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Travelog for: Hedgie

São Paulo, Brazil - 12th April 2009

By: aleoliva86


Ale took us to the groceries store to see the chocolate easter eggs they have in there. They are hanging on every aisle! And yep, a man came in and told her she isnt allowed to take pics in there :( so I guess she will just have to be more discrete next time with other toys! :) Everything is so colorful, can you find me in every picture?

She also showed me her building, the green one, and the avenue right next to it.


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Porto Alegre, Brasil - 5th May 2009

By: dejoloka

I arrived in Porto Alegre yesterday, my travel wasn't sooo long but the mail service couldn't find Dejoara at home so I've been took to the central and she came after me!  ;)

There will be some photos soon.

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Porto Alegre, RS, Brasil - 27th June 2009

By: dejoloka

Hey  :rolleyes:
Finally I've got some photos with Hedgie! I took it with my cell phone and just download it to my pc.

That's Hedgie when we first met!

Then, we did some things together... we watched some movies

Read some books

Looked thru the window

And of course, slept a little with Caquinho (he's Dejoara's teddy bear)

We've passed some time together but we couldn't take photos everywhere, because Dejoara's camera isn't working. I hope this few photos we took can be special in his journey, because for me it was.  ;)

Kisses  :)

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São Paulo, Brazil - 4th July 2009

By: Marilia

Hello mom!

I arrived in Brazil last Thursday but I still don't have any pictures =(

We are going to a park now and Marília promissed that I'll have good pictures to send to you later, okay?

I just wanted you to know that I'm safe.



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São Paulo & Ribeirão Preto, Brazil - 12th July 2009

By: Marilia

Hello mom!

Marília told me that she has written to you to tell you about my travelog. She really took me to great places and updated my travelog, but we don't know what happened. It just disappeared. So, I'll tell you all the nice things I have been doing in Brazil.

I had so much fun last weekend! We went to Parque do Ibirapuera, a very famous park of São Paulo. It was very calm and relaxing, although it's the biggest park of the city!

This is us (Mortimer_, HolgiHH and me) arriving. They have some very nice paths and a big lake


There are many ducks there and they get very close to us because they know that the visitors will feed them. I didn't like them so much because they can be a little aggressive sometimes...

After walking a lot, we decided to rest, so we laid on the flowers and just watched the lake and the people playing around.

Of course Marília and Christian, her fiancé, also decided to lay, but they had a towel and didn't want to lay on the flowers.

On Sunday, we all walked almost 4 km and Marília and Christian showed us many things. We walked along this very beautiful avenue called Avenida Paulista:

There are some very nice places to stop by.


Last Wednesday, we went to a city called Ribeirão Preto, to visit Marília's friend, Rafaella. They met each other on the internet 6 years ago and became close friends.

This is the bus we took:

After traveling 4:30 hours, we saw Ribeirão for the first time:

Rafaella has 6 cats and a huge dog. Marília couldn't find them all together, but you can see some of the cats in this picture:

This is the dog, called Budy:

On Wednesday and Thursday night there was a dance festival in town. We all went to both of them and Rafaella danced on Thursday.

This is the Municipal Theater, where she danced, and then me looking forward for the festival to start:


Rafaella and her group danced very perfectly. I really enjoyed it! Marília took tons of nice pictures and I'm going to show you two of them. In the first one you can see Rafaella dancing in the front and in the second one you can see the whole group:


We also went to a small park, but Marília couldn't get nice pictures there =(

We came back home on Friday and yesterday we (Marília, Christian, Holgi, Hedgie and me) went to the movies to watch Transformers 2.

It has been rainy and cold out there. I wish the weather was better so we could hang out more. But I'm having lots of fun here, mom. You should visit Brazil!

Sorry again about my travelog.



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São Paulo, Brazil - 16th July 2009

By: Marilia

Hi mom!!

Yesterday I went with Marília and Christian to the Canadian Consulate. They applied for a visa because they're going to Canada for their honeymoon. I enjoyed going there because we saw a lot of modern buildings on our way. As you can see, the weather wasn't so great.

I also liked this bridge. It was built last year and it's already very famous in São Paulo. Its structure is so different!



Then Marília took us to her dad's place and we all took a picture with him because he looks just like Santa Claus. In fact he works as Santa Claus at Christmas time. He's very funny.

Every week, Marília studies English with her mom, Leonor. Two weeks ago, we saw Leonor planting:

And this is a picture of her plants yesterday. Isn't it nice? It's already growing =)

Finally a picture with the Brazilian flag. I really like their flag!

Well, now I have to go. We are going out with Marília and her friend.

I miss you, mom


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São Paulo and São Carlos, Brazil - 22nd July 2009

By: Marilia

Dear mom,

Marília is getting so busy! Her wedding day is getting closer and she still has lots of things to do. We've been helping her a lot, but I'll send you the pictures another day.

Last week, Marília took us to the top of one of the highest buildings of São Paulo. In the 35th floor (more than 160 meters high), there’s an observatory and you can see the downtown São Paulo and the surroundings. It was so nice!

Mortimer_ had already been there, so he showed us many things. You know it's not my first time in São Paulo, but I keep forgetting how big this city is.

This is me looking down. It was a little scary...


Last weekend we went to Christian's hometown, called São Carlos to visit his dad. His family has a very nice house there. We went to a huge university of the city. There are many buildings in this university and they even have a lake.


We all like this picture:

I'll come back soon, mom!



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São Paulo, Brazil - 28th July 2009

By: Marilia

Good morning, mom!

I'm sorry I didn't come back earlier, but we have been doing many interesting things.

We helped Marília to finish her wedding invitations. It was a real team work: Mortimer_ wrote the names on the envelopes, HolgiHH attached the individual invitations to the bigger one and I put the invitations in the envelope.


Then we had some fun. Marília bought this tiny balls that you have to put in water for them to grow. It was so nice to watch them turn into big round balls! In this picture they are still dry and tiny:

In this one they're in water:

Some minutes after they were already growing:

And finally we had two ball pool for us to play.


At night, to relax a little, I decided to read "The Little Prince", or "O Pequeno Príncipe" in Portuguese. This is such a great book!

I think that's all. Marília is planning a trip for next week, so she has to use the computer now for her researches.



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São Carlos, Brazil - 3rd August 2009

By: Marilia

Hello mom,

Last weekend we went to São Carlos again, Christian's hometown. Getting away from São Paulo was so exciting! You will understand what I'm talking about     when you take a look at this picture:

The weather in São Paulo is very bad, so it was great to watch a blue sky.

My first surprise was meeting some horses in the street. They were eating some grass very calmly, but Marília didn't allow us to get too close because they could be wild. I like the second picture: Christian made me look as if I were riding the horse.


Then Marília took us to see Christian's dad's garden. We saw a lot of interesting things. First you can see a banana plant. Did you know that the banana plant is actually the world's largest herb?

Unfortunately the bananas were still green and we couldn't eat them.

In this picture you can see a cassava (or manioc). Cassava is a root native to South America and you can prepare many dishes out of it.

This is another fruit native to Brazil (and Argentina and Paraguay). It's called jabuticaba or Brazilian Grape Tree. Marília told me that they are delicious, but they were also green so we couldn't eat them. When they get black, they are very sweet.

Then we saw some strawberries and climbed a tree.



And mom, just take a look at the size of this leaf! It's huuuuge.

Well, this was a VERY nice weekend!

We are going to travel on Wednesday morning and won't be back until Sunday night, so don't worry about me. Marília is taking good care of me.



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Paraty and Trindade, Brazil - 10th August 2009

By: Marilia

Hello mom!

It's been a long time, huh?

I had the best week ever!

To celebrate their fourth year together, Marília and Christian decided to travel. Of course they took me, Mortimer_ and HolgiHH.

The journey was nice and we had some great views:


But there was a part of the road which was destroyed last year and we didn't know, so we got to a barrier and a guy let us go on so that we didn’t have to come all our way back to another road.

As I said, it was terrible. Just take a look at this picture and you’ll know why:

It was a relief when we finally got to Paraty, which is a historical small town in the state of Rio de Janeiro. It is a wonderful place to have some rest!



Then I saw the sea. The Atlantic Ocean, mom!!

This is our hotel room. It was very comfy.

The following day we sailed in a boat and visited a couple of islands. It was amazing!!


Look at the water’s color and all those fishes…


And this is the boat we took:

The next day we went to Trindade, a tiny, TINY town of Rio de Janeiro. There’s almost nothing in the town, but the beaches are truly gorgeous.

The weather in our first day in Trindade was a little disappointing: it was cloudy and a little cold. Anyway, we could see how beautiful the beaches were:


The following day was a lot nicer with the sun shining.


And yesterday we came back home.

What a wonderful week!

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São Paulo, Brazil - 12th August 2009

By: Marilia

Hello, mom

Yesterday HolgiHH went to the USA.

We will miss him...





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São Paulo, Brazil - 18th August 2009

By: Marilia

Hello mom!

As Marília's wedding gets closer, she gets busier. On August 29th, she'll have her bridal shower. That sounds nice, doesn't it?

Last Sunday, we went to Parque do Ibirapuera, that beautiful park we went to another day, to practice yoga.

There was an event called "Yoga pela Paz" or "Yoga for Peace". Everybody was relaxing and asking for peace. It was very interesting!





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São Paulo, Brazil - 7th October 2009

By: Marilia

Hi mom!

I'm finally back. Marília says she is terribly, terribly sorry. First she couldn’t update my travelog because she was a little busy. Her computer broke and she lost all the pictures she took. Then she lent her camera to her mom, who was traveling.

Now I can finally share some of the great things I’ve been doing with her. We have being mostly helping her with the arrangements to her wedding [it’s going to be next Sunday!].

In Brazil, as it can be very warm, people usually have a fake cake on their weddings. This fake one stays on a decorated table, while the real one is kept cold in a fridge. The couple just pretends to cut the fake one and then the waiters bring the cold one from the kitchen.

This cake is very expensive, so Marília asked her dad, me and Mortimer if we could help her to build a fake cake. Of course we agreed.

First we had to cover some Styrofoam with gum paste (biscuit).

We watched Marília’s dad stretching the paste

And then I said that I was ready to help.

In the end, it didn’t look that beautiful, but it was just the beginning.

After a long, long time of hard work, he had the three floors ready. We had to wait 2 more days for it to dry.

Above the fake cake, people usually put a couple’s miniature. It’s also very expensive to get one done, so Marília decided to do it herself, even though she hadn’t done anything like that before.

First Christian:

Then Marília:

And this is how the cake looks like today. Isn’t it beautiful?

Marília is very thankful so after all that hard work, she took us to Mc Donald’s and Mortimer_ and we shared a Big Mac with red fruit juice,

we visited the subway,

had a walk on a beautiful and very hot day,


Met a huge and a bit scary new friend,

And watched a great sunset through Marília’s brother’s window


I miss you, mom!



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Calgary, Canada - 12th October 2009

By: smaug

Hi Mum!

today I arrived in Canada, it’s so COOOOLD  :o. After Marilia handed Mortimer and myself over to smaug we met sammino who welcomed us in smaug’s pocket  :rolleyes:. Apparently he is a stay-at-home TV and he immediately told us that it was too cold to go straight home and we needed to gather some strength. So, first, he invited us for some drinks  :)


And a good supper  :D


With a full belly we felt like drinking a bit more...


...and when the pints were empty we upgraded to a jug  :rolleyes:


Maybe we exaggerated a bit...


I don’t remember much else of the night. I just know that at one point I woke up at home and met all the other TVs staying here. Lysander comes from Scotland, Ronnie from Spain, Nathalie from Germany and there is also Sully Monster, one of your TVs. How funny to meet another Aussie here in Canada  :D. sammino said that it was rude having been out drinking without the others, so we had a few more rounds all together at home  ;)


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Calgary, Canada - 13th October 2009

By: smaug

Hi Mum!

Today we were all still feeling a bit lightheaded after all the drinking last night  :rolleyes:. smaug actually noticed that Mortimer was even too lightheaded and needed urgent surgery before the head came off completely  :(. Of course, we TVs all gathered around the surgery theatre  to help.


I’ll spare you the details of the operation; luckily it was successful and when he woke up he was feeling fine  :D.


Later in the afternoon we thought that we might go out for a walk, but it was still cold and snowy so we decided to spend the day nice and warm at home just looking out of the window  :).


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