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Travelog for: Frankie_Blue

Mong Kok, Hong Kong - 30th August 2011

By: vivyanhui

Great dinner tonight!
There are oysters, mussels, beef, chips, foie gras, fried fish...
happy and full!  :cyclops:


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Ocean Park, Hong Kong - 22nd September 2011

By: vivyanhui

A night visit at Ocean Park, a local theme park here in Hong Kong.
Other than animals, there are also rides and games.
The aquarium has been reconstructed, some new species are added,
and special for its seamless viewing glass window.
There are a lot of big fishes and many sharks and stingrays!

I like to see the fish up above my head, just like looking up the sky!
I also the giant spider crab, they are huge!  B)


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Hong Kong, Hong Kong - 6th October 2011

By: vivyanhui

I start to like chinese ink painting,
they are actually some brush strokes,
but when you look it in a whole picture,
you will find that the strokes looks really like a scenic painting~
I feel like in the forest...


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Sheung Wan, Hong Kong - 11th October 2011

By: vivyanhui

Behind me is the Western Market, it sed to be a wet market in the past,
but now preserved and became restaurant and popular cloth selling place,
where many people will come here to choose nice fabric to make clothes.

In Hong Kong, other than preserved historic buildings,
there are many skyscrapers too, especially in Hong Kong Island,
they all have their own characteristics and features.


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Sheung Wan, Hong Kong - 22nd October 2011

By: vivyanhui

This is the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park,
a giant statue of Mr Sun was set in the middle of the park.
There is a chinese style plate at the entrance of the park,
and a remarkable chime tower too.

A few artistic sculptures are placed in the park,
the one behind us is the chinese words of "equal",
which is in written in an abstract and artistic way.


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Hong Kong, Hong Kong - 31st October 2011

By: vivyanhui

T R I C K    O R    T R E A T !!!

We are having a costume party and excited to see so many candies we have!

Can you guess what kind of ghost I am tonight?  :cyclops:
I am a vampire, with a pair of big red bat wings~
Flossie is a witch with green face,
and King Tut is a long hair Japanese ghost with two ghost fire with him.
I like his sharp tooth!

Happy Halloween!  :D


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somewhere, Hong Kong - 3rd November 2011

By: vivyanhui

We were a bit hungry and wanted to find something for afternoon tea in the kitchen.
We found a big tin box, with some chinese flower patterns on it.
When we opened the cap, it smells so good!
These are egg rolls, crispy and tastes good!
I just couldn't stop myself~ haha~  :p

Also had a common drink, lemon tea as well~
I like its colourful package!


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My hosts home, Germany - 29th December 2011

By: LadyButterfly

Hello mommy!  :D

Wow was that a long journey! I'm so happy I arrived Germany safetly, you can't believe how cold, dark and long this journey from Hong Kong was. But now I'm here at my new hosts home! Ok actually I'm here since the 23rd of december, but there was no time to write a update. So now I have much time and I will tell you about my welcome here in Germany and my christmas!

You won't believe it, but after I crawled out of the envelope I saw so many eyes! All looked at me and almost I got a little bit shy. But then I saw the sign and recognized... this is a welcome committee only for me.
I was so happy!!!  :D


The other TVs showed me around, some told me they will leave after the new years eve, but I hope I will stay a little bit with LadyButterfly and her family.

It is really nice here, LadyButterfly is a nice host and welcomed me warmly, she has a little 11 month old daughter.
She gave me a warm bed so I could sleep after the long and exhausting journey.

The next day, christmas eve, was very exciting! It started with opening the christmas calender!


But we didn't spend long time at LadyButterflys home, because we were invented to spend christmas with her parents. So big bags with presents were brought to the car and then we started to drive to her parents.
Later I will show you photos of the house of my hosts parents. It is really special, but I want to tell you to much for now!  ;)

When we arrived at the house, LadyButterflys dad was very busy. He prepared the christmas tree and told me... it is almost perfect.
Because there wasn't much for us to do... we sat around the wreath and told us from our home and what we have experienced on our journeys.


LadyButterfly and the other TVs including me, got many christmas cards of other TV-hosts. It was so nice to read all the lovely christmas wishes.
Ohhh can you see me? I sit on Icy a really friendly polar bear and one of my new friends.


The family was leaving for the church, so we stayed at home and waited for the dinner. You can't believe how slowly the time went by until the family was back, but the we got the dinner!
Uhmmmmm it was so yummi!!! LadyButterfly made her famous Creme Brulee, it was so tasty!
After dinner LadyButterflys parents prepared the living room and we weren't allowed to go in, but after hours... it felt like hours ;) we could go into the living room! It was a ocean of candles and presents and LadyButterfly had a christmas tree only for us TVs!


And this is the big christmas tree!
(LadyButterfly is very sorry, she has no clue why this picture is so blurred!)


That was an exciting day! After all the food and presents, I was so tired, I decided to sit infront of the fire and watch the flames. Sometimes I fall asleep and LadyButterfly brought me to bed.


Now mommy, I hope you had such a nice christmas like me!
I miss you very much!


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My hosts home, Germany - 30th December 2011

By: LadyButterfly

Heyho mommy!  :D

We are sitting in a snowstorm since last night. Everything is white and it won't stop to snow. I hope we have the chance to leave the house, because LadyButterfly wants to spend her New Years eve together with us and her parents.
I hope you can see it on the photo... but this is the look out of the window and the snow gets more and more!


And because I had nothing else to do, LadyButterfly asked me, if I want to help her with making lunch. Sure I had and so I learned a new recipt and I want to share it with you, mommy.
I hope you like it!

You need:
potatoes (enough to fill a casserole)
250 g tomatoes
8 sausages (wiener)
2 cups creme fraiche (one with and one without herbs)
2 eggs
a bag of rub cheese
salt and pepper

First of all you have to cook the potatoes until they are done and let them cool down, befor you can peel them.
I know this is a really big knife, but I'm a big bear... I can handle it!  :D


Then fill them into the casserole, but make sure there is place for the other ingridients. So just fill the bottom of the casserole. Like you can see it on my picture.


Make sure you cut no finger, when you slice the sausages... it's a bit dangerous but I have no fingers so it is easy for me! But I'm also really carefully!


Distribute the sausage pieces over the potatoes!


Then you have to slice the tomatoes... be carefull with your fingers again!  ;)


... and also distribute them over the potatoes and sausage pieces!


Now take the creme fraiche and the two eggs and mix them in a bowl until you have a smooth sauce. You can spice it with salt and pepper if you want.


... then give the sauce over the potatoes!


When everything is ready you can put the cheese over the gratin. We had no rub cheese so we decided to take slices of gouda.  ;)
You can put it now in the oven with 200 °C for 45 minutes. You can check if the gratin is ready when the sauce isn't melting anymore.


And this is my first potatoe-sausage-gratin... it is looking good, isn't it?


And after all it tasts also very good... I think you will like it!  :)


So mommy and there is only one thing I have to do!
I hope you will have great New Years eve and I wish you all the best for 2012! Have a great party... I'm sure I will have!


Frankie Blue

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Sohland, Germany - 4th January 2012

By: LadyButterfly


I hope you had such a great New Years Party like me. I celebrated a Tv-party with my new friends. And it was almost also a good bye party, because some TVs will leave LadyButterfly in the beginning of january.

We celebrated in Sohland again, because it is much nicer in a big house than a little flat.  ;)
So we get back to LadyButterflys parents again.
Our party started with a drink, but don't worry mommy, I wasn't drunk... I'm a good bear... dog... who knows.
I asked LadyButterflys parents and her brother, they think I'm a bear... but they also aren't sure. Yeah it is a real life mission to find out what I am!


We got to dinner and it was great! We made a raclett together, very perfect for a party and with meat, cheese, pineapple and other treats it becomes perfect.


I decided to make chicken first and baked it with cheese. Later LadyButterfly showed me her style, also with pineapple. Beneath the meat I ate also baked potatoe and bread with herb-butter. A fantastic dinner, mommy you can believe it!



After dinner LadyButterfly showed me an new recipt for a very easy and tasty cocktail.
You just need some peaches out of a can and champagne.
Make puree out of the peaches and fill them into a champagne glass until it is half full. Then fill the rest with champagne. It is so easy mommy, but tasts so good and the best thing is, you can choose on your own if you like it sweeter or not.


We also played a game... it was so funny! It is called "The game of knowledge" and I have never laughed so much befor. This game is so old... many questions are outdated or do you know the number of the time announcement?  ;)


0:00 am came closer and closer and then we welcomed the new year. We were so happy, we drank champagne, sang songs together and said loud "HELLO!" to the new year 2012. It was amazing to celebrate with my new friends.


Then I got a very cool idea! I found out a much faster way to travel! On a rocket!!! So you can forget the long and boring postal way it is much more exciting to travel by rocket!
Ok mommy... to be honest... LadyButterfly never permitted to ride the rocket, we only did that for the photo. It's a little bit to dangerous, so we prefer the much safer postal way.
But I still think it is a great idea!


Sadly it started to rain, so we decided to go fast inside, were LadyButterfly had a surprise for us. She prepared for pouring lead. You will never believe what I poured!
A plane and do you know what it means? It means I will travel a lot... amazing, isn't it? The lead knows everythink... strange!


I hope you had also a funny night like me!

I miss you very much!
Frankie Blue

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Sohland, Germany - 25th January 2012

By: LadyButterfly

Hello mommy!  :D

Ohhh so much time has passed since my last update and I'm very sorry, but LadyButterfly got a bad illness and wasn't able to make anything. Most of the time she had to lay in bed and we TVs had fun on our own. Sadly there are no photos of it, but I promise... we had so much fun!  ;)

But today she felt much better and so we took a walk to the lake near her parents house. It is only called "Stausee" and in summer it is a very popular place to drive boat and eat ice or drink a cool beer.

It was so hard to climb the sign, but here you can see where I am!


The last days were so cold, the "Stausee" is covered with ice, so I had no chance to go fishing. Yes, it is possible to fish in this lake, but LadyButterfly never tried it... she thinks it's boring, but I don't think so. Next time I will try ice fishing!  ;)


Together we walk around the "Stausee", it takes about 30 minutes for one round. It's not much time I know, but for my little feet it is a very big route. So I took a rest on a rock, watching the ducks and swans. Sadly we forgot to take some bread with us, so we weren't able to feed them.


On this sign you can see were the "Stausee" is, the red spot is the place where I stood!


Hihi, very funny was the guardian of the playground! I jumped on him and look how I look now! What do you mean, am I a good guardian?


And in the end we visited a special bridge. LadyButterfly told me what happened to the bridge and why it is important for her.
In august 2010 was a big flood in east saxony. It rained for days and the Spree got bigger and bigger!
Do you see the bows of the bridge? During the flood they were covered with the water of the Spree. The place were I stood on the picture was also flooded. LadyButterfly told me, she drove over the bridge and moments later the bridge was closed by the fire department, because it got to dangerous to cross the bridge.
It was the biggest flood LadyButterfly has ever seen and it destroyed many houses, streets and also bridges, but not that one!


After that walk around the "Stausee" we hurried to get back in! It is still icecold outside and I was very happy to get back in!

I miss you very much mommy!

Frankie Blue

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Sornßig near Löbau, Germany - 29th January 2012

By: LadyButterfly

Hello mommy!  :D

Wow am I happy to be at home! I had such a great weekend, but outside it is getting colder and colder. We have -7 °C and next week the forecast said, it will colder anymore!
But I was brave enough to take a walk with LadyButterfly and her family in the wood.

Yesterday we drove to the family of LadyButterflys boyfriend. His family has a little farm.
In the afternoon we took the buggy and went around through the winterwonderland. Sadly I  can't see the great landscape because it was hazy.


In the wood I found a little spring. The water looks so clear, but it was also very, very cold. I was a little bit afraid to fall in the water, but LadyButterfly promised me, she will safe my live, if I really fall in. Luckyly I didn't fell into the water.


Later we had to hurry, because it turned darker and darker and LadyButterfly is a little bit afraid in the dark wood since she had seen "The blair witch project".


But befor we leaved the wood I found a hay rack, where I took a little rest. You won't believe how warm it can be in the hay!


Later I visited the stable where I met the cows Ella and Christl. They are very lucky cows and for LadyButterfly is Ella very special. Ella was the first cow she ever saw as a calf and she gave Ella her name. Christl got her name, because she was born on christmas.
They are very friendly!


Eye in eye with Ella I recognized, I'm a very tiny bear or dog... not even Ella and Christl could answer me this question. But I will find it out!  :D


And befor we get back in, me and my TV-friends played hide and seek! But it was funny, no one of us want to seek... so LadyButterfly had to do this!  :D


So mommy... I hope you had also such a great weekend like me!

Frankie Blue

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Ebersbach, Germany - 2nd February 2012

By: LadyButterfly

Heyho mommy!  :D

I'm finished with a day in kitchen! It was amazing, I had so much fun with my TV-friends when we all togehter made a birthdaycake for LadyButterflys little daughter. She became one year old. Sure we all wanted to help to make a real good cake and so we all went to the kitchen.
Sadly we can't give you the exact recipt, because it is a family-secret, but Kilimanjaro, the little guy next to me and LadyButterflys TV knows it and so he told us which ingridients we needed.


My task was to beat the cream, while Arty Bunneh watched if the cream is ready!


In the next step we had to put marmelade on the pie crust. This was the task of Arty Bunneh and I took a look if there is everywhere enough marmelade.


After another pie crust, Kilimanjaro put the cream on it. Ok I helped him a little bit, because the knife was to heavy for this little guy!


We put another pie crust on the cream layer and coated the whole cake with chocolate cream.


And then last but not least, we decorated the cake with Hello Kitty (maybe you can identify it  ;) ) and ready was our birthday-cake! We were so proud of us and it was so funny!


Later the party-guests love our cake and told us, that this was their first cake, made by TVs!  :D

Frankie Blue

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Ebersbach, Germany - 7th March 2012

By: LadyButterfly

Hi mommy!  :D

It's time to let you hear from me again! We had a memory card accident and LadyButterflys memory card was broken, so all pictures of us got lost! She was so sad about it and now we make much new photos!

The sun is coming out now and the snow has disapeared. I think it will be spring and so I used the perfect weather to go on the balkonie for a little sunbath. It's still a little bit cold here, but that's ok, it is very warm when I sat in the sun!


We also used the good weather to take a little walk. LadyButterfly showed me a really hidden place! Behind a factory and in the middle of houses is a small green "island" and there you can find the spring of the Spree. A pavillion was build on it, to invite visitors to hav a little rest.
This is one of three springs of the Spree and it is called "Spreeborn". Of all springs it is the oldest!


We made a group photo on the spring, together with LadyButterflys own TVs.
Sadly we can't see the water of the Spree, because the spring was closed over the winter.


Here you can see one of four signs at the Spreeborn!
This one says:

"Waterlevel of the Spreeborn
387,26 m
over the East Sea"


And this is the blazon of saxony!


So now, when it will be warmer and sunnyer outside, we will do much more sight seeing tours! The next days I will go on the farm again, maybe I find some spring flowers!  :D


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