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To meet a real live ostrich

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Travelog for: Burrimul Memu

Mardi, NSW, Australia - 30th January 2008

By: Yillup

Hi everyone!

I got my Toy Voyager tags today and am VERY excited! I can't wait to get going on my journey!

There are a few people who would love for me to visit them, and I'm looking forward to everything being organised so I can travel. My feet are getting very itchy...

If there are more people out there who want to have their days dominated by a cute little emu, please PM my mummy Yillup!

I'm excited, I'm excited, I'm excited, I'm excited! :p

burrimul memu.jpg

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Wyong NSW, Australia - 2nd February 2008

By: Yillup

Today I had heaps of fun at a BIRTHDAY party! It was my mummy Kylie's brother's birthday today. He turned 9. I of course got into the lollies....



I'm going to be leaving on Monday to go to Scotland and I'm looking forward to it. I'm hoping I'll enjoy all the old buildings and beautiful scenery!

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Mardi, NSW, Australia - 4th February 2008

By: Yillup

I'm off!

I got packaged in a little padded bag and put in the mail-box! I'm finally off on my big adventure. I'm looking forward to it!!!!!

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Paisley, Scotland - 9th February 2008

By: A Scottish Lass

Hi everyone,

After a long and very tiring journey I have arrived in Scotland - they talk with very strange accents here but I'm sure I'll learn to understand them soon enough!  :rolleyes: Anyway I am off to bed for a little rest, and will post some more with some pictures later, Love to all in Australia, I miss you loads, but will update regular to let you know how I am getting on.

Burrimul Memu xxx

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Paisley, Scotland - 9th February 2008

By: A Scottish Lass

Just thought that I would let you know how things have been since I arrived,  well it was a long and cramped journey to get here, but it was worth it.  I have become firm friends with Callum, his little brother Donald has become a Toyvoyager, and at the moment is in France.  Callum misses him terribly but he looked after me just like I was his little brother today.

First we shared some Shortbread - thats a traditional Scottish biscuit, very sweet but very yummy.


Then we had some Hot Chocolate


Then I whispered in his ear that I was very tired after my trip, so he told me to go and wash my face and clean my beak and he would tuck me up in bed, he would even read me a bedtime story


I am going to have really nice dreams, Audrey and her daughter Ailsa (my hosts) has said that if the weather is good tomorrow we will go out on a trip, but even if the weather isnt too good, I'm sure we are going to have a good time.

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Paisley, Scotland - 12th February 2008

By: A Scottish Lass

Hello Again, Just stopping by to let you know more of what I have been up to.  Ailsa hasn't been too well so we haven't been able to get out, but I didnt just sit there twiddling my feathers I spent the day crafting!

Audreys friend has a Brownie Troop and they have asked Audrey to make little material bags and tie wraps for them to fill for mothers day, with what they call a little anti stress kit, although, I cant work out why mothers would need an anti  stress kit, surely having children is just so much fun  :D

First Audrey let me cut up the ribbon to make the bags, I got a bit tangled up in it but after a while I got into the swing of things and in no time at all I had my bundle of ribbon ready to sew.


I was allowed to use the sewing machine as well but I was warned to keep my beak away from the needle, I wasnt too keen on this bit, I kept thinking that I was going to end up with a little bag stuck to the end of my beak, well I suppose you could have just filled the bag up with my food and I wouldn't have to bend down to eat, but the other Emus might have laughed at me, so I let Audrey finish the rest.


After all the bags were done I cut up the wire to make the tie wraps, this was a bit tricky too, because the wire was really springy and kept jumping away from me


The last thing I had to do was count the beads that I needed and then twist them into the wire, this bit was funny because the beads kept rolling away and Audrey and Ailsa were crawling around the floor picking them up again - I must admit to being slightly naughty at this point, because I kept pushing the beads off the table just so that I could laugh at everyone crawling on the floor, but dont tell anyone I dont think they noticed  ;)


We have made 25 little bags, and the Brownies only need 24 so Audrey said that I can fill up a little bag and send it home to you.

Sending lots of love and hugs back home, I miss you lots but will update you again soon

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Paisley, Scotland - 13th February 2008

By: A Scottish Lass

Hello again, we have another Toyvoyager here now, she is lovely, she is called Jeniqua She comes from the Netherlands, and she has told me all about it, I hope I can go there one day.

Anyway this is us in the car, we were going to the country park near where Audrey stays



This is a view from the car park, Audrey said you can normally see more, but it was quite misty in the distance, so maybe we can come back and see it again when the weather is better, and the second one is a view through the fields, we think the cows were in the field behind the forest because the ground was getting mucky and the smell wasnt very nice  ;)



While on the walk jeniqua got stuck up a tree that she was climbing, this is me up the same tree after I rescued her :rolleyes:


When we got to the top of the hill there is a little monument that tells you how far away from other towns we were, and then we sat down for a little rest



We found the playpark so we had sime fun there, we climbed up the ladders and went down the slide, we had a go on the swings, then we played on the seesaw for a bit, after all that we took a little rest in the crawl tunnel.






But the Monkey Bars were my favourite, I managed to get accross the whole way, all by myself, aren't you so proud of me?


Well that was a really great afternoon I had today, but I am really sleepy now, not had that much exercise in a long time, so I will say goodbye just now, and promise to update you again soon.

Burrimul Memu xxx

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Paisley, Scotland - 27th February 2008

By: A Scottish Lass

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the silence, but it has been a bit mad here, there is a new addition to the human family, she is called Ella and she is so tiny becasue she was born to early, but she is very well now, and could be home soon.

Anyway here is what we have been up to.

We were told that a new Toyvoyager had arrived, he is having a rest just now because he came all the way from America, he is called Bonz, thats a strange name, but I'm sure he will be very nice.  We decided to make him some cakes to welcome him.

Here we are melting the chocolate, it took a lot of strength to stir out all those lumps to make smooth melted chocolate, we took turns and we managed it very well.



We added lots of crispies and mixed them carefully to cover them in chocolate, I must admit that I did eat quite a lot of them in the process, but I dont think anyone noticed



We took turns to fill up the little cake cases and made lots of crispie cakes, we might even have enough left to give some to our hosts too, after we have a Toyvoyager party first of course!


Anyway we will have to let these set, then they will be ready.

Cant wait to meet Bonz

Anyway I will write again soon

Lots of love and hugs

Burrimul xxx

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Paisley, Scotland - 27th February 2008

By: A Scottish Lass

Hello Again,

Just to let you know, we met Bonz tonight, he is a little scary, and we stuck close together.


We all decided that we would have a DVD night I'm not too sure about his choice of DVD's, and even less sure of his choice of friends!


Anyway, we decided that we would just have our crispie cake and go up to bed


He is very nice, and he did try very hard to be our friend, but he just looks a bit freaky, to be honest!

Anyway will write again soon

Loads of love

Burrimul xxx

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Paisley, Scotland - 28th March 2008

By: A Scottish Lass

Hello again,

I know I have been quiet for a while, but my host has been really busy at home, anyway I stayed a bit longer here than was expected because she really wanted to show me Paisley Abbey,  we went down a few times but never got inside it, because there was weddings and things taking place, so we waited till yesterday and we finally got in to visit it, it was really worth the wait, have a look at the pictures.

These are view of outside the Abbey




These are views of the oldest part of the abbey dating back to 1163, my host says that it is a shame that most people just walk past this bit of town and dont look twice at this building, because it is so old and beautiful, I agree with her.



This is us walking aliong the passageway that takes us to the cloisters


And this is me facing the processional door to Cloisters, the stone work around the door is the original stonework from the original abbey so again it dates back almost 850 years


These are some of the stained glass windows inside the abbey




The last one is my favourite - so colourful

This picture looks onto where the choir sits during services


And this is a picture of the Communion Table, which hold the bread and wine for communion services


And this is the creepiest picture of all. it is me standing next to the Grave and Tomb Chest of Princess Marjory Bruce, sister of Robert the Bruce, she died not that far away from here and was buried within the walls of the Abbey.


Anyway that was my visit to the Abbey, I loved it and hope that you enjoyed it too and thought that it was worth the wait.

Lots of love and hugs

Burrimul xx

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In Airplane en route to next host, Mid Air - 28th March 2008

By: A Scottish Lass

Just to let you know I have now left Scotland and am on my way to my next host in the Netherlands

Burrimul xx

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the Hague, the Netherlands - 23rd April 2008

By: panienka

Hi there!

Sorry for so long not updating! My host has been pretty busy with many, many things! Among that, she has troubles uploading photo's. So the photo's you get, were taken weekend before last! I'm gonna help her find her camera-cable to upload more things (I hope the bunny didn't eat it :P, but I guess her boyfriend has it!) for you!

I've seen many things already here in the Hague! Together with Yuri, Fluffy and flat traveller Peter Rabbit, i've explored the city centre of Den Haag!

We've visited the Queen's house, called Paleis Noordeind. Wow, it was great...but she wasn't home, but no guards either!

When we turned around at the home of the Queen, we found some statue of some guy on a horse. It looked cool so we took some photo's there too. But who it is...I have no clue!

So, during our walk through the city, we've visited the Buitenhof as well and we've found some kind of city weapon!

Well,  and when we crossed the Buitenhof, we could see the place where the Dutch government rests. And even, if you look in the distance, you can find the office of the dutch Prime Minister, Jan Peter Balkenende (although they call him Harry Potter here)!

Well, and of course I HAD to take a photo with the cute bunny, Mascara! I've got maaaany more photo's with her :) She even nibbelt on my furr!

Hopefully we'll find the camera-cable soon! And I'll upload many more photo's for you!

take care & big hug!

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The Hague, the Netherlands - 5th May 2008

By: panienka

Hi there back home!

I'm so sorry again for not updating for a while, but i've been very very busy here! First of all, my host had her birthday this weekend, she turned 24, and we had to do loads of shopping! And besides that, she got sick too! But, as a birthdaypresent, she got herself a very new digital camera and a really neat dress for a promm.

Today, she and her boyfriend took me and my little yellow fellow TV out for a citytour in the Hague (my host was way to sick to take me to the beach)!

Before we could go into town, we had to wait for the subway first!

here we were enjoying the sun. today it was around 23 degrees Celcius and we got a little tan too! Oh and you even see a dutch tram (kind of subway, but it's not going underground!)

Although we weren't hungry, we asked Panienka if she could make us a photo in front of a "viskar", which is a little stand where they used to sell fish (haring). Nowadays it's a little shop!

We also went to take a look at the Binnenhof. This is where the Dutch Government rests. It looks very pretty in there but it was very busy! Partly because of the weather and partly because today (5th of May) is the day that Holland got freed by the US and Candian Soldiers, in 1945. So there was a lot going on!

The building here has some waco tent, we think it was something with bulletfree glass so the important politicians could walk safely from one building to the other.

a nice Dutch flag :)

and again the Dutch flag with a lot of tourists coming by!

Remember me having a photo taken last time, with a little tower on the back groud? I said that the Prime Minister had his office there. Well, here you see the same office from the other side :)

Well, our tour in the Hague ended here. We had a drink on the terrace and after that we went home :)

I am going to be prepaired to get mailed towards my next host, so I will send you a PM soon!

I really enjoyed my time in Holland and I hope you didn't mind too much that I didn't give that many  updates! My hosts asks me to give her our home address, so she can send at least a postcard!

big kiss!

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Amsterdam, the Netherlands - 15th May 2008

By: panienka

Hi there!

As I am waiting for you to give thumbs up for my next journey, my host decided to take me to her work today! I've got some photo's made, although I wasn't allowed to!

The weather here is getting worse, we've had some nice sunshine and my host even let me stay home alone, because she was out for the weekend. And well, I did made kind of mess.... *blush* I promise I won't do that when I get home!

At work it is boring, there's not really much to do and my host gets bored herself too! We've got to stay untill about 5pm, we arrived at 8.25am. I think I'll sleep pretty well!

Hope you like me telling about my life :)

take care & miss you heaps!

Burrimul Memu

ps. photo's will come soon again!

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Villa Hügel, Essen, Germany - 19th June 2008

By: BlackCat

Hello :)!

I arrived at my new host today and we already had a walk. We went to the "Villa Hügel" in Essen, the hometown of BlackCat.
The Villa Hügel was built at the end of the 19th century by Alfred Krupp as a representative seat to his family. It has a park with 28 hectars (69.2 acres). Today it is used as a place for exhibitions.

Here you can learn something about it:

Hope you like my pictures,
Burrimul Memu




The view from the Villa...so nice. When the trees are without leave you can even see the Baldeney See...

The playhouse of the children...everything is small in it.

With my new friends Chocolate Moose, Momo and Hueso!

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