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Travelog for: Frankie_Blue

My host's mum's house, England - 24th April 2011

By: miapearl

Ooo, look at all these Easter Eggs and bunnies.

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Gulliver's Kingdom, England - 25th April 2011

By: miapearl

We've come to Gullivers Kingdom in Matlock Bath.
My host took me on the lazy river ride.
I didn't go on this rollercoaster.

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Caernarfon Post Office, Wales - 26th April 2011

By: miapearl

Hello Mummy,

I am now on my way to my next host on the trail. I'm excited.

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Calgary, Canada - 11th May 2011

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

Iím in Canada :D! Coming out of my envelope was a bit daunting today as it felt like there was a big crowd out there.


When I eventually got out I found a gathering of TVs waiting for me :). There are Dottie Mouse another one of your TVs, Pitzelpatz, Fiete and Mandy Sheep who all come from Germany too, Clifford from the UK, Kirin from Chile and sammino who is a stay-at-home TV.


They gave me a warm welcome :) and wanted to know everything about my travelling on the WTVT, so we spent the night up chatting :).

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Elbow Valley, Canada - 14th May 2011

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

This weekend the weather seems to eventually be quite nice, so this morning we went for a short walk on the mountains :). sammino explained to us that we canít go very high as, apart for a few places, thereís still a silly amount of snow at high altitude so we chose a low altitude trail in a valley that got relatively little snow this winter. When we arrived at the parking lot there was no one around.


After walking a bit we crossed this muddy creek and wondered if we were going to spend the whole day wading into mud :rolleyes:.


But the trail winding between the trees was actually quite nice and dry...


...with the occasional view of the mountains around us :).


Eventually we reached the highest point of our trip...obviously it wasnít very high as there was no snow around :rolleyes:.


But the view was great :D.


The trail that we took to go back was a bit less nice, actually it was very mucky, so we decided to stay in the backpack chatting and let smaug toiling his way back to the car ;).

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Aylmer Lookout, Canada - 21st May 2011

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

Today, for once, we had some nice weather over the weekend, so smaug took us to the mountains for a walk :). First we spent some time along the shores of Lake Minnewanka...which looks still pretty much frozen.


Later we headed up on the side of the mountain to the location of an abandoned fire lookout from where the view of the lake was much better :D.


As the sky was blue but we kept hearing loud thunders, we asked sammino what that noise was. He explained that they were just avalanches :stare: coming down from those mountains behind us. He also added that we were probably safe...how comforting :rolleyes:.


On the other side of the valley the snow covering Mt. Aylmer seemed less likely to come down...or so we hoped.


Funny enough, someone put up here a makeshift swing, so we played a bit with it :).


As we were getting hungry we asked smaug if he had packed a full 3 courses meal plus dessert :p. Disappointingly he didnít planned the day properly and just handed us some energy bars :(.


Apparently this lookout is famous for being visited by lots of bighorn sheep but there was none around today...although there were plenty of traces of their passage here, very smelly traces that did not make for interesting photos ;). Talking about smelly things, another very common and slightly less pleasant resident here is the wood tick, so smaug spent the day covered with this fairly disgusting insect repellent...which made the experience of being around him very tough on our smell sense and which also probably explains why (despite this being May long weekend) we hardly met anyone (people, TV or wildlife) the whole day :rolleyes:.


On the way back to the car we stopped on the lake side. Very close to the shore the ice is starting to break up so the lake might be open soon :). Too bad it soon started to rain a bit, so we hid in the backpack and wondered if there was going to be a 3 courses meal with cake waiting for us at home ;).


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Calgary, Canada - 26th May 2011

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

Today we all gathered together to say goodbye and wish a safe trip to Mandy Sheep :) who is flying back home to join her mum for a trip to Denmark.


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Calgary, Canada - 27th May 2011

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

Today two new guests arrived here in Calgary for a short visit :): Dean, a nice horse from the USA and Krystal, another one of smaugís TVs. They were a bit jet lagged so we welcomed them and then let them go get some sleep :).


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Banff, Canada - 28th May 2011

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

Our new guests will spend a few days in Banff for work :o, so today we all accompanied them to check their accommodation :rolleyes:.  Here we started heading towards the mountains :)...


...and got closer to Banff until we reached our exit from the highway.


Driving through Banff was very nice :).


At the conference centre we inspected the room: the view was nice...


And the furniture seemed comfortable enough :rolleyes:.


As the place looked OK ;) we left them here and headed back to Calgary.

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Elbow Valley, Canada - 5th June 2011

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

Today the weather was very nice, so we all went for a short walk along the Little Elbow River :). First we took a couple a photos from almost the middle of the river. Look, there were horse riders fording the river behind me :o.


Then we kept walking between trees, mountains and the river.


What a nice day :D.

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Calgary, Canada - 6th June 2011

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

today it was party time as it is Krystal birthday :)! We got her a lovely cake and, of course, we let her have the first big slice and helped ourselves with the rest of the cake :D.


Today it was actually also goodbye time: Dean, Krystal and Sigfrido are all flying back to Europe tomorrow, so we all wished them a safe trip :).


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Calgary, Canada - 18th June 2011

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

This week we never saw smaug so we were getting a bit worried....because we were running short of sweets ;). When we asked sammino where our host was he said that he was probably just trying not to be eaten alive by bugs :o on some horrible site in northern Canada....so there was nothing to worry about :rolleyes:.
Anyway, today was Kirinís birthday :) and, despite the food shortage :rolleyes:, we managed to organize a little party for her ;).


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Around the Rockies, Canada - 27th June 2011

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

sammino told us that this week some of us will leave Calgary, so today smaug took a few detours on a site visit to show us some nice view of the Rockies :). First we stopped looking at the Bow valley.


Later on we took a look at one of the most famous views in this part of the Rockies, Peyto Lake :).


On the way back home we stopped at an even more famous view: Moraine Lake and the Valley of Ten Peaks :D (no, we couldnít get all ten of them in the photo :rolleyes:), which apparently used to feature on the old $20 notes.


I am sure those notes would have looked lovely if I had been on them too B).

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Calgary, Canada - 29th June 2011

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

Today we said goodbye and wished a safe trip to Dottie Mouse who will be travelling to USA tomorrow :).


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Calgary, Canada - 1st July 2011

By: smaug

Hi Mum,

This week Calgary looks like a departure lounge ;). Today we gathered to say goodbye to another guest, Clifford, who will travel home to the UK :) tomorrow.


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