rathaus” was designed by Friedrich von Schmidt in the Gothic style. Facing the “Rathaus” is the “Rathauspark” with a huge place. Through the whole year the place is used for celebrations and events.


Afterwards we had a little break at the drinking fountain. Trixi said that water from Vienna comes from two mountain spring water pipelines and it has a very good water quality.


Then we saw the Austrian Parliament Building, which was build from 1874-1883. The architect responsible for the building in a Greek revival style was Theophil Edvard Hansen.



Trixi liked the statue of Pallas Athena.


During our walk over the “Ringstraße” we visited Museum of Natural History of Vienna and Museum of Art History. The two buildings were opened in 1891 by Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria-Hungary. The two Ringstraße museums were commissioned by the Emperor in order to find a suitable shelter for the Habsburgs' formidable art collection and to make it accessible to the general public.




After them we went to the “Hofburg Palace”. It is a palace that has housed some of the most powerful people in European and Austrian history. It currently serves as the official residence of the President of Austria.


Next we visited the “Burggarten” behind the “Hofburg Palace”. We saw the famous “Mozart Monument”. 


Last but not least we made a break at the hotel “Sacher” and eat “Sacher Torte” (chocolate cake).  It is one of the most famous Viennese culinary specialties.



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Vienna, Austria - 4th September 2012

By: Muhlikuhli

Hi mum,

yesterday our hosts told us they needed help to look for a new desk for them. Naturally we all wanted to help. So we drove to an “Ikea”.


We looked and measure some desks. After long thinking our hosts made a choice.


Afterwards we had a break at the canteen.


Then we helped to bring the new desk to the car.



See you, Sylvia

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Austria, Vienna - 8th September 2012

By: Muhlikuhli

Hi mummy,

today we visited Belvedere, which is a historical building complex.





It consists two Baroque palaces the Upper and Lower Belvedere, the Orangery, and the Palace Stables. The buildings are set in a Baroque park landscape. The Baroque palace complex was built as a summer residence for Prince Eugene of Savoy.


Afterwards we went to the botanical garden near Belvedere. It contains to university of Vienna. Trixi told us that a botanical garden is a well-tended area displaying a wide range of plants labeled with their botanical names.
We studied some cacti and learned few botanical names.


There were so beautiful flowers, it was lovely.


Love you, Sylvia

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Vienna, Austria - 18th September 2012

By: Muhlikuhli

Hi mummy,
last week we visited “Schönbrunn Palace”.


First Trixie showed us the garden behind the palace. The sculpted garden space between the palace and the Sun Fountain is called the Great Parterre. The French garden, a big part of the area, was planned by Jean Trehet in 1695.



Then we went to Roman Ruin. It was designed by the architect Johann Ferdinand Hetzendorf von Hohenberg in 1778.


Afterwards we met two ducks and we had little talk. Their name is Freddy and Jo and they live in the garden since their birth. They know every edge in this beautiful garden and told us to go up to the gloriette. Up there we can make the most beautiful pictures of the palace, they promise us.


So we went up the hill and saw the beautiful gloriette.


Then we turned back and had a lovely sight of the palace and the town.


We made a break and Trixie told us some facts about the palace and the garden. One the way home we made a stop at the famous “Neptun Fountain”.


Love you.

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Vienna, Austria - 19th October 2012

By: Muhlikuhli

Hi mummy,

last week we had bad weather, so we couldn’t visit some sights =(
Our host suggested us to play some games on the WII and Playstation. She gave us some multiplayer games and then we played the whole day. It was so funny.





I hope next week we will have better weather =)
Love you, Sylvia

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Altlengbach, Austria - 20th October 2012

By: Muhlikuhli

Today was a nice day. We helped our hostmum to cut the flowers for the last time in this year.




After cutting flowers, we made two beautiful flower bouquets.






Then we went  in the garden again and put tulips in the soil. In the spring our hostmum will have nice flowers and can make some new flower bouquets.





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Vienna, Austria - 31st October 2012

By: Muhlikuhli

Today, we had to say good bye. From now on I will live at my host.
Good bye mum!

IMG_2740 Kopie.JPG

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