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Travelog for: Ceylon

Home, Bremen, Germany - 25th January 2012

By: juls

Hello guys!

I am Ceylon and this is me in my home town Bremen :)
Soon I will start my journey: Juls has arranged for me to take part in the Germany RR! I am really looking forward to it!
I can't wait to see the different parts of the country and meet nice new people and other TV's!

Still at home I like to spend my time in Juls' shirt and between beautiful flowers and in spots as colourful as I am.

2012-01-25 Ceylon 004 (500x375).jpg
2012-01-25 Ceylon 005 (500x375).jpg
2012-01-25 Ceylon 015 (500x375).jpg
2012-01-25 Ceylon 008 (500x375).jpg
2012-01-25 Ceylon 017 (500x375).jpg
2012-01-25 Ceylon 022 (375x500).jpg
2012-01-25 Ceylon 006 (500x375).jpg

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Homburg, Saarland, Germany - 28th January 2012

By: juls

Hello everybody!

On the weekend mummy took me visit her friend in Homburg. That is all the way in the south-west of Germany on the border to France. We only stayed briefly but I had time to have a quick look around town before we went back north.
It was a great opportunity to get an idea of what it will be like to see the different federal states of Germany!
We even saw a couple of snowflakes but left before it settles down.
I really hope to take a couple of snow pictures on my travels through Germany!
Anyway we had a great time and even some homemade cherry cake :)

Soon mum will send me on my first journey: to Koblenz! I am really looking forward to it and meeting my host!


ps. Did you ever see such a colourful building??

2012-01-29 Ceylon 003 (500x375).jpg
2012-01-29 Ceylon 002 (375x500).jpg
2012-01-29 Ceylon 004 (500x375).jpg
2012-01-29 Ceylon 005 (500x375).jpg
2012-01-29 Ceylon 001 (375x500).jpg

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Lahnstein, Germany - 2nd February 2012

By: FraJ

Hello from Rhineland-Palatinate!

I arrived here yesterday and today we made our first little tour ...

The castle Stolzenfest of Coblenz first:


And here zoooooomed in a bit:


Because we were on the road with the little brother of FraJ we go to the playground  :D Yeah!


And finally the Martin Castle in Lahnstein:


I'm looking forward to the month here!

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Lahnstein, Germany - 13th February 2012

By: FraJ


Today we went for a walk on the river Lahn. After FraJ had a lot to do last week for their studies, we could not do much.
But she has finished her last presentation very well and now her time is mine this month!
And I've seen in the warm Rhine valley how rivers freeze and it snows (but not much) ...

The first thing you see is the Lahn bridge and on the right side the orange building is a historic house and restaurant in which already Johann Wolfgang Goethe dined in 1774.


In this picture you can see the castle Lahneck, a haunted place, where's a story of a young English woman who has lost his way and was lost on the top tower of the former ruin.



Along the river we saw some snowy landscapes.


Upstream, there are small parts of the city of Lahnstein. See here on the right Friedland:


Here we are in the district Friedrichssegen and there stands a small hydroelectric plant. Here is the feeding of the plant:


And you can still see a bit of the plant. But the Lahn is almost completely frozen...


But it's missing Koblenz and a couple of beautiful castles!
Hopefully the weather is good the next days! Today it was very foggy and cloudy ...
But I'm excited!
Greetings to the World!  :D

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Nassau, Germany - 15th February 2012

By: FraJ


Today we were on the way in Nassau. It is not as sunny as the Bahamas... In fact it was raining very heavily  :(
But we could make some pictures.

On the first picture you see me in front of the castle of Nassau.
It was built about 1100 and today you can go there to eat.



And yet a view at the small town and the Lahn, which also flows here.


And on the way home a picture shot from the car... But you don't see much because it rained so much  :(


But it will rain the whole week  :( FraJ says that we see what we can do...


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Bad Ems, Germany - 18th February 2012

By: FraJ


Today we visited Bad Ems on the way home.
In 17./18. century Bad Ems was considered one of the most famous seaside resorts in Germany.
Its heyday was in the 19th century as place of a "world spa" and it was the summer residence of many monarchs and European artists, including Kaiser Wilhelm I, the Tsar Nicholas I, Alexander II of Russia and Richard Wagner...
FraJ showed me two nice places:

Kurhaus, the Casino and the Kursaal

And a view over Bad Ems (with a view to the "Malberg")



Unfortunately, FraJ forget her memory card for the camera and  her cell phone battery was empty... So we couldn't make any pictures  :(

But the carnival season started and I'm excited!

Cya  ;)

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Lahnstein, Germany - 20th February 2012

By: FraJ

Helau! Alaf! Olaf! And Olau!
In the Rhineland carnival is celebrated from Thursday to Tuesday.
On Wednesday, called Ash Wednesday, in tears even the carnival is buried on this day, literally. Carnival parades are from Friday to Tuesday... but it's enough to see just one ;)
Today I am a bit dressed up and from the window we could watch the carnival parade of Lahnstein.
Because many pictures were taken, I will only comment a few and still leave otherwise because that would be tooo much...

The beginning makes the police car:




The guard of the carnival committee has also always nice uniforms:












And I've also caught some candy, because it is thrown into the window  :D

Tomorrow we will visit St. Goarshausen. Mom, have you ever heard from the Loreley?! Looking forward to it!

Bye  ;)

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St. Goarshausen, Germany - 21st February 2012

By: FraJ

Hello There!

Today we were in Nochern first, a small town with a carnival parade:



After that we drove to a lookout point with a wonderful view of the castle Katz - "Katz" is from cat- and the Rhine Valley (and for sure there's a castle Maus -"mouse"- in Kestert too ^^):


And here is not to be seen perfectly, but in the back is the legendary rock of the Lorelei...
The legend says that a beautiful woman sitting high up on the rock. There she was combing her long blonde hair and waited for her lover...
But by her beauty and her wonderful voice she distracted the sailors and  their capsized in the confines of the Rhine and drowned.
Last year there is another ship ran aground... Maybe there's another new Loreley?  ;)


On the opposite the ruin of the fortress in St. Goar:



And here on more view... It is really nice.
Can you imagine now why this is World Heritage here?


On the way home a picture shot from the car and not really special but also shown here:


Tomorrow we will visit Braubach... there's a very beautiful castle too. But now I we will watch TV and make nothing  :D

Greetings!  ;)

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Braubach, Germany - 22nd February 2012

By: FraJ

Hey guys!

As mentioned yesterday, we were today in Braubach.
First we walked through the rose garden. But at the moment nothing is blooming here...


In the center of the rose garden that is maintained by a private club, is a war memorial too. And in the background you can see the Marksburg. A very nice castle from the 13th century.


The war memorial has been built for the victims of the Franco-German war in 1870/71. Here you can see me again in front of:


Here is a picture with me at the fountain in the rose garden.


Here are two pictures of the Rhine plants:



Then we go (only known by the locals) to a lookout point.
From here you have a beautiful view over the Rhine Valley:




Finally the Marksburg again.
It's the only medieval castle of the Middle Rhine that has never been destroyed. With its current form it is considered the medieval castle and as such is a model for many fantasy castles, especially as toy castles.
The Japanese found the Marksburg so well that they have rebuilt the castle in its original size! You can see the copy since 1996 on the Japanese island of Miyako.
I'm impressed.
So is the last picture once again me before the panorama of the Rhine Valley and the Marksburg:


I hope that we can do a trip to the German Corner in Coblenz at the weekend. Then I have seen enough and I look forward to my next host  ;)

Cya soon!

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Coblenz, Germany - 25th February 2012

By: FraJ

Hello from sunny Coblenz!

Today we walked along the rhine plants in Coblenz.




On the way we passed the Empress-Augusta-Memorial.
Her full name is Marie Louise Augusta Catherine Princess of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach and she was a German empress of 1871 - 1888. She and her husband, Emperor William I., settled down in 1849 in Coblenz.


Here you can see the fortress Ehrenbreitstein.
Built in 1828 by the Prussian King Frederick III (immediately after the Congress of Vienna). The fortress was never involved in combat operations and soon had no strategic significance. Today it's open to all and very nice. Here are some shots with me:




Also very interesting is the Federal Ministry of Defense Technology and Procurement:


And here the German Corner!
This is the coalesce of Moselle and Rhine:


Kaiser Wilhelm is watching over this place:



This is probably one of the most beautiful churches in Koblenz ... It was on 30 July 1991 by Pope John Paul II elevated to basilica minor.


And on the way home a few places that I found quite nice:



Because here we have a lot of castles, we have our own tinkered with the little brother of FraJ  :D
But probably I can't finish it with my host but maybe Stoker or another RR-TV can help  ;)


Soon I will go to my next host. I look forward to it and I am excited  what I will see and what I'm experiencing.

Cya and greetings to Bremen!  :D

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Sülfeld, Germany - 2nd March 2012

By: RikeH

Hello Mum,

I arrived in Sülfeld. RikeH gave me a warm welcome and we made a walk through the village.

This is the church.


I read something about the church on this sign.


On the other side of the street is the old pharmacy.


This is the center of Sülfeld.


I found nice flowers.


Look, behind me you can see the old school of Sülfeld.


I loved this old door.


This is the emblem of Sülfeld.


I found a little lake – I would have loved to swim there, but it was too cold.



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Sülfeld, Germany - 10th March 2012

By: RikeH

Hello Mum,

We made a walk through the forest today. Here RikeH helped me to look at the map.


Here we were – in Sülfeld.


This was our way – a long way…


Look what happened in the forest – one tree was fallen… - yes I am on the photo!


And another tree was broken.


I made a rest next to a small lake.


I read something about a little river on this sign.


And here is the river.


I climbed up this post and looked around.



On our way back we passed the house of the shooting club.


In our garden I sat in these flowers – and to tell the truth – I ate one of it – it was yummy!



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Hamburg, Germany - 14th March 2012

By: RikeH

Hi Mum,

I know that I visit Schleswig-Holstein at the moment – but today the others wanted to go to Hamburg – and I decided to go with them.

We wanted to see some special buildings in Hamburg.

This is the Sprinkenhof – RikeH worked there years ago.


Next to it there is the Chilehaus – a famous old building here.


This is another view of the Chilehaus.


Later we went into another house – called Levantehaus. RikeH wanted to show us the funny animals there.


It is strange to see wild animals in a German building.



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Sülfeld, Germany - 15th March 2012

By: RikeH

Hi Mum,

It was a great day today, because Dicker Kumpel came back! He is the host here – and normally he stays with RikeH all the time.

Last week he was away, but now he was back and gave me a warm welcome.



He told us about his holiday in Madeira and showed two postcards.


He told us that they ate fruits all the time – and we should do it now.


Fruits? Fortunately B.o.B. came with his chocolate – and we threw the fruits away!


Chocolate is much better than fruits, don’t you think so, Mum?



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Bad Oldesloe, Germany - 17th March 2012

By: RikeH

Hi Mum,

It was a sunny day and I sat next to the crocus flowers in the garden.




Then we went to a small city near to Sülfeld. RikeH went to school there many years ago.
Behind me you can see the Peter-and-Paul-Church.


We went inside. There were wonderful windows.


I was not sure, if this man is Peter or Paul.


Later we all sat in the sunshine in front of an old house.


There were other nice old buildings in the city.



Look – a water wheel!



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