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Travelog for: Fed

Luberci, Russia - 1st November 2009

By: TaisAfinskaia

I`m Fed. Nobody knows who I am: either cat or bear. But I prefer to think that I`m cat.
I dream about journeys. I made some nice photos and hope somebody will like me and host me :)
Today was the first heavy snow. I like it :)

My travel plan:
Nov-Dec 09 : Germany with babyamy
Jan-Feb 10 : UK with BoboTuk
Mar-May 10: Poland with Maraia
June-Aug 10: Czech Republic with dzejna


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Moscow, Garage, Russia - 2nd November 2009

By: TaisAfinskaia

Yesterday I visited "Garage" - very popular exhibition of modern art.
I understand nothing in modern art, but it was fun  B)
Big car for migrants, Russian planes (instrument) and chickens and so on.



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Moscow, Main post office, Russia - 8th November 2009

By: TaisAfinskaia

Today my journey starts!
I came to the post-office, bought comfortable box for traveling, said Good Bye to Maria and started my way to Germany!
Hope I will reach my new host safe and sound! And quick!
Bye for now!

Yours, Fed.  ;)


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Kellinghusen, Germany - 15th November 2009

By: babyamy

I arrived at my first host! When I heard, that someone started to open my box, I couldn't wait to jump out of it. I guess, I scared the little turtle Pepita a bit.

She has alredy been here for a while and told me that Katrin, my host, has a lot to do for her university this semester, but she tries her best to write a lot of nice updates.
Here are Pepita and me:

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Hamburg, Germany - 16th November 2009

By: babyamy

It's my first real day at my first host's home and we're already on the road! Well, it's not too far, we are just going to Hamburg because Katrin needs to do some research for one of her projects for university.
Here we are at the station Hamburg-Dammtor, heading towards the exit with the direction "University".

Right in front of the station, we got a newspaper for free. While we are wating at the traffic lights to cross the street, I had a look at the headlines.

A view back at the station:

Now we are walking towards the state library. We passed the main building of the university...

...and a historcal place. It's a memorial place for all the Jewish people from Hamburg who had to go to a concentration camp during the Third Reich.

Here I am in front of the library.

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Kellinghusen, Germany - 18th November 2009

By: babyamy

My host loves to crochet these days. She has finished her first croiuchted sock and it even fits! Now she needs to start the second one, but she is working on her boyfriend's present now... It's something croucheted, but I can't show it to you because the boyfriends reads my travelog, too.http://i414.photobucket.com/albums/pp226/kawie88/103_5636.jpg

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Kellinghusen, Germany - 19th November 2009

By: babyamy

A surpise parcel arrived! It's not another TV, but a package made by students for students. It contains some things which you can use in the lectures.

When Katrin opened the parcel, Pepita and I couldn't wait and crawled into it.

This is what we've found:
a writing pad
a pen
a highlighter
and poster stripes

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Katrin's room, Germany - 20th November 2009

By: babyamy

Look at this mess on the desk! While Pepita and I are relaxing and talking about life in Canada and Russia, Katrin is doing homework and a lot of other stuff. Let's hope that the desk is clean again on Sunday evening... ;)

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Reeperbahn, St. Pauli, Hamburg, Germany - 25th November 2009

By: babyamy

Katrin has to go to another library today and since she arrived in Hamburg very early, she showed me some interesting places.

The first place we found by chance: It's the McDonalds restaurant at the station Altona. It looks a bit strange, right? Well, McDonalds has decided to change the background colour of the logo from red to green.

The we took the S-Bahn (a kind of subway) to the station Reeperbahn. It's one of the most famous streets of the world, because it's the city's red-light district. In German it is also called "die sündige Meile" (the sinful mile). During the day it's not really interesting there and don't look different from other streets, but at night it's a total different world. Today there are many clubs and bars and theaters, that's why it's called "party mile", too. In one of the clubs, the Start-Club, the Beatles started their career.

When we walked along the Reeperbahn, we discovered some more interesting things:

A statue of the singer Hans Albers

an interesting wall painting

the famous police station Davidwache

A bar and the theater Schmidt's Tivoli

At the end of the street we could see another statue in the distance, it's Otto von Bismarck. He is a very important figure in the German history. We was the first chancellor of the German empireand he was the one who invented several insurances for the people.

Across the street is the Heiligengeistfeld, a huge field were these days is a huge fair, the Winterdom. Unfortunately it opens at 3 p.m. and it was still 9.30 a.m.

We finally arrived the Hamburg Museum, whose library Katrin wants to use. But we had to spent some time outside because it opened at 10 am.

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Kellinghusen, Germany - 27th November 2009

By: babyamy

Katrin got very excited when she came back home today. Her TV Etwas came back home after a year of travelling around the world. He will take a rest from travelling until the end of the year. Right now he is telling us from his adventures.

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Kellinghusen, Germany - 1st December 2009

By: babyamy

At the weekend Katrin got a great surprise from her boyfriend: a self-made Advent calendar! There are 24 presents and she will open one each day until Christmas. In Germany Christmas is celebrated on December 24th. It's common for children to have an Advent calendar fillded with little pieces of chocolate, but today there are Advent calendars filled with everything. Katrin says that she used to got a self-made Advent calendar from her parents when she was younger. There were 24 little bags and they were filled with sweets.

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Kellinghusen, Germany - 3rd December 2009

By: babyamy

It was a cold but sunny morning and before Katrin left for Hamburg, she needed to drop of some book at the library. Since the sun was shining so nice, she decided to go for a walk and showed me Kellinghusen.
This a street in the neighbourhood of where I stay now...

Then we had a look at the pond of the local park, it is very small.

A view along the street, in the background you can see the church, in the front the Christmas decoration.

On the market place there is this tower of dishes. It is a symbol for Kellinghusen's known pottery called "Fayancen". Every year in August there is a huge pottery fair.

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Kellinghusen, Germany - 6th December 2009

By: babyamy

When Katrin came back home from her trip to Schwerin today, there were some surprises waiting for her.

Katrin got a postcard from my hometown! She says, that Etwas would like to visit Russia next year, he hopes to find some ghosts in this beautiful buildings. ;)

The other surprise has brought the "Nikolaus". In German it's a tradition that in the evening of December 5th the children clean their boots and during the night the "Nikolaus" fills them with sweets, nuts or even little presents. Katrin got tea with bamboo flavour. That sounds a bit weired, but it tastes like lime.

Then Pepita, Etwas and I went into the living room and who do we meet there? Santa Clause! He tells us a bit about his job and how everything is prepared for the big night. ;)

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Kellinghusen, Germany - 11th December 2009

By: babyamy

Look what I have found! This is a tin whistle, a typical Irish flute. There were also some sheet music and I played for a while.


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Katrin's room, Germany - 13th December 2009

By: babyamy

Today was a big saying goodbye day. I'm travelling on to Poland and Etwas is visiting my mum in Russia. Just Pepita is still staying with Katrin, I hope she doesn't feel lonely without us.

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