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Travelog for: Fed

Kellinghusen, Germany - 10th January 2010

By: babyamy

After more than three weeks traveling to Poland and waiting and waiting for my new host (I missed Christmas and New Year's Eve!!!), my box was finally opened. And who smiled at me? Right, it's Pepita!
I'm back in Germany and safe at Katrin's house.

Pepita was happy to see me again, she was very worried that I might have been lost. I won't stay long here but I'm very glad to see the light again. :)

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Kellinghusen, Germany - 11th January 2010

By: babyamy

Before I travel on to the UK tomorrow, I wanted to spend some time in the snow and build a snowman. But it was snowing nearly the whole day and there was an icy wind, that's why I'm happy to be in my warm new box now. Hope to see you soon again!

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Stonyford, Chapel-en-le-Frith, UK - 18th January 2010

By: BoboTuk

Wow! I've arrived here at Stonyford. Stonyford isn't a big town - there are only two houses!  It is high in the hills in the very centre of England.
Bobby and Oki, the Samoyed dogs who live here, were very pleased to see me. They gave me very big smiles! They took me to see the snow
which has been very deep here, but now it is thawing. Then I had a ride on Pocket's scooter! :p


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Lyme Hall, Disley., UK - 19th January 2010

By: BoboTuk

Today, Bobby and Oki took me to a big, big, big house called Lyme Hall. We had a walk in the woodland there and then Don took me ro a CaféBar for tea and biscuits.  He knew I liked zoos, so we sat next to a big fish tank. It was a bit scary, because this Pirhana fish kept staring at me - I think he was hungry!


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Buxton, UK - 20th January 2010

By: BoboTuk

Today we went to Buxton, a Spa town.
We saw the Opera House and went for a walk in the beautiful Pavilion Gardens.  Then, we had tea and biscuits in a lovely Tea rooms.


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Etherow Country Park, UK - 6th February 2010

By: BoboTuk

Hi Maria and all my friends,  I went with Bobby and Oki to a Country Park which is a Nature Reserve for hundreds of Geese and Ducks. 
Some of them had flown here all the way from Russia - just like me!  :p


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Chesterfield, UK - 13th February 2010

By: BoboTuk

Today we went to Chesterfield, one of the nearest towns.  It is noted for its church which has a twisted spire.  It was market day and I thought Don was going to sell me!  But we watched a very colourful Merry-go-round (Carousel) and then went to a café for tea and crumpets. The weather is a little better but there is still snow up in the hills where Don lives.


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Whaley Bridge, UK - 2nd March 2010

By: BoboTuk

The snow has finally gone now so Don took me with Bobby and Oki to see the canal boats, a few miles away, at Whaley Bridge. Most of the canal boats are used for holidays but some people actually live on them.


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Stratford-upon-Avon, UK - 21st March 2010

By: BoboTuk

This weekend  the dogs stayed in kennels and I went on a trip with Don & Debbie to Stratford-upon-Avon, where Shakespeare was born. We saw the house where he was born. Outside was a statue of Shakespeare - but it grabbed hold of me! I saw the famous Shakespeare theatre beside the river.  I met some toys in a Teddy Bear Shop and told them about my travels. We had lots of tea and coffee!


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Worcester, UK - 21st March 2010

By: BoboTuk

We stayed the night at Ye Olde Talbot Inn, in the centre of the city of Worcester, where Don trained to be a teacher, a long time ago.  It is a very beautiful city with a university and a  wonderful Cathedral on the banks of the River Severn. 
Traditional English breakfasts can be very big!


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Shrewsbury, UK - 21st March 2010

By: BoboTuk

Today we travelled back via Shrewsbury, another old town. We lost Debbie in fashion shops, but she found us later for coffee.


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Lodz, Skierniewice, Poland - 17th May 2010

By: Maraia

Hi Mom!
As you know, I have some technical problems with camera. That's why I haven't updated nothing yet.
I have some photos from Skierniewice -Maraia's family town. I spent there Easter. Ive met here other Tv's :Nie, Lucky Duck, Walter.


We went to church with a basket with food. In a basket we have some bread, sausage an eggs. The traditional baskets look much better than ours.


Traveling in Maraia's purse. I'm so Huge!

Little pond next to Maraia's old school. It used to be only little puddle here.

First spring flowers in garden ;]

Maraia's father was on a three-week trip to India and Nepal and he gaves her some souvenir- beautiful marionette ;] I have on my head some nepal cap ;]


And here I'm playing on a strange india instrument. What a noise!


I've met some cute cats. As you can see, only one is completly black but I'm closet to conmplete on of my life missions :D Here I'm with Perełka (Pearl), she is sweet!

And here is Dudek (just Dudek) and he doesn't like noone :P You can see in a picture!

An the last one, the sweetest one, but it was hard to take some photo - Felka


Maraia's boyfriend has a rock band and I went with him to play some music :D






With Janusz

How is he doing that?


With Jacek - masked stranger


And that's all for now!
Greetz :*

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Kotvrdovice, Czech Republic - 26th June 2010

By: dzejna

Hi Mum!

Loads of things happend since my last update, so here we go.
First you need to know that I arrived safe and sound in the Czech Republic yesterday.
I met 3 funny toys who live here - they are sort of lazy to get out of bed, but it was ok for me as I was tired after the trip.
So we were just resting and chatting the whole day.

Here you can see us. And I must not forget, I got lovely sweets from them as a welcome gift!
It was very nice (There is Bodie on the picture with the sweets. He is a lion = big cat, which is great!)


Here in the Czech Republic I will be staying in the house with a small garden - it is very pleasant for us cats.
So today I did some exploring and hangind around. I also picked up some strawberries...


But, I went also to try a very special sport activity - target shooting. About 20kms from here is an open air firing range.
And as my host has sport shooting as a hobby (you have to do special exams to be allowed to do such hobby) I was allowed to come too and try it myself.

So here you can see me - I feel like James Bond! Or maybe better as Olivia Dunham from Fringe division, because this is exactly the gun she uses.
(Do you know the Fringe series from the J.J.Abrams, mum?)


After the shooting I was helping with cleaning the gun too... hard work.


During the afternoon I also helped with painting the ladder and as a reward I got this BIG langos (it is food from Hungary - yummy!)


So as you can see, I am quite busy here.
I better rush, cause we are going to watch the last Star Trek movie in a minute.

I will write to you soon again!
Love, Fed

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Kotvrdovice, Czech Republic - 4th July 2010

By: dzejna

Hey Mummy,

these days are really really hot, so we are spending most of the time at home searching for shadow.
Also there are two days of National Holidays here in the Czech Republic and and together with the start of summer vacation it makes the roads crazy...

Last night we decided for a bit weird way of barbecue... we used some funny sticks to make our sausages right in the fire!
It was quite fun and the result was very good too. Check it out!
(By the way, my host sais I am quite photogenic, I think I have to agree  :D)

Bye for now, Fed


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Balcarka cave, Czech Republic - 10th July 2010

By: dzejna

Hi mummy!

There is really hot weather here these days, so we decided to go for a trip to the caves today...
I am in the karst area, so I have to see the caves anyway, right? So why not right now =) I said.
We chose the cave named Balcarka. And it was really really nice... Hope you will enjoy the pictures.

This was taken before we actually went in.
Here I am studying the information about the place.

And this is me with the sculpture next to a parking lot.

A tourist sign - look also in Russian!

And here I am admiring the caves surroundings when coming to an entrance.

And here we go to the caves :-) I was a bit afraid of the cave trolls but my host told me that they probably run away becuase of the tourists years ago.
The insights of the caves were quite pretty.

On the way back home we took pictures of the TV tower named Kojál which is 340m high!
And I was admiring the nature again...

Hope you are having fun too mum!
Big hug, Fed

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