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Travelog for: Moony

Novosibirsk, Russia - 20th June 2014

By: Abdysh

One day, when the weather was hot enough, we went to the lake. It's situated just near my hosthome :)


Russians love going to the lakes or rivers on weekends. They take meat or sausages with them and fry it with a brazier. It is like barbeque or kebabs, but not the same thing. They call it 'shashliki' (шашлыки ) . The picnic this way called 'shashliki' too.




Yummy! :p

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Iskitim area, Russia - 26th June 2014

By: Abdysh

After we got it over with the exams, we went camping again. It was another famous place in this region, Zveroboj Rock.

The river Berd'.


A hour by train, a hour hitch-hiking, a hour on foot and finally we're in Legostaevo wildlife sanctuary.


You can't feel tiredness while you're going through the forest, breathing fresh air and listening to the nature music  :rolleyes:


There am I, on the top of this rock.



Of course, we had a lunch near the fire :)


The locale gardeners regaled us with delectable strawberry. It was so much pleasure to eat it with milk at home :)


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Tomsk, Russia - 11th January 2015

By: Abdysh

Hellooooooo MUM!!!
How happy am I to write in my travelog again!!!
We couldn't find a way to reach you... we tried Facebook, but unsuccessfully. Sometimes I thought I will have to stay here forever  :( I like living here, I got used to my host and Siberian frosts, but I miss you and my friends SO MUCH  :(

Many things happened while the site was closed. My host Dasha entered the university and moved to another town, and I moved with her. So I'm in Tomsk since August. This town is much smaller, older and a bit norther than Novosibirsk.
I celebrated Christmas and met New Year here. By the way, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! ...better late than never. :D

This is my new friend Batty. She was so excited of my stories about travelling! She eagers to become a ToyVoyager too. Maybe I can take her with me for her first time, don't you mind Mummy? :)

Love you MUCH!
Kisses and hugs,
your Moony.

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DSCN9160 (2) (640x480) (500x375).jpg

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Tomsk, Russia - 27th January 2015

By: Abdysh

Just a few photo of winter in Tomsk :)










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